» Narek Sargsyan was released on 25 million AMD bail

Narek Sargsyan was released on 25 million AMD bail

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The RA Criminal Court of Appeal, presided over by Judge Alexander Azaryan, has made a decision to release Serzh Sargsyan's nephew Narek Sargsyan.

Sargsyan's lawyer Karen Mezhlumyan told "Haykakan Zhamanak" that he was released yesterday on 25 million AMD bail.

Narek Sargsyan is accused in the criminal case initiated by the NSS for illegal trafficking in weapons, drugs and psychotropic substances. The preliminary investigation of the criminal case against him was recently completed and the case was sent to court. The Court of General Jurisdiction of Yerevan, chaired by Judge Vahe Misakyan, during the preliminary hearing, discussing the issue of the measure of restraint chosen against Sargsyan, decided on October 19 to leave the detention unchanged, which the defenders later appealed to the Court of Appeal.

In our conversation, Karen Mezhlumyan said that their complaint was partially satisfied ․ "As a demand, we had presented the removal of the measure of restraint altogether, it could have been chosen, for example, a signature not to leave. The defense offered 20 million drams as bail, but the court considered 25 million enough. ”

The ombudsman has not yet received the court decision, so he is not familiar with its grounds.

Let us remind you that on July 6, 2018, Narek Sargsyan was declared wanted, and on July 24, he was declared internationally wanted. He was found more than a year later, on December 21, 2019, in the Czech Republic, and transferred to Armenia, after which the court granted the motion to re-arrest him.