23-01-2021, 10:51
Watch it!
Big fire in "Golden World". 6 fire brigades left for the scene with the call "No. 2" of the complexity of the fire
For the first time in history, the price of gold exceeded $ 2,000
World gold prices continue to rise sharply, which everyone except Armenia is trying to take advantage of
The first hotel in the world was opened, "covered" with 24 carat gold. Photo series:
Why is gold becoming more expensive?
According to official data, 128 tons of unprocessed gold reserves are in the violated territories of Artsakh (already Karabakh).

Anglo Amerig, President of the International Giant Housing Company, stated that they are happy that the Karabakh issue has been resolved and are going to create new mines there.

At present international gold prices, the above-mentioned gold reserves are estimated at more than 7 billion dollars.

You still fight against Amulsar… sheep people.
23-01-2021, 10:13
A recording is spread on the Internet, which according to the rumors is the last voice message of Arthur Apresyan, the head of security of the former President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Bako Sahakyan. Apresyan mentions in a message that a hunt has started against him. Although he expressed confidence that the latter would not achieve what they wanted, nevertheless Apresyan warns the addressee of the message that if something happens, then it is necessary.

Let us remind that in 2021 On January 22, 1985, at around 00:05, in the driver's seat of a "Hyundai" car parked on Baghramyan Street in Stepanakert, a 1985-year-old man was found with a gunshot wound to the head. The body of Arthur Ashot Apresyan, born in 1959, who had a gun in his right hand.
23-01-2021, 09:59
Watch it!
Biden's presidency և Armenia PART 1:
Everyone hates each other - this is basically the "acquisition" of power
Calling the Moscow meeting a possible diplomatic achievement is the same as calling war a military achievement.
It is not only the deputies who left the faction who expressed their disagreement with Nikol Pashinyan. Imkayil deputy
How could one not call the heads of the superpowers in case of captives and ask for help?
The guest of Petros Ghazaryan's program yesterday was Suren Surenyants, a "pocket six" of several oligarchs, who, as it turned out, has a "party". It is clear that this "party" was necessary for this "bug" to be placed in the opposition, which had a lot of experience in such activities.

For example, in 1996, being Vazgen Manukyan's member of the National Democratic Union, he was in fact Vano Siradeghyan's "man" in the opposition of those years.
Больше информации об этом исходном текстеЧтобы получить дополнительную информацию, введите исходный текст
Отправить отзыв
Боковые панели
23-01-2021, 09:54
"Former Minister of Emergency Situations Felix Tsolakyan informed on his Facebook page ․ "Especially these days I receive a number of calls from the Shirak region regarding the lists of our prisoners, their condition, and their return to safe Armenia. I would like to inform our compatriots that this morning I had a private conversation with the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Armenia Sergey Kopirkin on the issues related to the prisoners, as well as a number of issues related to the security of Armenia.

Mr. Ambassador presented details on the work being done to return the captives to safe Armenia, assuring that the Russian leadership and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are heartily dealing with the issues of safe return of our compatriots. Immediately after meeting with the Ambassador, I had a telephone conversation with the RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, who also gave clarifications on the work being done in this direction, assuring that everything is being done to ensure the safe return of the captives to the homeland. "
23-01-2021, 09:40
I appeal to the Chief of the General Staff Onik Gasparyan, if any of their officers know about places, let them know by all means. Tell about this on his Facebook live the missing brother Arsen Ghukasyan.

"The main search sites are over, and now we need information. "I appeal to the Chief of the General Staff Onik Gasparyan, if any of their officers who know places, let them know, contact us and provide information," he said.

Arsen Ghukasyan also displayed posters in the center of Stepanakert, one with pictures of missing servicemen and the other with pictures of dead servicemen.
23-01-2021, 09:16
Let's start the day with good news. Do you remember the "crazy killer" who was a fan of Nicole, who ordered the murder of Robert Kocharyan, Serzh Sargsyan, Arthur Vanetsyan and Vazgen Manukyan on Facebook, and gave weapons and half a million rubles Today I received a letter from the Yerevan City Police Department, which said that a criminal case had been initiated against him. Part 1 of Article 226.2 of the Code. I have not even looked at the punishment imposed by it, but I have no doubt that the nose of such people should be stoned, often descending to their level.

By the way, according to reliable news, it was their gang that on December 20 surrounded the church of Nerkin Getashen village of Gegharkunik region and did not allow the father to enter. I never thought that God would punish them through me, but I do not complain about my fate at all.))

If you do not know who the "disturbing killer" is, read here.

From Aram Gorgyan's Facebook page
23-01-2021, 09:12
"Armenia is me," will soon say Madame Makunts, for whose special merits Nikol Pashinyan has decided to appoint Armenia's Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the United States.

Mikael Minasyan wrote about this on his telegram channel.

Details here: t.me/mikayelm
23-01-2021, 08:06
Andranik Kocharyan, hearing the sound of the air alarm, left his things in the middle of the lobby, ran and hid under the reception table.
No, the old ones may not come, only these new ones
What awaits "Nikol's number" Armenia?
Dratso, this fist brought father and son Ali to their knees, just as you knelt before Ilham and gave more than the Turk wanted
During the 10 years of Kocharyan's rule we had 92 combat victims ․ years of strength and peace
The one who enters the table with "Dukhov".

When I heard how Andranik Kocharyan was talking in the National Assembly today with the attitude of an alpha (not omega, alpha) man, personally about me and our structure, what I saw during the war in the "Armenia" hotel in Stepanakert came to my mind.

The guard was about to leave the hotel, but when he heard the sound of the air alarm, he left his belongings in the middle of the lobby, ran and hid under the reception table.
23-01-2021, 07:56
Arsen Torosyan created, headed the police ...
The former Minister of Health of the Republic of Armenia Arsen Torosyan and his most trusted Deputy Minister Artyom Smbatyan led a group of former secret police officers who ensured their safety during the local time, carried out separate assignments to meet with various people and gather information about them.

Arsen Torosyan և Artyom Smbatyan և և և և և նախկին ոստիկանության, են խումբ խումբ խումբ խումբ խումբ խումբ յ յ յ յ յ և և և յ յ յ յ յ յ և և և յ յ յ և և և և և և The officials, that is, the members of the group, walking around unnoticed with Arsen Torosyan or Artyom Smbatyan, watched from a distance whether the law enforcement officers were with the latter or not, and they did it so that the law enforcement officers could not retrieve information. Find out Arsen Torosyan's կասկած Artyom Smbatyan suspicious meetings և deals.
23-01-2021, 07:52
Former member of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Orhan Miroglu, who is also a member of the party's Central Decision-Making Executive Board, has put forward the bizarre theory that US President-elect Joe Biden is in fact a Kurd, ahvalnews.com reports.

Miroglu wrote on his Twitter page. "A Kurdish friend I spoke to recently said that although it is hard to believe that it is serious, it is not difficult to guess what the goal is. Someone said that Biden's real name was Chimoye Bahattin Agha. He comes from a Kurdish family that emigrated from Yerevan to the United States and is of Biruk descent. ”

The source notes that the unbelievable claims about the ethnic origin of famous people have been spread in Turkey for years. Such a discussion took place around Shakespeare, whose genealogy in Turkey was explained as Sheikh Pir.