» "CP" won in Artashat thanks to Hovik Abrahamyan 's support

"CP" won in Artashat thanks to Hovik Abrahamyan 's support

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In the local elections held on December 5, the "Civil Contract" party won in the enlarged community of Artashat, receiving 60.18% of the votes.

The second force that got the most votes here is the "Law's Justice" party, whose candidate was the deputy mayor of Artashat Karen Ghazaryan, who has a serious reputation and high reputation in the community.

According to PressTime.am, the victory of the CP in Artashat took place thanks to the serious support of the former RA NA Speaker Hovik Abrahamyan and a number of former Republican village heads. We have learned that Abrahamyan used all his resources for the victory of "Civil Contract" party candidate Karlen Mkrtchyan, and if it were not so, in all probability, there would be a different picture in Artashat, Ghazaryan would be the leader.