» Kocharyan's fanatic opposes Armenia's independence

Kocharyan's fanatic opposes Armenia's independence

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In recent days, a petition has been launched in support of Robert Kocharyan, which has spread to all regions of Armenia and Artsakh and has produced stunning results. It is as if 100 people have not yet passed the threshold. Ann Vazgen Manukyan has already signed three times, but it does not profit.

We have already presented who expressed their support to Robert Kocharyan, reminding that some of them are the same as Robert Kocharyan. He considered Kocharyan an invader, a criminal, a criminal, and he was beaten to the chest to be taken to The Hague and tried as an international criminal. In short, we have presented the low political and moral qualities of Kocharyan's supporters.

One of Kocharyan's "fans" - Konstantin Ter-Nakalian, editor of Blognus, should be mentioned separately. This person has many unique idols. One is Kocharyan and the other is Stalin. Stalin's name is next to it. Of course, there are similarities between Stalin and Kocharyan, both of whom are great masters of bloodshed, and political accountants, but the interesting thing is that K. Ter-Nakalian's grandfather was also executed during Stalin's repression, and his 14-year-old grandfather was exiled.

But worshiping Stalin is not his task. Just this morning, this person who calls for militaristic patriotism is also against Armenia's independence and dreams of a return to the USSR. But what can one expect from such a man? Of course, all but helping to strengthen Armenia's statehood. That is why he is chanting "Kocharyan Hero". A leader who respected him, truly loved his homeland, at least in the former, even at a distance from a cannon shot, would not leave those who hated the homeland close. And Kocharyan's entourage are mainly such "Soviet" dreamers. Panimash, full.