19-12-2019, 16:44
As we have already reported, a collapse occurred at the N1 Military Commissariat N1 building at 19a Halabyan Street, Yerevan, with casualties.

It should be noted that the floor of one of the rooms of the first floor collapsed (about 25 square meters).

There are more than a dozen victims.

In an interview with ArmLur.am, Armenia Medical Center reported that 3 of the injured were in the intensive care unit, two of them mother and son.
19-12-2019, 16:06
On the basis of information received from the General Directorate of Police of the RA Police, factual data was obtained from materials prepared by the operative investigative measures and results that Robert Kocharyan's supporters meet with persons and witnesses affected by the March 1, 2008 events, and testify so that the latter may refuse their testimony.

In particular, one of Robert Kocharyan's supporters invited his office in Kanaker to one of the victims of the March 1 events and offered to give up his victim status, testify and not attend court hearings, saying he was ready to pay the money the state should provide in cash. . In addition, he promised that after the change of power the victim will be appointed to a high post.
19-12-2019, 15:45
Today, in support of Robert Kocharyan, a statement was released under which were the names and surnames of dozens of famous people. It was reported that these people had called for Robert Kocharyan's release and to change his restraint.

Later, cultural figures, singers and actors demanding Robert Kocharyan's freedom began to deny that they had participated in any signature gathering. This has made it possible for even humor to be posted on the Internet.

AS also tried to get comments. About a dozen of our "stars" were either left unanswered or asked to write nothing on their behalf explaining the situation in which they appeared. From their explanations it was understood that they had not read the text of the statement, had not signed it anywhere, but taking into account the applicant's identity, they did not refuse to publish their name.
19-12-2019, 14:56
Razmik Abrahamyan, who was arrested yesterday for illegal adoption, was taken to Armenia Medical Center in critical condition. In response to the question of "Haykakan Zhamanak", his lawyer Samvel Dilbandyan mentioned this.

“After my arrest my client's health has deteriorated, and they have been taken to Armenia Medical Center in extremely serious condition. He is currently undergoing cardiovascular resuscitation, ”he said. In response to our question, the defense lawyer added: "The pressure and the sugar have increased so much that it doesn't feel adequate."

According to the ombudsman, Abrahamyan has heart failure, stroke, diabetes, and blood pressure. “He is in a very difficult situation. I think that if they keep him in jail, a 76-year-old would hardly live in that condition. "
19-12-2019, 14:52
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's spouse Anna Hakobyan on her Facebook page commenting on MediaLab.am's "Mariam Pashinyan: Mher Arshakyan." In an article by Lyudovikos 14, he wrote:

"Mher, dear, you misunderstand the reality ...

Our kids don't need jeeps, our kids don't need bodyguards, they don't need a state house.

Shushan is still ashamed to invite girlfriends to our house because she doesn't want to be different from them.

Ashot says at every meeting: "Mom, do you remember that I come out of the army? There won't be a rush with me, I will ride minibuses and taxis," and I reply every time to delay a big family dispute: will you come, talk, my son?
19-12-2019, 14:48
Here they are, the Armenian Su-30SM multilayer fighters, already undergoing the latest tests before delivering them to the customer. Leonid Nersisyan reports.
19-12-2019, 13:36
On December 19, at 3:35 pm, the 911 service received an alert that a collapse occurred at the N1 Military Commissariat building at 19a Halabyan Street, Yerevan. There is a victim, rescuers need help.

Rescuers from the Emergency Situations Ministry Special Emergency Management Rescue Center arrived at the scene. on-call doctor. '

It turned out that the floor of one of the rooms on the first floor (about 25 square meters) collapsed. There are 11 victims.
19-12-2019, 12:35
Shant Harutyunyan, leader of the Tseghakron Party, told reporters today that Nikol Pashinyan is mistaken in keeping Robert Kocharyan in jail; "Release Khachaturov, you say Lukashenko and Nazarbayev mediated. I joined, too, but for Kocharyan, I joined Bako Sahakyan and Arkady Ghukasyan." Asked by Factor.am if you are in favor of Robert Kocharyan being released, he said: "The investigation can proceed, he will go home, not the case will be suspended, but the restraint will be changed," Harutyunyan said. Details in the video.
19-12-2019, 11:41
“These vehicles of the State Security Service are for carrying out the mandatory function prescribed by law. In this case, ensuring Mariam Pashinyan's safety is mandatory by law, ”Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said, referring to the discussions surrounding the daughter's car on Facebook.

He noted that they cannot give up these cars.

“There are many people whose state protection is mandatory by law. It is the same to say that Mariam Pashinyan has got an automatic Kalashnikov, she has got armor for Mariam Pashinyan, she has got radio communication and so on. That is, these machines were acquired to perform the mandatory function prescribed by law. And by today's law we have no right to refuse that function. At the same time, there is a provision in the law stating that it may be temporary, ”he said.
19-12-2019, 11:28
What are the stars of show business with Levon Kocharyan?