3-12-2021, 23:36
Traditionally, the retail trade turnover in December increased sharply compared to the previous months of the calendar year, News.am writes, for example, presenting the "quiet" 2019 data.

Thus, the volume of retail trade turnover in December of the mentioned year increased by 58.3 billion drams or 1.4 times as compared to November. At the same time, the impact of inflation (which was "only" 1.7% in December compared to November) was minimal.
3-12-2021, 21:09
As you remember, last time Ara Papyan, who called himself a diplomat, published "verified news" on his page, as if France had supplied 4 fighters to Armenia.

However, after being ridiculed, his minions (for example, Hayk Martirosyan, who calls himself a political scientist) began to justify this manipulation by the fact that Papyan allegedly shared this news by accident.

But it is clear to everyone that Papyan just "sat among us", but he justifies himself by saying that he did it "by accident". Today, this person posted the news, according to which "the United States is arming Greece to the teeth". Papyan had at least 51 minutes to verify this information. But he did not do that.
3-12-2021, 20:46
The Armenian authorities present democracy as a major achievement, above all, democracy is viewed as a source of solution to all problems, whether the 44-day Artsakh war proved the thesis wrong.

In reality, however, Armenian democracy is a democracy in terms of form, but never in terms of content, because the basic institutions of democracy, the system of checks and balances, do not work in Armenia. All decisions are made by one person or, at best, several people.

Democracy, however, is not only the observance of formal laws and procedures, but also political traditions, unwritten laws, which are often more influential than formal rules.
3-12-2021, 20:30
Today, at around 1:00 pm, the Azerbaijani military entered the neutral zone near the administrative area of ​​the town of Chartar in the Martuni region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Seyran Sargsyan, born in 1959, after which he was transferred to an Azerbaijani base, where S. Sargsyan was deliberately killed illegally.

The cameras installed on the Artsakh side recorded the circumstances of the incident and the criminal actions of the Azerbaijanis.

Criminal proceedings are being taken by the law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan in connection with the incident.
3-12-2021, 20:08
"The deputy mayor bypassed the topic, but the aggressive call of the owner of the pub was not late." Ani Khachatryan
3-12-2021, 18:16
The Armenia created by Nikol is the country whose Prime Minister and NA Speaker can be present at the funeral of a man and have the military honor guard at his coffin, whom the police of the same country are currently looking for all over the world.

The joke does not happen with a tail.

PS The picture on the Interpol website is the latest update made minutes ago, where Vano is still on the international wanted list.
3-12-2021, 17:46
Hrazdan residents during the march of CP Abovyan
3-12-2021, 17:40
I doubt ... that one day I will feel I have made a mistake, I will kneel down and apologize to Karin Tonoyan. Tigran Chobanyan
3-12-2021, 15:55
"As of January 1, 2022, the following salary increases will take place in the field of science.

Laboratory assistant - from 67 thousand to 102 thousand drams, growth - 52%.

Senior laboratory assistant - from 76 thousand to 110 thousand drams, growth - 44%.

Junior researcher - from 85,800 to 120,000 drams, an increase of 40%.

Senior researcher - from 99 thousand to 200 thousand drams, growth - 102%.

Leading researcher - from 114 thousand 300 to 250 thousand drams, growth - 118%.
3-12-2021, 14:30
The Russian Foreign Ministry responded to the statement of the Armenian NA Speaker on "Lavrov's plan", noting that it is difficult to comment on what exists not in reality, but in the imagination.

"RIA Novosti" writes about this, detailing that earlier during the meeting with the representatives of the Russian media, the head of the Armenian parliament Alen Simonyan, referring to the so-called "Lavrov plan", connected "the handover of Karabakh" with Russia.

During the mentioned conversation, the Honorable Speaker of the RA National Assembly Alen Simonyan, referring to the "thoughts of the Armenian society that Russia has handed over Karabakh", said: "There were several options, including" Lavrov's plan ". At the same time, he stressed that "no one handed over anything," the Russian Foreign Ministry told reporters.

"It is difficult to interpret something that exists not in reality, but in imagination. Lavrov's program also belongs to such imaginary realities," the ministry said.