» How to respond to Nzhdeh to Aliyev: advice to Pashinyan

How to respond to Nzhdeh to Aliyev: advice to Pashinyan

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“Pashinyan's response to Aliyev on Nzhdeh was not very convincing to the Russian audience. Of course, it is clear to us who our national hero was, but in order to further prevent the Azerbaijani provocation in a particular Russian audience, we advise Pashinyan to use the following arguments:

Fact first

The Azeri legion that passed by the Nazis during World War II was the most populous, certainly after the Russian and Ukrainian legions. That legion consisted of over 100,000. This was due to the fact that if the USSR was defeated in this war, Turkey would have to come into play. That is why Progerman views were most popular among Azerbaijanis.

Fact two

It is a historical fact that the Azerbaijani Legion took an active part in the punitive actions. In Poland, in particular, the lives of tens of thousands of people are at their mercy. During the famous Warsaw Uprising, the participation of the Azerbaijani Legion in the massacres of Jews and Poles was extremely high. At the same time, the Azeri legion was entrusted with the task of exterminating women and children.

Fact Three

Fatalibey, one of Azerbaijan's most famous Nazis, whose conscience kills tens of thousands of civilians, is considered one of Azerbaijan's most famous heroes today. There are many books written about him as a national hero, and many schools are named after him. There are even state-sponsored public organizations that are also named after him.

And this is when everyone knows his true "heroic" pages against the civilian population.

Fact Four:

- Garegin Nzhdeh was once awarded the Bulgarian Cross for "heroism".

- Received the "Hero of Balkan Peoples" order.

He also received the following Russian medals:

- St. Vladimir's 3rd degree order

- St. Anna's 4th degree order

- Crosses of Georgiev, 2nd and 3rd steps.

As for cooperation with the Nazis, he did not take any punitive action. There is no such thing in history, unlike Fatalibey.

Fact Five

Nzhdeh was tried after the war for the events of 1921, which had nothing to do with the Nazis.

Summing up, we should note that Nzhdeh's defense is the most effective way of presenting the facts mentioned above, especially to the Russian audience. Because with this documentary it is only possible to neutralize the Azerbaijani provocations on Nzhdeh.

And what Pashinyan said today is too weak especially for the Russian audience.