» The NSS fears the missiles will work

The NSS fears the missiles will work

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The RA Criminal Court of Appeal, chaired by Judge Sevak Hambardzumyan, today, October 25, rejected the defense lawyers' appeal against the release of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Stepan Galstyan.

In a conversation with NEWS.am, his lawyer Onik Arakelyan said that Galstyan did not agree with the court decision.

He mentioned that the expert appointed in the criminal case has no conclusion. "The investigative body has stopped the examinations, a new expertise has been appointed."

The Defender said that they demanded to test the useless missiles, as mentioned in the criminal case.

"The investigative body is afraid that the missiles will work, the case will collapse. We demand that the missiles be tested, to understand whether he is firing or not. ”