29-02-2020, 15:35
Video has emerged on the Internet where protesters set fire to a hospital in the southern Iranian city of Bandar Abbas.

According to local media, about 10 quarantine carriers had moved from the town of Fom earlier.
29-02-2020, 15:33
The Infectious Diseases Service of the Armenian Medical Centers has received additional guidance on what to do, what to do, what to do and what to do in case of coronavirus patients being found. RA Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan told journalists about it.

According to him, if there are cases of coronavirus in Armenia, these patients will be treated in the infectious services of some hospitals. If there are many, they will expand the list of hospitals if needed.
29-02-2020, 15:24
The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia has identified users who publish and distribute false information harming the security of the state, society and person on the Internet.

It is about the information posted on Gor-Madig Grigoryan's user page, where the video shows that an Azeri citizen travels to Yerevan and makes unimaginable videos calling Yerevan an ancient Azerbaijani city.

The user was invited, given an explanation, and noted that the video was sent to him by a Facebook friend via a message.
29-02-2020, 15:08
Armen Ashotyan posted a photo on his Facebook page and posted:

“I say yes to the company.
And what I say about treason is 18+.
29-02-2020, 15:05
Armenia's third President Serzh Sargsyan was in court on February 25. He has been charged under Article 38-179 3 3 of the Criminal Code on the ground that he had committed a crime in 2008. April 9 to 2018 April 9, 2013, occupying the office of the President of the Republic of Armenia, being an official in charge of the functions of a representative of the authorities, using his official position; In the period from January 25 to February 7 of the same year, he organized a group of officials to steal a particularly large sum of 489,160,310 AMD by means of waste from the state.

Former officials, numerous supporters and businessmen came to support Serzh Sargsyan, who did not betray Serzh Sargsyan without Nikol Pashinyan's "sword". Among them is Ruben Hayrapetyan, former chairman of the National Assembly, businessman.
29-02-2020, 14:42
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan walks the streets of Yerevan, talks to citizens and personally distributes leaflets on the "YES" propaganda wing, which have been dubbed "RA Citizen's Passport".

Citizens approaching the Prime Minister talk to him on various topics, raise a number of issues, take photos.
29-02-2020, 14:30
Today, on February 29, a tragic incident took place in Yerevan. At 17:35, Emergency Situations Ministry Rescue Service 911 and Yerevan City Police Department Operative Command received a call that a man was found dead in one of the apartments at 163 Bashinjaghyan Street.

According to Shamshyan.com, rescuers and police found the body of Edgar M., 32, hanging from a pipe in the bathroom of the mentioned house. Police are currently waiting for the Investigation Team of the Yerevan Investigative Committee of Ajapnyak and Davitashen Administrative Districts of Yerevan to arrive at the scene.

According to the site, the sister was found dead in that state.
29-02-2020, 14:26
Health Ministry spokeswoman Alina Nikoghosyan posted a post on her Facebook page, referring to a video posted earlier by Shamshyan.com.

Earlier, shamshyan.com reported that yesterday, February 28, one of the readers sent a video to the editorial office and said that the video shows emergency workers in Nairit plant in Yerevan wearing special protective gear. trying to get the driver out of the truck with Iranian license plates, then put on a mask and probably taken to a hospital.

Nikoghosyan wrote that in fact the car belongs to the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia and its specialists carry out the work.

"It has already been announced that there is a check-in process for truck drivers arriving from Iran, isolation, health checks and if symptoms are detected, hospitalization and testing will be carried out. There was no hospitalization in this case.

Once again I urge you not to spread panic among the public and to contact the Authorized Body before publishing such "materials", "the MOH spokesman wrote.
29-02-2020, 14:23
Gevorg Grigoryan, Chairman of the Armenian National Health Council, wrote on his Facebook page: "URGENT. I draw the attention of the media.

According to my information, yesterday Lusine Kocharyan, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health, accompanied by several people visited the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention, where she threatened employees (mainly women) with applying for dismissal.

 There has never been such pressure on health care providers and they have never spoken to health care providers about such threats.

On the other hand, ministry propagandists have been "hired", particularly those affiliated with the Soros "Real World, Real People" NGO, which are trying to shift the emotional demand and struggle of health workers to the emotional field.

At a press conference yesterday, I emphasized that this would be the approach and once again I urge the Ministry of Health to refrain from such practices and conduct discussions only in the professional field, putting aside threats, emotional records, blackmail and unjustified ambitions. "

Yesterday we reported that 75 staff members of the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention had applied for dismissal.
29-02-2020, 14:17
Azerbaijan has temporarily closed the border with Iran to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"A decision on the risk of spreading the coronavirus has been made to temporarily close the interstate border with the Islamic Republic of Iran on February 29 at 4 pm," the country's government said in a statement.

On February 19, Iran's Ministry of Health reported the first cases of coronavirus infection in the country. 593 cases of infection have been found in the country, 43 people have died.