» Why is Ali in such a hurry to meet Pashinyan?

Why is Ali in such a hurry to meet Pashinyan?

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According to various sources, a Pashinyan-Putin-Ali summit is expected in Moscow in the coming days. Russia's Interfax news agency recently quoted its diplomatic sources as saying that a trilateral summit was scheduled in Moscow, with a possible date of January 11, adding that the agency had no official confirmation of this information.

In an interview with 168am, Russian political analyst Stanislav Tarasov said that judging by the geopolitical and regional tendencies, Azerbaijan seems to be most interested in this meeting, which is also interested in strengthening the November 9 statement and making a quick statement. տեսնում sees dangers և predicts.

The first of them, according to him, is that the West, particularly the Minsk Group, is expected to launch a counter-game against this statement, the prelude to which we witnessed immediately after its signing, when Western foreign ministers began accusing Russia of collaborating with Turkey on this issue. in not informing about the content of the announcement.

"We can not say what concrete steps the OSCE MG Co-Chairs will take, but after the final strengthening of the statement, they may be neutralized or their field of activity will be even narrower, so they are in a hurry until the active work resumes after the holidays.

As we know, the OSCE Minsk Group - the West in general - in search of the Western agenda of the conflict after this statement, which will allow the West to play a role in the conflict settlement process, will definitely be steps in that direction. It is known that Russia is not against the Minsk Group, it considers work within that framework, but it is a question of when and on what issues. That is, consensus is needed.

"Besides, tensions are expected in Israeli-Iranian relations, in which case developments could be painful for the region. In any case, experts continue to focus on this issue. In case of tension, the diplomatic process and the outcome of the war may be endangered again by Azerbaijan." said Tarasov.

In his opinion, Baku will try to strengthen the current situation, the position of the winner as much as possible, to get profits from the situation, to reap what is possible.

Tarasov drew attention to the fact that only a ceasefire declaration was signed on November 9; it can be strengthened by documents of various dimensions. According to him, Ali is in a hurry because of the internal political developments in Armenia, as Pashinyan's internal position is weakened and unstable, and Baku understands that another document supporting the statement can be signed only with Pashinyan. It is difficult for Pashinyan to do that.

"The situation is easier for Ali, because after the war, after the victory, his only task is to keep it in the dimension in which it is fixed. "Taking into account this, if such a meeting really takes place, its content will be quite interesting," Tarasov said.