19-12-2019, 01:38
Former SC Press Secretary Susanna Simonian wrote on her Facebook page: “Don't you know that 'law-abiding' Osipyan, when he first went to negotiate with the EWS guys, when the guys said we were rebels, was the first question, and do you have permission from the municipality?

     See who our shameful lawman was allowed to distribute false allegations about a year ago and make false statements in court against Hughes. Isn't it clear that he had received permission, not an instruction?

     When he left, he quickly forgot how to persuade, beg, and assure him that he would never work in the system again, that no one would beat and make a deal. Today, he is soft-spoken in the country whose order he made in court. And this picture speaks of its essence. ”
18-12-2019, 23:38
According to "Fact" newspaper, new arrests and noisy stories are expected by the end of the year.

According to our source, this is due to certain tensions and concerns among the authorities.

There are reasons for this. In addition to the declining ratings factor, according to the same sources, the authorities have begun to realize that it is impossible to achieve any results through the "oecks" of the satellite individuals and units, or as within the government itself, moreover, the idea of ​​revolution is further discredited.

On the other hand, it worries that small but steady developments are still being observed in the opposition field. Particularly irritating is the creation of "Vernatan", the activity of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun, the rumors about Arthur Vanetsyan's creation of a new political force, the "return" of Serge Sargsyan, the activity of other units and so on.

Recently, some circles of authorities have reportedly been surprised to find that, for example, the Movement was able to collect more than 50,000 signatures under the announcement of Robert Kocharyan's release, when provinces were ordered to provoke as much as possible. and hinder signatures. "
18-12-2019, 23:06
Hraparak daily writes: “According to our sources, there were interesting 'episodes' during the confrontation between Serzh Sargsyan and former Minister of Agriculture Sergo Karapetyan.

Sergei Karapetyan, who looked at his feet exclusively during the whole confrontation, asked Serzh Sargsyan: "Sergo, have I told you such a thing?" Recall: Former Minister of Agriculture testified that Serge Sargsyan instructed the tenders to supply diesel fuel to villages, though Flash Barsegh was offered at a lower price.

Sergo Karapetyan replied: "Mr. President, I am a faithful, honest man, I cannot lie." "Why are you a believer, why did you execute my illegal order and cause harm to the state, Sergo?" Serge Sargsyan asked and cursed.

By the way, Karapetyan wished not to be left alone in his testimony and tried to recruit another witness; He saw one of his former department heads and asked, "Do you remember me telling you that Serge Sargsyan ordered that Flash should supply diesel fuel?" "No, you didn't say Serzh Sargsyan, you said boss, I understood the Prime Minister," the head of the department shouted.
18-12-2019, 23:02
The auction of Golden Palace Hotel in Tsakhkadzor failed due to lack of buyers. The guests, it should be recalled, were state-sponsored in the fight against corruption.

Former head of the customs service Armen Avetisyan made a donation to the state against which no criminal case was brought against him, and the Golden Palace Hotel became a state property. The guests were put up for auction at a starting price of 7 billion 526 million drams.

Chairman of the State Property Management Committee Narek Babayan informed that there were applicants for the auction but either failed to submit a bid or changed their minds. According to him, some investors have responded that the calculation is not justified, that is, the price is high, and they will not be able to return their investment.
18-12-2019, 22:47
RA Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page:

“At around midnight yesterday, Azerbaijani armed forces continued firing in the aforementioned areas of Tavush region of Armenia. After the response of the RA Armed Forces only the operations ceased.

Various caliber rifles and machine guns were used.

There are no losses. "

Facebook user Susanna Saratikyan posted footage of the shooting in the direction of Koti.
18-12-2019, 22:43
On December 17, the Politik.am website released a statement stating that the government had acquired 2019 Prime Minister's daughter Mariam Pashinyan. Production Nissan X Trail.

The article, in particular, reads: “This time, at the expense of the state, a lot of money was spent for the sake of the daughter of the Prime Minister Mariam Pashinyan. Mariam Pashinyan purchased a 2019 Nissan X Trail 130 SUV with the help of the State Conservation Service.

According to our government sources, Mariam Pashinyan personally chose the car. The car was bought from the dealership, and the state spent more than $ 27,000 on it. "
18-12-2019, 22:37
The number of signatories for the release of the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan will increase to 60,000 because besides the fact that Robert Kocharyan has always had supporters, now many are also starting to see what is happening in the judicial system. Media expert Tigran Kocharyan said this on the air of 168 TV's Revue program. “That number is going to increase because many see what a shameful trial is going on, how the judicial system is being humiliated and how Pashinyan's breach of the right of the judiciary is violated.

Many also ask, if you have been saying that Kocharyan is plundering for many years, why is he not being prosecuted for stealing that $ 4 billion? On the other hand, many people see Nikol Pashinyan failing in his career and, as usual, start looking for a new leader. Given Kocharyan's charisma, they can support him. "

The media expert noted that as Nikol Pashinyan's rating declined, new parties emerged, and the reason for that rating decline was that the expectations they had from Pashinyan were not justified.
18-12-2019, 22:27
Journalist Karine Harutyunyan wrote on her Facebook page: “Obstetrician-gynecologist Razmik Abrahamyan was arrested today with two others. In 1996, she underwent surgery when my daughter was born. He was arrested for illegally adopting children, the same for me in the case of selling. At the time of my daughter's birth, there were three abandoned babies in the hospital and three girls. I asked the nurse what they would do, she said they would be taken to the orphanage unless the mothers returned. Why did they refuse - young girls, parents turned away?
     Now that Razmik Abrahamyan has been arrested, I am wondering where the three are, whether they were sold or not. How many children did these people sell, how did those children live?

     Why do mothers generally abandon their children? Even if they have a problem, they can be handed over to the orphanage by law and taken back at the earliest opportunity. Among these mothers are many young girls who have become pregnant for various reasons. Why is our society not civilized enough to understand that it is possible to have children also without marriage? Why are we so savage, why do we devour the lonely, the abandoned, the sick, the weak, the strangled, the fallen ...
18-12-2019, 22:10
Filmmaker Tigran Khzmalyan wrote on his Facebook page: “Is there anyone who is surprised? After years of pursuing us, organizing our beatings and slaughter, arresting me personally twice and giving false testimony in court, “Chief of Police” Osipov did not come to the place where all the Armenian thieves and agents gather in Russia.

I'm happy for him. The culmination of our brief personal acquaintance was a dialogue during one of the demonstrations, when he called me a "failed director" with a loudspeaker, and I replied that it was better to be a failed director than an accomplished scam. Another Regiment fled to Moscow;

  Former RA Police Chief Valery Osipyan has a new job in the Russian Federation. The man who was entrusted with the most important building in Armenia after the revolution ... "
18-12-2019, 21:57
One of Eesti Aperi's relatives was killed in Erebuni. According to Sputnik Armenia, shortly thereafter, a murder took place on 2nd Railway Street in the Erebuni administrative district.

At the moment a large number of police officers, investigators and forensic experts are working on the street.

 Reportedly, a 40-year-old man was taken to Erebuni Medical Center with gunshot wounds. He died in the hospital.

According to the district, the victim was a close associate of a well-known criminal authority known as "Vestrechi Apper".

Law enforcement officials are working out the details of what happened and what weapons they fired at the victim.