» "Imagine the bad idea of giving this airline a place." H. Mikaelyan

"Imagine the bad idea of giving this airline a place." H. Mikaelyan

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User Hrachya Mikaelyan wrote on his Facebook page: "And what I was not surprised when it turned out that the involvement of the new airline was another empty populist move. What I was not surprised to find, however, was that the former authorities had negotiated with the same airline and disagreed with the airline's terms that the state was obliged to pay $ 68 for each passenger. And do you imagine the Republicans who, according to Nikol Pashinyan, have eaten this state and neglected this state, have refused the services of that company, justifying it as a budget waste?
     Do you realize that we will all pay that $ 68 that most of us will never travel but still pay?
     The person who decided to travel is not a big money for him, but can you imagine what a burden it is on the state budget? This is yet another populist move, as a result of which the lucrative will be able to profit and the debts will continue to fall on the shoulders of the low income.
     Pashinyan came to power, misrepresenting all the plans that were made by the former, but now he continues to do the same with great pleasure, and this plan has not received the approval of the former, so imagine what a bad idea it is to give the airline a place in Armenia.
     But the most ridiculous is the praise of Tatevik and Tigran Avinyan, who insisted that all this was their only effort. So how do you explain and explain to them that it's a garbage dump that everyone refuses to touch, and they even agree to lick it, only to get twice as much Grip-Hop-Hoo. "