» Grzo and the "beautiful girl" shared the air of Armenia

Grzo and the "beautiful girl" shared the air of Armenia

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About a year ago, the head of the Armenian Aviation Department and at the same time a gravedigger, Tatevik Revazyan, answering Mikael Melkumyan's question in the National Assembly, insisted that Armenia could not have a national carrier, as it had to have about 300 own planes. plane). That's why Revazyan (nicknamed "beautiful girl"), who was excavated from Sweden and sent to Armenia, began to distribute preferential terms to various foreign companies. His big adventure with the Irish airline "Rain Air" is known. Revazyan promised that Ryanair would fly to Europe at affordable prices. However, after a short period of flight, the bubble burst, inflicting heavy losses on Armenia's budget, which fed Ryanair.