12-10-2019, 08:07
As reported by "Izvestia", the boxer Ferrari slipped at high speed. As a result of the accident the car turned over several times and the driver was thrown out. He was taken to hospital. It is said that Erol Spence Jr. was driving without seat belts.

To add, the boxer has 26 career wins, 21 of which were by knockout and no loss.

IBF and WBC World Junior Boxing Champion Erol Spence Jr. has crashed. The incident took place on October 11 in Dallas.
12-10-2019, 08:00
RPA spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov wrote on his Facebook page:

"Yesterday I reflected on the stupid comments of Aliyev Jr. about Garegin Nzhdeh and Prime Minister Pashinyan's incomplete and incomplete response.

But I was amazed at the parade of praise to Pashinyan to see how he defended Nzhdeh.

It was not long before the prime minister thanked him for not joining Aliyev.

But could the answer to Aliyev's barefoot accusations be more precise and substantiated?

Of course, not only was it possible to mention the military actions of the Azerbaijani Legion against the Soviet Union in the Caucasus and Ukraine, until their suppression of the Warsaw anti-fascist uprising in 1944 and Hitler's German ally 130 Hitler's German ally designated by Aliyev's decree.

PS The division of the homeland into blacks and whites, Aliyev's upbringing and normalization, the rejection and detention of Artsakh's heroes, as well as the search for traitorous forces in Artsakh, does not speak about sharing Nzhdeh's ideas. "
11-10-2019, 23:06
In recent days, a petition has been launched in support of Robert Kocharyan, which has spread to all regions of Armenia and Artsakh and has produced stunning results. It is as if 100 people have not yet passed the threshold. Ann Vazgen Manukyan has already signed three times, but it does not profit.

We have already presented who expressed their support to Robert Kocharyan, reminding that some of them are the same as Robert Kocharyan. He considered Kocharyan an invader, a criminal, a criminal, and he was beaten to the chest to be taken to The Hague and tried as an international criminal. In short, we have presented the low political and moral qualities of Kocharyan's supporters.

One of Kocharyan's "fans" - Konstantin Ter-Nakalian, editor of Blognus, should be mentioned separately. This person has many unique idols. One is Kocharyan and the other is Stalin. Stalin's name is next to it. Of course, there are similarities between Stalin and Kocharyan, both of whom are great masters of bloodshed, and political accountants, but the interesting thing is that K. Ter-Nakalian's grandfather was also executed during Stalin's repression, and his 14-year-old grandfather was exiled.

But worshiping Stalin is not his task. Just this morning, this person who calls for militaristic patriotism is also against Armenia's independence and dreams of a return to the USSR. But what can one expect from such a man? Of course, all but helping to strengthen Armenia's statehood. That is why he is chanting "Kocharyan Hero". A leader who respected him, truly loved his homeland, at least in the former, even at a distance from a cannon shot, would not leave those who hated the homeland close. And Kocharyan's entourage are mainly such "Soviet" dreamers. Panimash, full.
11-10-2019, 21:07
Homosexual Babajanyan Armani 1in.am continues to vote for those who want to speak out against Vitaly Balasanyan, and since normal people cannot say anything against General Balasanyan, the Babajanian Armani website is gathering trash.


Today it is the turn of the two puppets, who are presented to the public as freedom fighters. One is called Malkhasian Rose, and the other is Maple Jora. Malkhasian Vardan says that because these people know that they have been rejected by the public and are on the sidelines, they have become wicked towards our people, "and are spreading various threats and threats." Malkhasyan does not mention the fact that Balasanyan has been rejected by the public, but it is known that Vitali Balasanyan is really rejected by the Pashinyan Nicol puppeteer and his supporters of LGBT, grantmakers and other minorities, which brings honor to all people. Malkhasyan is also angry about why law enforcement officers do not deal with Balasanyan.


And the slapstick Sapphire Jora says Vitaly Balasanyan should be deprived of the title of National Hero. “He is threatening to speak out against legitimate authorities. It is time for our authorities to wake up and resolve this issue quickly. Why hasn't he been in jail so far? Tomorrow and the next day there will be nothing in his head for the people to make a correct assessment of what they have done. ”


Let us remind you that there is no threat in Vitaly Balasanyan's interview, only in Pashinyan Nikol's shameful camp. The general has only said that he will physically destroy the Sasna Tsrer terrorists if they attempt to infringe on him, the people of Artsakh or the authorities.
11-10-2019, 21:04
“Pashinyan's response to Aliyev on Nzhdeh was not very convincing to the Russian audience. Of course, it is clear to us who our national hero was, but in order to further prevent the Azerbaijani provocation in a particular Russian audience, we advise Pashinyan to use the following arguments:

Fact first

The Azeri legion that passed by the Nazis during World War II was the most populous, certainly after the Russian and Ukrainian legions. That legion consisted of over 100,000. This was due to the fact that if the USSR was defeated in this war, Turkey would have to come into play. That is why Progerman views were most popular among Azerbaijanis.

Fact two

It is a historical fact that the Azerbaijani Legion took an active part in the punitive actions. In Poland, in particular, the lives of tens of thousands of people are at their mercy. During the famous Warsaw Uprising, the participation of the Azerbaijani Legion in the massacres of Jews and Poles was extremely high. At the same time, the Azeri legion was entrusted with the task of exterminating women and children.

Fact Three

Fatalibey, one of Azerbaijan's most famous Nazis, whose conscience kills tens of thousands of civilians, is considered one of Azerbaijan's most famous heroes today. There are many books written about him as a national hero, and many schools are named after him. There are even state-sponsored public organizations that are also named after him.

And this is when everyone knows his true "heroic" pages against the civilian population.

Fact Four:

- Garegin Nzhdeh was once awarded the Bulgarian Cross for "heroism".

- Received the "Hero of Balkan Peoples" order.

He also received the following Russian medals:

- St. Vladimir's 3rd degree order

- St. Anna's 4th degree order

- Crosses of Georgiev, 2nd and 3rd steps.

As for cooperation with the Nazis, he did not take any punitive action. There is no such thing in history, unlike Fatalibey.

Fact Five

Nzhdeh was tried after the war for the events of 1921, which had nothing to do with the Nazis.

Summing up, we should note that Nzhdeh's defense is the most effective way of presenting the facts mentioned above, especially to the Russian audience. Because with this documentary it is only possible to neutralize the Azerbaijani provocations on Nzhdeh.

And what Pashinyan said today is too weak especially for the Russian audience.
11-10-2019, 20:40
World-renowned TV star Kim Kardashian posted photos on her Instagram page presenting the baptism of her children in Echmiadzin.

It should be reminded that Kim Kardashian arrived in Armenia to participate in WCIT-2019 conference.