» "Well, don't go crazy ...". Armen Ashotyan

"Well, don't go crazy ...". Armen Ashotyan

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Armen Ashotyan writes on his Facebook page: “Turkish troops are in the north of Syria. Putin invited Erdogan to Moscow. Trump has sent a scandalous letter to Erdogan. The summit of the heads of the Turkic-speaking countries is held in Baku. Aliyev speaks openly about Zangezur.

The Azerbaijani propaganda machine works against us both in Russia and in the West. Azerbaijanis are preparing for border provocations.

And what are we doing?

Nicole promises to plant 10 million trees; SIS launches criminal case against Hrayr Tovmasyan; from morning to morning the investigative group at the Republican office is looking for dirt on Tovmasyan.

Yes, and in Milan and Rome, we are making national coffee.

Well, don't go crazy ... "