19-12-2019, 11:10
“I haven't seen that statement, I don't know how it was published. I cannot answer any questions at this time. I know my name is on that list, I don't know how it was published to respond to it, ”singer Eric Karapetyan told ArmDay.am, referring to a joint statement with 60 cultural figures: demanding to change the middle of Robert Kocharyan's detention.

When asked why he decided to join the statement, Eric Karapetyan replied: "The answer to the why is very well worded there. The thought is well worded. I know Robert Kocharyan and I am proud that he was our President. "

To the observation: Doesn't the fear that this move have a negative effect on his art make the singer answer: “I don't think at all, every citizen in this country can express his or her opinion, one cannot be linked to another. One should not be hostile to any opinion, I do not have friends in this government or I do not want everything to be OK. ”
19-12-2019, 10:24
Even sheikhs want to build their 'dream hospital' in downtown Yerevan. There is a noticeable investment activity in the healthcare sector in Armenia.
19-12-2019, 10:11
Nikol Pashinyan about the news about the car purchased for Mariam Pashinyan
19-12-2019, 10:05
Hraparak daily writes: "Yesterday the RA Investigation Committee reported that" the Director of the Republican Institute of Reproductive Health, Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology "Razmik Abrahamyan, Director of the Republican Institute of Reproductive Health, Perinatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology" were arrested on suspicion of illegally distributing the child to the parents, Deputy Director Arshak Cherjanyan :
Immediately after the news came out, a woman called the editorial office asking if it was possible that they had done the same thing with her and that her baby was now healthy. Marine Grigoryan's story was as tragic as it was tragic. She said that on July 10, 2011, during the 7 months of her pregnancy, her health declined sharply, she was taken to Hospital No. 1, Plan's head, and told that she had to undergo surgery immediately. Son of Gregory born in Caesarean;
19-12-2019, 09:37
60 Armenian and Russian cultural figures have issued a statement calling for the release of Artsakh's first president, second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, and change his restraint.

Here is the full text of the statement:

We do not make legal assessments. We do not go into legal nuances. We do not act as judges or arbitrators, each of us doing his or her own job. We are not in favor of a judicial inquiry.

But we are Armenians, we have Armenian roots and we are disturbed by the moral and psychological atmosphere in Armenia. It disturbs the destructive atmosphere of wickedness and hostility.
19-12-2019, 09:29
The identity of the person killed in the Erechni Aperi yesterday in Erebuni has been revealed. reports RA Investigation Committee.

A close relative of Vestrechi Aperi was killed on Railway Street in Erebuni administrative district.

“The alleged perpetrator of the 43-year-old man's murder is a resident of Yerevan, born in 1979. A decision has been made to arrest him, ”the statement said.

The victim's clothing was confiscated from the medical center at the time of the incident. The corpse was recovered from a gunshot wound and a ball containing 5 bullets was seized.

During the preliminary investigation, the scene of the incident was investigated, which revealed traces of blood. The car, which was also driven by the alleged perpetrator, was found in the hall, with blood stains, samples taken, and the memory stick of the video cameras at the scene was confiscated. Witnesses to the incident were questioned.

A criminal case was initiated in the Erebuni and Nubarashen Administrative Districts Investigation Division under Article 104 (1) (murder) and Article 235 (unlawful possession of weapons, ammunition, carrying) .
19-12-2019, 09:18
Now that I say kebab by kebab to discover ...
During the government session, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan reminded that since 2003 the RA has been obliged to provide orphanage graduates with housing, but this issue has not been resolved.

“There have been people who were ministers from parties known to you at that time, there was housing construction for that purpose. And why didn't these homes reach these children? Now that we go, investigate, and find those people in jail, it will turn out that they are politically persecuted, that the state funds spent on "kebabs" are now defending national values ​​in Armenia.
19-12-2019, 08:57
Styopa Safaryan was appointed Chairman of the Public Council
The government approved the decision to appoint Styopa Safaryan as chairman of the Public Council. The Prime Minister said that the PC Chairman had a difficult task to prove that the structure as a government advisory body could be effective. "In fact, from the first day of its creation the issue of expediency and the right of existence of the Public Council has always been in question ... A heavy mission is expected," he said. Pashinyan.
19-12-2019, 08:31
Unknown people annihilate editorial staff of Zhoghovurd daily (photos)
An attempted theft has been made from the office of Zhoghovurd daily. Speaking to ArmDaily.am, Sona Grigoryan, a journalist for the daily, noted that the journalist had come to work at 10:00 am and the editorial office had already been demolished: "All the shelves were open, the editor's room had been destroyed." Grigoryan noted that they did not enter the editorial office: "Now there are policemen and human rights defenders here."
19-12-2019, 08:06
On December 19, a car accident occurred in Aragatsotn region. At about 30:30, a resident of Karbi village, 34-year-old David Mayilyan drove off the road in the 80-kilometer section of Yerevan-Gyumri highway, colliding with concrete stones, a number of traffic signals and a traffic controller. Turned over. Shamshyan.com reports.

A passenger in the car, resident of Nor Kayk highway in Shirak province, 43-year-old Avag Vardanyan died on the spot, while other passengers, 49-year-old Seyran Gasparyan, resident of Karbi village, and 34-year-old Khachatur Genjoyan, resident of Gyumri, were injured. " Medical Center:

A criminal case has been instituted on the fact of crimes according to Article 242, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code (car accident which negligently caused human death).

 Rescuers unplugged the car and approached the body of an ambulance and demarcated the area.

The driver was subjected to a sobriety test, and it was found that he was driving in a non-sober state.

According to the source, the driver told police and investigators that he was heading from Gyumri to Ashtarak when a large truck, which had 8 lights, crashed into his face and he was unable to drive and did not feel what it was.

The source also reports that the driver of the crash was so drunk that he tried to give police the impression that he was talking to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan over the phone. "Mr. Pashinyan, I am not to blame. The roar is against me, I inform you that I have not escaped and now I am here."