» The CP lost in the following communities

The CP lost in the following communities

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The Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Armenia summed up the results of the local elections. Accordingly, 42.48% of eligible voters or 472,528 out of 1 million 112 thousand 396 voters took part in the elections.

In Masis, the "David Hambardzumyan" bloc won 506 votes out of 2 large communities, while the "Civil Contract" party received 341 votes.

In Abovyan community of Kotayk region, the PAP won, for which 5231 voters voted. 4279 voters voted for the CP candidate, the ARF received 639 votes, and the "Republic" - 1124 votes.

The incumbent mayor of Hrazdan, Szak Mikayelyan, the son of Sasun Mikayelyan, a member of the CP, received the majority of votes - 13,377 votes, 78%.

The leader in Vanadzor community is the "Mamikon Aslanyan" bloc, for which 3332 voters voted. The CP received 2251 votes in Vanadzor, the third is the "Workers' Socialist Party of Armenia", which received 1524 votes.

In the enlarged community of Nor Hach, the "Gagik Matosyan" bloc won. 2923 people voted for him, and 1595 people voted for the "Civil Contract" party.