2-09-2020, 06:33
New details about the victims of the explosion of "Proshyan Brandy Factory"
Ministry of Health spokeswoman Alina Nikoghosyan wrote on her Facebook page ․

The condition of 4 patients injured in the fire in the branch of "Proshyan Brandy Factory" continues to be extremely serious, stable in dynamics.

32 և 46 year old patients underwent surgery. The operation was successful. In addition to burns, the latter have fractures around the ankle-foot joints.

There is no change in the health of the other patients. "
2-09-2020, 06:30
I bought alcohol from him out of my mind and I am still satisfied and grateful. Ashot Hovsepyan's case (video)
As we have already informed, in the period from August 31 to September 1, 23 cases of alcohol poisoning were registered in the republic, including 11 deaths.

17 out of 23 cases (8 of which were fatal) were registered in Armavir region, all of them used non-factory vodka obtained from the same place.
The other 6 cases were registered in Yerevan, 3 of which resulted in death. All the victims used medical alcohol.
2-09-2020, 06:18
On September 2, 5-6, no precipitation is expected, on September 3, in most regions, on September 4, in some regions, short-term rain-thunderstorm is expected in the afternoon.

Wind south-west, 3-8 m / s, during thunderstorms, the wind will intensify with a speed of 15-20 m / s.

The air temperature will gradually rise by 2-4, on the 3rd it will drop by 3-4 degrees.
2-09-2020, 06:13
"Square". On the occasion of September 1, they exchanged a wreath ...
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "September 1 was celebrated yesterday in a unique way in Shirak region, more specifically in front of the regional administration. A group of citizens "presented" a wreath with medical masks to the regional administration as a sign of their protest against the authorities.

Human rights expert, disaster zone 1994-96 Karapet Poghosyan, a representative of the fact-finding group investigating the robbery, posted a photo of the wedding, saying, "As a result of the incompetent activities of the incompetent government, we lost the September 1 council, with its consequences." He expressed hope that the crown will be sent to the Prime Minister by the regional administration. "
2-09-2020, 05:40
The Tsarukyans are preparing for a "royal" wedding. "Square"
"Hraparak" writes. "Along with the political activity, the family of PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan is also preparing for a wedding. As it is known, Tsarukyan's eldest son, Nver, was engaged last summer.

The wedding day will be appointed as soon as the state of emergency is lifted. For several weeks now, the restaurant complex belonging to the family has been put in order, "Pharaoh" is undergoing a lot of preparations, the design of the hall is changing, they will do everything to have a "royal" wedding. The bride, Arpi, is not from a famous family. ”
2-09-2020, 02:56
Member of the "Republic" party Lyova Yeghiazaryan wrote on her Facebook page. "I remembered an interesting case.
Years ago, "tough oppositionists" Artashes Geghamyan and Arthur Baghdasaryan were debating on the air. One accused the other of being Serzh's client.
Geghamyan. "Arthur, you left Serzh's office in the Ministry of Defense." Arthur. "Can you prove it?" "Yes," said Geghamyan, "I was waiting in the reception to enter."
Time has shown that both were right.
Now it's theirs.
"Dark lovers fed from the same source will discover each other in time."
2-09-2020, 02:52
"Recently, there has been talk of a political" hot autumn "again, but the authorities are responding to this information with irony and contempt. According to them, such information is circulated every year.

According to "Fact" newspaper, however, these rumors are not, to put it mildly, unfounded, moreover, concrete steps are being taken in that direction in this direction, the results of which will be known in the near future.

According to our sources, sharp activations are expected in the opposition part of the Armenian political field in the coming months, by the way, in several directions. "Moreover, there will be a clear role distribution in this field, with what profile which political force will enter the" topic "," the newspaper writes.
2-09-2020, 00:19
The scandalous murder of a 23-year-old IT specialist is connected with the supply of weapons to Nagorno Karabakh by 3 high-ranking officials
"Saakashvili announces again that he is going to return to Georgia
"In January-July, the Georgian economy shrank by 5.8 percent
"The speaker of the Georgian parliament has isolated himself
1-09-2020, 23:07
A hot political autumn is expected, Arthur Vanetsyan, former head of the National Security Service (NSS), assured "Azatutyun". The "Homeland" party headed by him continues active discussions with "Prosperous Armenia" and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

"The demand for a change of government is the agenda of a narrow clan." Pro-government MP
1-09-2020, 21:39
According to Aghasi, as soon as he received the offer, he agreed. "I immediately thought of accepting it, because it is a very interesting project. The cooperation with both Anahit and Gorg was very easy, because both of them are light, talented, positive people, we understood each other half a word. ”

Back in early June, Gorg Mkrtchyan and Anahit Kirakosyan announced during their live broadcast that Gorg would get married, but the wedding could not be organized during the state of emergency. It was discussed, but it turns out that they meant this project. "A long time ago, when Gorg Mkrtchyan and I were talking about Gorg's wedding, we meant this video. In the video, Gorg is getting married, and he and Aghas are my boys, "said Anahit.