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2021 This year's sponsor White Bull will be kind to those who are willing to put a lot of effort into the work. Aries. Aries itself is a contradiction. On the one hand, they have enough energy to earn and save money, on the other hand, if they suddenly need something, they are ready to take off the last shirt of themselves and their neighbor, just to get everything. If the sponsor of 2020, the Rat, is tolerant of such unexpected expenses, the sponsor of 2021, Taurus, will not allow such a thing. You will have to learn strict discipline and planning. Instead, success can come in the form of a business that you can "just try." It is better to postpone any transaction related to real estate, premises, loans.
Вчера, 10:51
Nikol Pashinyan creates a "mini-MFA", which ...
According to Mediaport sources, Nikol Pashinyan is creating an alternative Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will be coordinated by Arsen Kharatyan from Soros.

Kharatyan will have Armenian ambassadors to 5 countries: the United States, Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and Brussels. The option of placing the RA Embassy in Israel under Kharatyan's curation is being discussed.

According to the same source, this is the reason for the forthcoming change of the ambassadors. Pashinyan and Kharatyan appoint ambassadors to people who will obey Kharatyan conditionally, fulfilling his instructions and will be accountable not to the Foreign Minister, but to Arsen Kharatyan.
Вчера, 10:47
The Iranian Foreign Minister said that he was glad to see the territories of Nagorno Karabakh under the control of Azerbaijan
Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif arrived in Azerbaijan on Sunday evening as part of a regional tour in the Caucasus aimed at promoting regional cooperation. Upon arrival at the Baku airport, the senior diplomat said he was glad to see Azerbaijan "regaining control of the occupied territories." Zarif also said that Iran is ready to help people in Azerbaijan return to their homes in Nagorno-Karabakh "as soon as possible." He also reaffirmed his country's support for Iran's efforts to rebuild Nagorno-Karabakh.
Вчера, 10:28
David Tonoyan's self-confessed. You will not gossip
Вчера, 09:54
Zhanna Andreasyan about spring break in schools, the end of the school year
Watch it!
The issue of eliminating the restriction on the number of students in the class is being discussed with the Ministry of Justice. Zhanna Andreasyan about going to school 2 days a week
Press conference of Deputy Minister of Education and Science Zhanna Andreasyan. straight
What is the biography of the newly appointed Deputy Minister Zhanna Andreasyan?
This year is a non-standard year, the regulations conditioned by it differ from the previous year's regulations. The RA Deputy Minister of Education and Science Zhanna Andreasyan said this at today's press conference, referring to ArmDaily.am's question whether there will be spring vacations in schools this year or not, when the school year will end, when he plans to return to normal lesson process.
Вчера, 09:50
The analysis based on the CG cold calculation was agreed with me ․ Դ ․ Tonoyan on the report of the Chief of General Staff on the need to end it on the 4th day of the war
In fact, are you trying to make your commercial career with Pashinyan on the blood of 5 thousand 18-year-olds?
In fact, it turns out that the scoundrel who received 30 silver coins was a member of the CP
All the strongest empires in the world were destroyed forever after they tried to destroy the Armenians
You worked in the "Soros" foundation, which acted against the Republic of Armenia. MP to David Khachaturyan. Video
1. For years, everyone has been talking about ATS, everyone knows that Azerbaijan will wage a 5th generation war, why was Armenia not ready yet?
Вчера, 09:42
The stage of returning to the homeland has begun. All that remains is for Ararat Mirzoyan to go to Turkey, Nikol for Baku ․ Gabrielyanov
Famous media manager Aram Gabrielyanov wrote in his telegram channel ․

"The stage of returning to the homeland has begun in Armenia ․ President Sargsyan returned to Great Britain, Vladimir Karapetyan to Ukraine, Lilit Makunts to the United States.

All that remains is for Ararat Mirzoyan to go to Turkey and for Nikol to go to Baku. "
Вчера, 08:21
Watch it!
Ask Zareh Sinanyan: When he became mayor of Glendale, did Glendale cease to be an American city?
This is the second case when the Secretary of the Artsakh Security Council Vitaly Balasanyan does not participate in such a meeting. Tigran Abrahamyan about the Security Council sitting
The mud must know its place
"The main goal of this government is to justify our losses at any cost." Tigran Abrahamyan
Various government officials present the regions handed over to Azerbaijan directly or covertly as an expression of "restoration of historical justice."
Doesn't anyone tell Davit Tonoyan that it is too late and the guilty will not be accepted? The stigma of the Minister of Defense Nicole will not be erased, she will be tried.

Do you remember the opera of 6 during Vano (the same as during the war), who declared him Minister of Defense in April 2018? Yes, Turkish agent Omegan…
Вчера, 07:55
Watch it!
Today, the traitor Nicole has only one thing to keep in the Prime Minister's seat: the people are broken
According to unofficial figures, for example, due to our analysis, the situation is unprecedentedly bad. Hrant Bagratyan
I am more than sure that Ararat Mirzoyan is not the only traitor in our government
Hrant Bagratyan has activated his party. They are preparing for the elections
As long as the main demand of all of us is not the removal of the traitor, but that the other person is resolute, or that there is someone else instead of this or that figure on the platform, things like that, the traitor will have room to maneuver.
Listen to what this alkash heyvan is saying. There are rumors from Artsakh that weapons and troops did not go to them from Armenia, Moss says that the mobilization stopped three days after the war, and this says that we did everything to win.

Tonoyan David, I will do my best for you to have a healthy and long life and I will visit you often in the fortress.
Вчера, 07:51
David Tonoyan. Political melancholy threatens ...
Exclusive interview of former Armenian Defense Minister David Tonoyan to Mediamax

- After the end of the war, your famous phrase "new war - new territories" is being discussed in Armenia and abroad. In particular, at the January 18 press conference, the Russian Foreign Minister also mentioned it. Do not you regret that statement?

- The statement made during a meeting with the Armenian community in the United States about a year and a half ago was a response to the statements of the Azerbaijani military-political leadership to resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict through war, which were "substantiated" by the ineffectiveness of the talks.

No matter how much Aliyev and some Armenian politicians insist, that statement could not be a reason for the failure of the talks and the resumption of the war. By the same logic, a war could have started every day, as the leaders of Azerbaijan were always talking about a military solution to the problem. Moreover, for decades the world has not "noticed" Aliyev's statements that "Yerevan is a historical Azerbaijani territory."