29-02-2020, 14:13
Details of the clearance operation of the armed searcher
On February 28, special officers of the General Department of the Criminal Police detained Narek P. from one of the hotel complexes in the 4th district of Davitashen.
     A 27-year-old Yerevan resident was wanted on October 10 last year on charges of attempted murder and unlawfully obtaining, selling, carrying, transporting, or carrying weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices.
     According to the information of the investigation, the detainee fired his uncle's gun in the yard of one of the houses on Erani Malatia Street on the night of February 2, 2019. A few hours after the shooting, finding out that his uncle was alive, he returned and fired shots at his uncle's house.
     Officers of various police units undertook various operative-intelligence activities to identify the 27-year-old.
29-02-2020, 13:59
The Armenian Embassy in Georgia issued a statement saying that the cancellation of scheduled flights from Tbilisi to Yerevan by Georgian Airways and Armenia Aircompany today is linked to changes in their timetables.

“Please note, the cancellation of the two Tbilisi-Yerevan flights scheduled for 18:30 today is exclusively due to changes in the timetables of the two airlines.

Airlines say the flights will continue as of tomorrow, ”the statement said.
We were informed earlier that the planes of Georgian Airways and Armenia Aircompany were to fly from Tbilisi to Yerevan at the same time today, but both flights were canceled.
29-02-2020, 13:55
Psychologist Samvel Khudoyan said this at today's press conference on February 29.
“One of the thousands of people who want to say that they are moving in time with time, are wearing masks. It seems to me that if there is no one looking at them, that mask will be removed, "he said, noting that in any case one should be very careful.

According to the psychologist, the relevant bodies should urge people not to accumulate in public places.
"For example, the minister's statement that it is not particularly dangerous, man, how dangerous it is, if so many people have died and the whole world is screaming. How can you close your eyes this way? It is true that there is no need for alarm, no panic, but a high level of caution should be maintained.
According to Khudoyan, psychological work should not be carried out in the public at this time.
It should be noted that Armenia has partially closed its communication with Iran for two weeks. The restrictions do not apply only to the citizens of Armenia and Iran returning to their homeland.
The number of people infected with coronavirus in Iran is 388 with 34 deaths. Worldwide, 83,906 people have been infected with coronavirus, with 2869 deaths registered. Influenza has also been reported in neighboring Georgia.
There is no case of coronavirus infection in Armenia.
29-02-2020, 13:47
To ensure the safety of participants of the March 1 rally, the same day, from 11:00 am, two-way traffic will be banned from Tumanyan Street to the intersection of Tumanyan-Abovyan Street to Tumanyan Street-Mashtots Avenue to Abovyan Street-Abovyan Street to Abovyan Street to Republic Square, Vazgen Sargsyan Street, from Republic Square to Shahumyan Square and Beirut Street. The Police of the Republic of Armenia informed about this.

From 17:00 pm Traffic will be banned from Tumanyan street from Tumanyan-Nalbandyan intersection to Tumanyan street-Mashtots avenue intersection, Teryan street Teryan street crossing from Teryan street to Teryanyan crossing to Teryan street -Tumanyan street intersection, Abovyan street- Abovyan street- Sayat Nova avenue crossing to Republic square, Pushkin street crossing-Pushkin-Koghbatsi street crossing to Sakharov square, Arami street-Arami-Na from the crossroads of Bandyan streets to the crossroads of Arami-Abovyan streets; from Republic Square to Nalbandyan street to Abovyan street; from Nalbandyan street to Sakharov square to Republic square; Square, from the crossroads of Khorenatsi-Italy to Khorenatsi-Vazgen Sargsyan-Beirut crossroads, on the Grigor Lusavorich street crossroads towards Myasnikyan statue and from the intersection of Grigor Lusavorich street to Mashtots avenue towards Myasnikyan statue and Argishti street from Argishti street to Mashtots avenue towards Myasnikyan statue.
29-02-2020, 12:21
Two more cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Azerbaijan. Thus, the total number of patients with coronavirus in the country has reached 3. The operative headquarter of prevention and prevention of coronavirus in Azerbaijan stated this.

