18-10-2021, 06:15
says something with joy.
"If the" Balasanyan "bloc forms a coalition with the CP, then on Samvel Balasanyan's forehead next to the writings of the Rule of Law, the Prosperous Armenia Party and the Republican Party, a greeting from Syunik will be written."

Let us remind you that the leader in Gyumri is the "Balasanyan" bloc. The party received 36-58% of the votes, the CP - 29.56%, the "Awakening" party - 10-60%, the "Land of Living" - 5.65%, the RPA 5.06%.

From Boris Murazi's Facebook page

18-10-2021, 05:49
We call for Vano Siradeghyan to be buried in the Komitas Pantheon ․ Armenian National Congress
October 18
On October 15, our beloved Vano, a famous statesman, prominent writer, member of the Karabakh Committee, founding member of the Armenian National Movement, member of the board of the Armenian National Congress, passed away.

The value of the prose writer Vano և the real place in Armenian literature is best presented in the following lines with the great Hrant Matosyan ․ "There was a need for Vano in Armenian literature, Vano's place was mentioned and he was idle. We had filled hundreds, thousands of pages with the name of the prose ․ sometimes very successful: Stepan Zoryan, Axel Bakunts, Hakob Mndzuri, Aghasi Ayvazyan. The thirsty reader of the great prose, meanwhile, wanted to hear the ringing of his world prose from the world of his Armenian language, his language, his culture, his honored prose. with art. "Vano was going to fill that gap, he was filling it."
18-10-2021, 00:29
"Fighting ignorance threatens us from Moscow." Hayk Martirosyan
17-10-2021, 21:37
According to preliminary data, the "Arush Arushanyan" bloc won the local elections in Goris with an absolute majority of votes.

Thus, 6254 residents voted for the "Arush Arushanyan" bloc, 3590 for the "Civil Contract" party
243 residents in favor of the Armenian National Congress.

At the moment, Arushanyan's headquarters is celebrating the victory, but without opening champagne.

Deputy Mayor Menua Hovsepyan noted that they will not open champagne, but will commemorate the victims, expressing conviction that Arushanyan would have done so if he had been free.

"Arushanyan is the absolute leader in all polling stations. This proves that we were righteous and true. I thank all the people who voted for us and those who did not, we will prove that we are fair. "Our residents must be sure that we will do everything to improve their quality of life," Hovsepyan said.
17-10-2021, 21:18
Erik Aleksanyan, the lawyer of Goris Mayor Arush Arushanyan, is going to inform him that he has won the local elections in Goris.
"I am going to enter" Yerjan Kentron "penitentiary institution to tell Arushanyan the good news," Aleksanyan said live on Facebook.
17-10-2021, 20:24
Hamlet Mosinyan, a member of the Gyumri branch of the ruling Civil Contract party, recently posted a statement on his Facebook page demanding the resignation of Shirak governor Hovhannes Harutyunyan, who heads the CP list in the local elections in Gyumri, from the post of Shirak governor. The CP member did not explain the reason for his indignation, promising to substantiate it later, but it can be assumed that the problem is the defeat of the CP in Gyumri.

Here is his post.

"I, Hamlet Rubeni Mosinyans, as one of the senior members of the Gyumri regional organization of the" Civil Contract "party, DEMAND THE RESIGNATION of CCP member Hovhannes Harutyunyan from the post of SHIRAK REGIONAL GOVERNOR.
17-10-2021, 19:50
According to the results of 54 out of 82 polling stations in Gyumri, the CP loses to the "Balasanyan" bloc.

According to the results of the "Hayrakhaq" bloc's Gyumri mayoral candidate Leon Barseghyan from 54 polling stations, the "Balasanyan bloc" is leading in Gyumri with 36.11%. The CP is in the second place with 29.54%, and Zartonk is in the third place with 11.49% of the votes, while the votes of the other parties are distributed as follows: 5.68%, "Hayrakaghak" 4.32%, Gyumri will bend - 3.14%, Tasibov bloc - 2.24%, Decent Way - 1.41% և CPA - 1.02.
17-10-2021, 19:48
According to the data received from 29 out of 82 polling stations in Gyumri, the "Balasanyan" bloc wins the local elections. According to preliminary data, the bloc has 34.35% of the vote.

The "Civil Contract" party is in the second place, the number of votes, according to the percentage, is 30.81.

Zartonk is in the third place with 12.67%.

The other 7 participants received up to 5.5 percent of the vote.
17-10-2021, 19:32
The headquarters of "Arush Arushanyan" bloc are already celebrating. LIVE CONNECTION (video)
17-10-2021, 19:28
According to the summary data of 14 polling stations of Goris enlarged community, "Arush Arushanyan" bloc received 4256, "Civil Contract" party received 2389, and
The Armenian National Congress has 140 votes.

The "Arush Arushanyan" bloc informs about this.

If Arush Arushanyan was here, he would present this victory to our boys who died in the war ․