18-12-2019, 19:20
Ashot Sargsyan, a member of the Yerevan Council of Elders, welcomes all the residents of Yerevan. Below is Sargsyan's post:
18-12-2019, 19:18
The launch of El Clasico is at 23:00 Yerevan time. The live stream below:
18-12-2019, 19:08
The poachers, whose wedding was taking place under gunfire from the Azerbaijani armed forces, told Sputnik Armenia about their emotions and feelings. As it turned out, shooting is not a hindrance to a wedding, especially in Koti.

YEREVAN, December 18 - Sputnik, Nana Martirosyan. The newlyweds Arkady Mantashyan and Mariam Hepinyan's “star hour” came when their wedding day on December 17, the Azeri armed forces fired on the village of Koti in the Tavush region of Armenia. The shooting started at the hottest part of the celebration, so those in the wedding hall didn't even hear their voices.

“One of the villagers came and said they were shooting. We raised our music so that the shots would not be heard, and we came up with the excuse to smoke. The mood outside was no longer festive. There were guns of different caliber, even light bullets, ”said Gevorg Sakhlyan, the godfather of the wedding.
18-12-2019, 18:41
"King's daughter, how are you?" "I'm hungry." How do friends turn to Mariam Pashinyan?
18-12-2019, 18:32
The property of the third President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan has been seized. The information was confirmed to Hetq by the Special Investigative Service, stating that the property of the defendants in the criminal case initiated in connection with the particularly large amount of waste was seized in the amount of damage caused by the alleged crime.

It should be reminded that according to official reports, Serzh Sargsyan and Barsegh Beglaryan, the owner of Flash Company, are accused in the above mentioned case. That is to say, Barsegh Beglaryan's property was also arrested for the amount of damage caused by the alleged crime.
18-12-2019, 18:29
As part of GALA's "Importance" program, President of the Asparez Club of Journalists Levon Barseghyan, referring to RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's statement that the public administration system is resisting the revolution, noted: "This situation should not have come as a surprise to the new government. really the state apparatus, or the nomenclature apparatus had to resist, because if the system really is working on corruption, say, the tax inspector is working bribed rather than on the salary when you say you are bribing The compos mentis, Inspector understands that there will be a bribe, he will fancy the job runs.

It is not a shame that the new government, having no experience in executive management, had to face this surprise. Immediate mechanisms need to be developed; they must have been developed within a year. Who should cultivate — the new, the innovators, the intelligent? ”
18-12-2019, 18:21
Kocharyan's freedom demands 60,000 people
18-12-2019, 18:08
Aries. It's a contradictory state of mind. You fall into one of sorrows, when memories and events of the past do not give you rest, and you feel a flow of charge, as if you are ready to move mountains. The most important thing today will be to hurry, especially when making decisions, as it will be difficult to make a sober head without falling into the emotions. Also try not to make promises or make decisions that may have undesirable consequences. During the day there are not so many cash transfers, nice gifts.

Taurus. The emotional background of the day is quite favorable, which has a positive effect on your mood. New acquaintances will be extremely helpful and will be able to get the support of people who will help you with your professional ideas. When you visit secular events you will be in the spotlight. The day is convenient for visiting the theater, concert hall, museum. Your creative potential is very high, and at the same time you discover new talents within you that you had not previously guessed.
18-12-2019, 17:45
Aliyev signed that war will resume in January, Armenia will use Iskander
18-12-2019, 17:43
Today, December 18, Yerevan Municipality celebrated the birthday of Mayor Hayk Marutyan.

Grigor Yeritsyan, a member of the Yerevan City Council's "My Step" faction, posted photos on his Facebook page and attached:

“From today's celebration of our holiday faction. We are celebrating Maruti's birth, ”he wrote.