23-01-2021, 02:32
Arthur Vanetsyan's detachment and we enter Shushi on 04.11.20 in the morning to clean the Turkish subversive groups. Karen Nikolyan
22-01-2021, 23:33
Sophie D'Oya is ashamed not to see you for a moment
22-01-2021, 23:31
Anahit Simonyan is behaving like crazy after Hayko
22-01-2021, 23:25
Shots were fired during a wedding ceremony in New Moscow, Russia, as a result of which the groom and his brother were killed. This was reported by Izvestia, citing REN TV.

According to preliminary information, the groom got into an argument with one of the guests on the bride's side, who opened fire. Two people were killed in the incident, the groom and his brother. Both are of Moldovan origin.

The criminal reportedly fled the scene in a jeep without a license plate. He is now wanted.
22-01-2021, 22:32
There was a time when a deputy in the Armenian parliament insulted a journalist, then denied it, and the other deputy listened to the insulting recording and announced that "I will be a dog boy if I hear anything." This really irritated people, because everyone saw that the fact was there, and the executor denied it with all his might. Now, time has passed, everyone thinks that this defect has been cleared and the rulers will never repeat their predecessors, but they do not deny what we have all heard.

We heard how Pashinyan once again, in his ignorance, stated that 90% of Azerbaijanis lived in Shushi before the conflict and then expressed doubts whether Shushi was Armenian in that argument or not. Even if that were the case, then why is Pashinyan speaking from the position of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani websites do not even change his word, but directly quote, because it is a ready-made material for Azerbaijan. What is even more irritating is the fact that Pashinyan's gang has resorted to repeating the same genius with a "smart" head gesture, that is, it has changed from the beginning that no one here denies that they have heard, but instead of ending this insult, the pain deepens. by fooling people.
22-01-2021, 22:27
Facebook user Ruben Karoyan posted an archive video on his page, in which the commander of the legendary "Yeghnikner" military unit of the Artsakh Republic, the hero of Artsakh, the legendary Karen Jalavyan, Kyokh, says goodbye to the soldiers.

"Karen Jalavyan (Kyokh) said goodbye to the soldiers.
"As everyone testifies, there is always parental warmth in his words," Karoyan wrote.
22-01-2021, 22:22
TATEV KHACHATRYAN, Spokeswoman for the Karen Demirchyan Yerevan Metro, in response to a post on the Facebook page of the President of the National Press Club, Narine Mkrtchyan, as a sign of Armenian-Russian-Azerbaijani friendship in the Karen Demirchyan Yerevan Metro. It was performed by Azerbaijani singer Muslim Magamaev, with the following explanation. "We inform that today, within the framework of the 100th anniversary events of the great composer Arno Babajanyan's birthday, the famous works of the composer were performed in all metro stations. Taking into account the above, it should be stated that the woman is spreading misinformation. Only bilingual announcements closing the doors in Armenian and English are heard on the trains of the Yerevan metro. We urge our partners not to cause panic among passengers and to receive clarification through any available telephone number or e-mail address before submitting any information. ”
22-01-2021, 22:18
Yerkir.am writes ․ "The deputy of the NA" My Step "faction Hayk Sargsyan" shone "again today with his inappropriate behavior to the deputy. The "brilliant" representative of the government, once again avoiding answering the questions of public concern, burst into the room.

Shortly after, when Yerkir.am tried to interview Sargsyan again, he invited him in to talk not about the difficult internal political situation in the country, but to beat water and show the good on his table.

To our observation, you are obliged to answer the questions of public concern, responded ․ "I answer, I write statuses regularly."

Watch the details in the video.
22-01-2021, 21:05
"I crawled to the ground to at least drink water." The story of Arsen Mkrtchyan, who is considered missing
22-01-2021, 20:06
According to the news we received, MP Sipan Pashinyan, who is also Nikol Pashinyan's cousin, got into an argument with his uncle.

According to our source, Sipan Pashinyan wants to resign from the parliament, but Nikol Pashinyan does not allow it.