23-01-2021, 07:30
At dawn in Ashotsk we had -35 degrees ...
Gagik Surenyan, Deputy Director of the Monitoring Center for Hydrometeorology and Hydrology, wrote on his Facebook page:

"Today at dawn in Ashotsk we had -35 degrees below zero."
23-01-2021, 07:26
The Artsakh Defense Army has published the names of 72 servicemen killed in the battles for the defense of the homeland.

Volunteer Hovhannisyan Arthur Georg, born 1967

Reserve soldier Kolanjyan Artyom Sargsyan, born 1993

Grigoryan Meruzhan Harutyun, born 1996

Reservist Hamlet Vladik Abrahamyan, born 1979

Madatyan Razmik Alexani, born 2000

Khumaryan Maurice Gagik, born 2000
23-01-2021, 06:36
The cremated body of a 25-year-old soldier of the Russian military base located in Gyumri was found in Opel
Today, on January 23, a tragic car accident-fire took place in Shirak region. This was reported by SHAMSHYAN.com.

At around 03:40, 25-year-old Leonid Khomyakov, a citizen of the Russian Federation, crashed into the back of a KamAZ car belonging to 83-year-old Seryozha Hakobyan, a resident of Gyumri, in front of 10 Boulevard Street, Gyumri, in his Opel car.
23-01-2021, 06:31
Yerkir.am writes. Today, the deputy of the NA "My Step" faction Hayk Sargsyan "shone" again with his inappropriate behavior to the deputy. The "brilliant" representative of the government, once again avoiding answering the questions of public concern, burst into the room.

Shortly afterwards, when Yerkir.am tried to interview Sargsyan again, he invited him in to talk not about the difficult internal political situation in the country, but to beat water and show the good on his table.

To the observation of Yerkir.am, you are obliged to answer the questions of public concern, he responded. "I answer, I write statuses regularly."

Watch the details in the video.
23-01-2021, 04:15
"No Armenian. "This is already Azerbaijan." An American journalist criticized a photo taken by Azerbaijani servicemen in Artsakh
23-01-2021, 03:51
Zaruhi Postanjyan addressed the Director of the Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov and the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokolts with a number of questions regarding Anna Hakobyan, Mariam and Shushan Pashinyan.

In particular, Postanjyan wants to know on what grounds Armenian citizens were allowed to leave the territory of Domodedovo airport and enter the territory of Russia, if due to the coronavirus epidemic Russia prohibits the entry of Armenian citizens, except in a few cases.

We present the letter in full below.
23-01-2021, 03:38
The government will have a new tool to silence the opposition deputies. The NA "My Step" faction presented a legislative initiative yesterday, proposing to make changes in the "NA Rules of Procedure" law and to authorize the NA Speaker to deprive the deputy of "the opportunity to go on a business trip by the NA for up to 1 year" based on the conclusion of the Ethics Committee.

Based on the conclusion of the Ethics Committee, the NA President may also apply other disciplinary measures - reprimand, deprivation of the right to speak from the microphone or to be present in the hall for up to 7 days. One of the remarkable additions is that the Ethics Committee can examine the behavior of the deputies not only on any application, but also "on its own initiative".
23-01-2021, 03:28
In recent weeks, the ruling team has been busy preparing for the snap elections. Ministers of Nature Protection and Territorial Administration Romanos Petrosyan and Suren Papikyan, Pashinyan's advisor Arayik Harutyunyan, former Chief of Staff Eduard Aghajanyan are engaged in that. They have started visiting the regional structures of the party, they promise to employ people, some of them are accommodated, the party structures are strengthened. It is said that Pashinyan plans to hold an extraordinary meeting in May. However, it is not ruled out that they will give up that idea at all, if they do not find common ground with the opposition in the National Assembly, and the danger of nominating a new candidate for Prime Minister in the National Assembly is preserved, as well as people do not take to the streets, reconciling with their existence. In that case, they will go to the next election.
23-01-2021, 03:08
St. Sarkis was engaged in the preaching of Christianity and church building. When the persecution of Christians began during the reign of Julian the Apostate, St. Sarkis receives a revelation from God to leave the empire.

He settled with his son in Armenia, where King Khosrov's son, Tiran, reigned. The latter ordered Sargis to serve with the Persian king Shapuh to keep the country from Julian's invasions.

Thus, Sargis is appointed commander of the regiments. According to the legend, his comrades-in-arms, seeing the miracles performed by God through Sargis, renounced paganism and accepted Christianity. But the Persian interest demands that he worship the fire and make sacrifices.

When Sarkis refuses to deny his faith, he destroys the goddess, the mob attacks his son Martiros and kills him. Sarkis is imprisoned and then beheaded. The 14 soldiers of Sargis are martyred for the Christian faith.
23-01-2021, 02:44
Increase of military complex, construction of army infrastructure և further international consolidation. In 2021, NATO will increase pressure on Russia's western borders.

Andrey Kots, RIA Novosti
In May-June, the alliance will conduct the largest Defender Europe 2021 military exercise since the Cold War. The answer will be the no less comprehensive joint military exercises "Russia-Belarus -2121", which are scheduled for September. Read how all this can end in an RIA Novosti article.

Battlefield: Europe
During Defender Europe 2021, as before, defensive-offensive operations will be developed in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. According to the legend of the exercise, NATO troops must attack the Kaliningrad region, blockade the western regions of Russia, as well as repel the "Russian mass attack".