» We "kicked" the Azerbaijani, they fled ․ Arush Arushanyan

We "kicked" the Azerbaijani, they fled ․ Arush Arushanyan

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"Nothing serious happened to any of our soldiers, but the enemy was full of things, we" kicked "the Azeris and fled," Goris mayor Arush Arushanyan told MediaHub.am today.

"We have punished the Turks properly. "I do not know how many wounded they have, but we have punished the people of Syunik properly," Arushanyan said.

Arushanyan mentioned that he was not aware of Anna Hakobyan's visit to Syunik, he had not met her and it is not planned.

It should be reminded that the RA General Prosecutor's Office had issued a statement, informing that 11 servicemen were injured as a result of the fight between Armenians and Azeris. A criminal case has been initiated in connection with the fight.