Вчера, 19:27
In Russia, from time to time the criminal world faces a serious problem, many of them are forced to leave the country. According to our information, recently, when such a question arose, one of Nikol Pashinyan's closest oligarchs "guaranteed" to provide a safe roof for about a dozen thieves in Armenia. The oligarch assured Nikol Pashinyan that they would also be a roof over the government. Nikol Pashinyan, who in the past was an opposition and allegedly campaigned against this class when he became prime minister, but in fact had his power over his thieves, led by the Noratus brothers, agreed to it. The thieves are already in Armenia, at the Dvin Hotel, which belongs to Artak Tovmasyan, Artak Dvin. The very person who allegedly forms an opposition party is issued a statement from time to time, demanding the resignation of the government. In fact, Pashinyan is publicly fighting against thieves, and witnessing the adoption of a law against the criminal subculture, and becoming their roof underneath. The NSS can go to our address and find out if people with that subculture pose a security threat.
Вчера, 19:12
According to our information, Nikol Pashinyan is negotiating with the leaders of the parliamentary opposition Gagik Tsarukyan and Edmon Marukyan, proposing to sign a memorandum on the issue of early elections. Its essence is as follows. A trilateral memorandum is signed, the opposition receives ministerial portfolios in the government cabinet, and then a few months later early parliamentary elections are called. My sources in My Step assure that the opposition will agree to the proposal, saying that they will be able to control the election process with the positions they have received. Besides, Tsarukyan was offered that in that case the Shangri-La casino network, which is important in Tsarukyan's business, would quietly operate.
Вчера, 19:09
The owner of Dvin restaurant, Artak Tovmasyan, has a company registered in Finland, through which they wash the dirty money of the Pashinyan-Anna Hakobyan couple. Whether it is collected from the oligarchy, received from the arms business or otherwise, the money of the Prime Minister's family is directed to that Finnish company. So, the law enforcement agencies should check Artak Tovmasyan's accounts and their relationship between the Pashinyan and Hakobyan couple.
Вчера, 18:54
Watch it!
Why was no Azerbaijani target hit by "Iskander", but only Shushi was hit? Mihran Hakobyan. Video
Nersisyan Varuzhan, did you like that Makunts was allowed to pack up and thrown in the street within a few hours?
The herd of backpacks does not even notice how the traitor creates opportunities for his close circle to escape and places them in safe places.
Former governor of Syunik Vahe Hakobyan is being persecuted politically. Lawyers:
Are the generals who brought Azerbaijan to its knees aware that Turkish Nikol will be extradited to Azerbaijan as "war criminals"?
A number of citizens left the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall as Nikol Pashinyan's wife Anna Hakobyan was present at the concert dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the State Symphony Orchestra.

According to Mediaport, the citizens tried to go up to the government hall and say in the face of Anna Hakobyan what they thought about her and her unfaithful husband, but dozens of security guards forbade her, after which the citizens left the concer
Вчера, 18:49
Is Baku going to provide asylum to its ...
Military figure Gorg Gorgyan writes. "A part of the people is deceived, disappointed, because in 2018 Nikol believed, and a part is exhausted from his sorrow and pain. And behold, the miserable stateless man keeps his seat on this pair of misfortunes.

But do not forget that the Armenians are such a powerful Nation that they know how to fight and struggle in grief. Do not doubt that the people of the impregnable fortress have conspired to open the gates of the impregnable front in front of the enemy. And very soon ... Yes, by the way, the Turks are organizing polls on social platforms, thousands are voting for Nikol. Is Baku going to provide shelter to its concubine? ”
Вчера, 17:03
Nicole is dead. Michael Minas
Nicole is dead. Nicole died on November 10. Nicole killed Artsakh, the 5,000 bright guys, our victory. He did it consistently and consciously. He sold his soul for a certain amount of money and died.
Nicole is a corpse placed in the center of the room and because they can not decide who will bury her, when she will be laid to rest, with whom she will be replaced (the list of possible and impossible questions of "zaderzhka" is long) the dead rots and poisons the whole house. :
But he is not the only one who died. There are other corpses whose death gives hope. Hope that he can be reborn, rise again (they haven't been buried for a long time). The presence of a dead body in the center of the room raises a cautious suspicion that if he is still lying in the room, maybe he is not dead, maybe this is not a stench, but his natural smell (Anna will confirm), maybe you just need to change his suit and turn on the live button again? l:
Вчера, 16:57
Adequad Congregation member Lika Tumanyan posted a video on her Facebook page գրել attach ․

"I have just left Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall. I can not stay for a second where the traitors are traitors. Anna-Erato had decided to enjoy the concert of the Armenian Symphony Orchestra after the Moscow Turandot. It took a lot of effort not to lose my temper. ”
Вчера, 13:16
The "Homeland Salvation Movement" is finally "collapsed". leaders do not meet (video)
Вчера, 13:11
As we have already informed, on January 23, the wedding of singer Varduhi Vardanyan's son took place in Florence. The godfather of the wedding was Robert Kocharyan's son, Leon Kocharyan.

The wedding was attended by a number of show business stars. They posted photos from the wedding ceremony on Instagram.
Вчера, 13:02
The former Minister of Defense of the Republic of Armenia gave an interview to Mediamax, among other issues, referring to the biggest personal omission during the war. "I could not overcome the ambiguity regarding the Prime Minister-Ministry of Defense-General Staff command vertical during the war and the obstacles arising from it.

In particular, in the issues related to the mobilization, the role of the Security Council, functions, the functions of the Armed Forces of Armenia-Defense Army-Artsakh և official relations, the organization of self-defense in Artsakh and the evacuation of the population.