For the first time, the coronavirus was confirmed to a Russian citizen who had arrived from Iran. The last two confirmed cases were registered by Azerbaijani citizens, both returned from Iran.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan has decided to close its air and land borders with Iran for two weeks, with some restrictions.
29-02-2020, 11:55
There have been no breaks in the hospitals of Yerevan for a long time. Neither the wards are free, nor the overworked doctors willing to accept the patients. Of course, this is due to the spread of seasonal viruses. And it is pointless to talk about children's departments; there are no free rooms; Fast-forward treatment means taking medication and sending it home. Readers of GPnews tell us about these and other concerns.

“We have recently returned from Italy. Now we have flu, fever, cough and virus like me and my wife, "says one of our readers," said Hayk. " No tests, no tests. " Asked if you were in Italy, he said no.

"We didn't say, we want to see if they are launching anything to detect coronavirus in Armenia. Isn't everyone going to say, check us out now? The patient goes to the hospital with signs of the virus, no one checks for a coronavirus test. One more note: The first cases of coronavirus in Iran were discovered only a few days ago, but the fastest growing in Iran and the number of infected and dead people is already increasing. This means that the virus is not there anymore, they are just hiding it and just announcing it. And at that time the communication between Armenia and Iran has been great. People, traders have gone every day. What is the talk about. When it was announced that there was a coronavirus in Iran, our people closed the border, but until then, They did not take into account that many of our beloved merchants would have already brought coronavirus to Armenia. And now those with the virus are not tested by these tests. They have been limited by closing the border and ending it, ”says Hayk.
29-02-2020, 11:44
One of the Majlis MPs who was infected with a new strain of coronavirus has died in Iran, reports independent.co.uk, citing a statement issued by Iranian state media.

According to reports, a coronavirus was confirmed days before a deputy by the name of Mohammad Ali Razman Dastak.

As previously reported by Tert.am, Iranian Ministry of Health spokesman Qianoush Jahanpour stated that the number of people infected with coronaviruses in Iran has increased by more than 200 to 593 in one day, and the death toll is already 43.

"There were 205 cases of coronavirus infection in one day, nine of which unfortunately died," Jahpour said. He added that at least 123 people had recovered.
29-02-2020, 11:34
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on February 29 that during a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin he offered not to interfere in the confrontation between the Turkish and Syrian authorities, RIA Novosti reports.

"The Syrian issue is neither an adventure nor a desire to expand the borders. We did not enter there at the invitation of Assad, but at the invitation of the Syrian people. And as long as the Syrian people have not offered to leave, we will not do so. I told Putin, leave us alone with Assad, we will do what we need to do for ourselves, "Erdogan said in a speech in Istanbul. According to him, 36 Turkish soldiers were killed during the Syrian army airstrikes in Idlib.
29-02-2020, 11:29
"Fact" newspaper writes: The "Fact" newspaper regularly receives information that active discussions are taking place within the government regarding conscription issues. Particularly, according to our information, one of the proposals concerns raising the age of conscription.

According to our sources, the issue is that the age of conscription will be 20 (even 21) instead of the age of 18 to 27 years.

That is, to recruit an army not at the age of 18, but at the age of 20 or 21, and raise the upper threshold of retirement from 27 to 30. The topic itself is not new, as there have been similar internal discussions in the past, but according to our information, the topic has recently started to become relevant again.

To verify this information, we reached out to Press Secretary of the RA Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan to ask if there had been any discussions on this topic and whether those discussions had really intensified now.

"Generally such discussions are frequent, but if I say, a special agenda has been developed for that issue to be discussed, no, it has not been," said Artsrun Hovhannisyan.
29-02-2020, 11:23
A coronavirus test in neighboring Georgia has shown positive results for a third citizen hospitalized with suspicious symptoms.

The man is a native of Georgia, has arrived from Iran, and since the Georgian-Iranian border is closed, Georgia has reached Azerbaijan.

As we have informed earlier, two previous people with coronavirus have arrived in Georgia from Iran.