23-01-2021, 13:08
Nikol Pashinyan is completely under the influence of Anna Hakobyan
23-01-2021, 12:44
Erdo ։an used the same phrase he used in October 2019 before the "Peace Source" operation of the Turkish Armed Forces against the Kurdish forces in northern Syria.

YEREVAN, January 23 - Sputnik. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo ։an has said that Ankara is ready to launch a joint operation with the Iraqi army against members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in the Sinjar region of northern Iraq.

"Dear Taip" ․ Macron wrote a "very good letter" to Erdogan
Earlier, during his visit to Iraq, Turkish Foreign Minister Hulusi Akar spoke in favor of the joint struggle of Baghdad and Erbil against the banned PKK in Turkey.

"We are ready to carry out a joint operation (with Iraq) in Sinjar. "As for the deadlines, they do not talk about such things in advance," Erdogan told reporters.
23-01-2021, 12:35
"In 2018, street dancers, barbeque makers, will you remind me of what you were complaining about?" I think the idol of your time was talking about injustice, isn't it about power, robbery and corruption stolen from the people? And you brought that weak liar to power on your shoulders to fulfill those promises.

The "I am a palace" faction of the traitor who handed over Artsakh today, who considers Shushi Azerbaijani and considers the issue of captives 10th, will vote for Gagik Jhangiryan. Do you know who this object is? It was the former Deputy Minister of Justice, during which the party was banned on "grounds", newspapers and offices were closed, then the military prosecutor, during which the uniformed mothers of soldiers, relatives of illegally convicts were constantly protesting in front of the institution building, the "October 27" investigator, who tried at all costs to link the case to Robert Kocharyan or the political forces, with "falsifications" by your idol in six of the 6 presidential and 7 parliamentary elections in Armenia, on "organizational" issues by the authorities
the coordinator (ie the organizer of the falsifications). And are you still on your "varcapeti" side until "verc"?
23-01-2021, 12:35
In the suburban Haghtanak district of Yerevan, a furious pack of stray dogs devoured 207 sheep belonging to one family in a barn. The family suffered material damage of 10 million drams, Yerkir.am reports.

The looted bodies have been dumped outside for 5 days. The incident took place on January 19. The business informed the police about the incident, called the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Yerevan Municipality, wrote a letter on behalf of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. To date, there is no response from the relevant bodies - "the voice of the dialect desert."

"It's the root of the disease, they call and say, 'Don't touch it, we'll come and check what a dog is.' But no one has come for 5 days already. The smell has fallen, we do not know what to do, "Mraz Kasoyan told Yerkir.am.

Read the whole article in the source.
23-01-2021, 12:28
Our brother named Nikol curses the Turks with the last words, and the German news is seriously translating (Video 18+ vocabulary
23-01-2021, 12:18
Singer Silva Hakobyan posted a new video on her Instagram page. In the video, Silva's daughter, Milan, is talking on the phone. The young mother made the following note next to the funny post գր "He answers briefly and concretely."
23-01-2021, 11:30
Today, on January 23, a tragic car accident-fire took place in Shirak region. At around 03:40, 25-year-old Leonid Khomyakov, a citizen of the Russian Federation, crashed into the back of a KamAZ car belonging to 83-year-old Seryozha Hakobyan, a resident of Gyumri, in front of 10 Boulevard Street, Gyumri, in his Opel car. As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, a fire broke out in Opel as a result of the collision.
23-01-2021, 11:27
TV presenter and singer Olga Buzova has announced her separation from her 27-year-old lover, blogger rapper David Manukyan. The star announced this on Instagram.

Manukyan is known by the pseudonym Dava.

"I loved և I love," wrote 35-year-old Buzova, without mentioning the reason for the divorce. He asked the fans to "help him survive!"

Buzova and Dava got acquainted during the shooting of Olga Likeer's video. For some time they hid the relationship և confirmed their romance in December 2019.

In early January, the couple had a wedding in the Maldives, exchanging rings and vows on the beach.
23-01-2021, 11:12
No precipitation is expected in the territory of the republic on January 23, 24-28. This was reported by the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Wind north-west, 5-8 m / s. The air temperature will gradually rise by 7-10 degrees in the whole territory of the republic on January 26-28. No precipitation is expected in Yerevan on January 23, 24-28.
23-01-2021, 10:54
Shushi is an Azerbaijani city, right?
Shameless, in 2017 (when you were still a rogue deputy) we left for Artsakh headed by NA Speaker Ara Babloyan, so why were you sitting at the table, drinking the toast of the liberators of Shushi ...
But what a tire you came out ...
Ah, aren't you okay, what happened to you, Pashinyan, or, which is the same, in your brother's language, ne oldu Pashinyan ...