18-12-2019, 17:24
Haykuhi Khachatryan, who gave birth to her third child at the Republican Maternity Hospital and has never seen her, turns to obstetrician-gynecologist Ruzanna Keyan. He wrote on his Facebook page: “Mrs. Ruzanna Keyan I appeal to you. "I am told that Keihan is also Razmik's victim", if there is a drop of truth, then I am ready to hear you and even forgive you only if you find me in the place of my "All-in" child. Razmik is no longer a fallen man and cannot kill you. If I return my child, I will forgive you. Get in touch with me and be self-cleaning. Everyone in life is wrong, and I will be very generous and forgiving if you bring my baby back. I am waiting for 098381803, ”wrote Haykuhi Khachatryan.
18-12-2019, 17:15
RA Criminal Investigation Committee's Special Criminal Investigation Department's Office of Special Investigations on Trafficking in Human Beings, Juvenile Sexual Immunity and Drug Trafficking Crimes Investigation Division of the RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs A citizen born in 1976 was arrested on suspicion of committing a criminal offense under paragraph 2.

It should be noted that within the same case today, a group of persons, with the prior consent of a group, were also arrested on suspicion of illegally separating the child from the parents. Director of SNCO Liana Karapetyan.
18-12-2019, 17:07
A girl from the Indian state of Tripura began to sweat and cry with blood because of a rare illness. The Sun reports.

Eight-year-old Zvangsaasa Debarma regularly bleed from his ears and nose and also had a bloody sweat on his arms, face, hands and feet.

The child was taken to a hospital where doctors conducted preliminary investigations and suspected the child had a rare condition, hematohydrosis (a condition where the patient emits blood through the skin).

However, further studies were needed for accurate diagnosis. Doctors prescribed medication for the girl, and her condition improved a few days later.
18-12-2019, 16:57
Former Minister of Justice Arpine Hovhannisyan has a friend and they are about to get married soon. A number of details have been revealed to Hraparak, Hovhannisyan's friend is Arshak Mnatsakanyan, who is a plastic surgeon at the Astghik Medical Center and a deputy director of plastic surgery. Arshak and Arpine were first-year students at YSU Faculty of Law, there were about 200 students in the course, Arpine and Arshak were in different streams, they didn't know each other in the first year.

After one year of law study, Arshak, who is admitted to the faculty free of charge and has completed the year, excludes the faculty and is admitted to the Medical University. She currently performs about 500 nose surgeries a year at Astghik Medical Center and is a leading specialist in plastic surgery.

Arpine Hovhannisyan and Arshak Mnatsakanyan got to know each other on the 28th of September of this year, at the end of the event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the course. According to our information, Arshak is going to offer Arpine a New Year's wedding. Arpine Hovhannisyan's 36th Anniversary Arshak Mnatsakanyan and Arpine Hovhannisyan have announced that they are officially friends and are dating.
18-12-2019, 16:42
In Sarpukhov, police strangled the detainee. This was reported by Olga Vrady, a spokeswoman for the Russian Investigative Committee.

According to him, the incident happened on December 15. A criminal case has been launched in connection with the incident.

Police have reportedly arrested a 44-year-old man who was intoxicated and resisting cursing at police officers. The policemen dressed him in bracelets and carried him to a special compartment for the detainees in the car, turning him around.

On the way, the man started complaining that he felt bad and could not breathe. Police stopped the car and discovered the man was unconscious. Police began providing first aid, but it turned out that the man had died.

The participation of each of the police officers in the incident is revealed. According to the examination, the cause of death was mechanical asphyxiation.
18-12-2019, 16:15
A 5.9 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of New Zealand's Raul Island.

This was reported by the US Geological Survey (USGS).

The earthquake was recorded at 01.56 local time (05.56 Yerevan time).

The epicenter of the earthquake was 80 km southwest of the island. The hearth was 10 kilometers deep.
18-12-2019, 16:07
Today, the revolutionary authorities are being overly criticized for dramatically increasing the burden of public debt. Opposition Nikol Pashinyan has always reacted negatively to debt by previous authorities, while today he is intensifying his foreign debt. But the problem, as they say, is not the one day that has come up. The issue of pressure on external debt has haunted all Armenian leaders. For example, it took Robert Kocharyan about three years to solve the budget debt issue. This was primarily due to increased budget revenues. If 1997 they were only 126 billion drams, then reached 168 billion next year. The bulk of this money came from the income generated from the domestic economy.
Growth amounted to about 30 billion drams in one year, or 30% more than last year. The dynamics of the growth of budget revenues remained also in the following years, having increased more than 5 times in 10 years. The structure of state budget revenues has changed. Their main source of income was internal tax receipts, which increased more than six times in 10 years. This has been ensured either by economic growth or by the reduction of shadow or improved tax administration. Kocharyan inherited 46 percent of GDP from Ter-Petrosyan. In 2008, when he left office, only 13 percent of GDP was the external debt of the Republic of Armenia. Armenia's state debt in 2008 was $ 1.9 billion, and in 2018 it reached $ 6.9 billion. Sargsyan increased the state debt by $ 5 billion. Over the past 10 years, the average daily debt has increased by $ 1.3 million.
18-12-2019, 15:47
"Dear soldier's parents, New Year is approaching and I know that you are preparing New Year's Eve for your son, who has left you anxious. No need, we promise to deliver festive food at the military units on December 31st of this year: toast, basturma, pork, pork, pancakes, oranges ...

In short, there will be a New Year's table. You better be attentive to the table at your house, for all the acquaintances will come to your house and drink the toast of your brave boy and our Army Soldier. "
18-12-2019, 15:11
Azeris are sharing a video on social networks in which they say that Colonel Kadir Saday Valishov, who waved the Azerbaijani flag at the height of Leletepe and led the military action in that direction, was convicted of hooliganism, according to the same sources.

The video shows that the officer who was seriously injured was indeed Valishov.

In the comments of the video, Azerbaijani users write that Valishov wanted to place an Azerbaijani flag on a hill in the direction of Talish, which resulted in wounding in the throat and neck.

The video also notes that Valishov recently assumed the post of deputy head of the Nakhichevan Military Academy, where he had been chief of staff for the past six months.
18-12-2019, 14:56
Host, model Anna Grigoryan, who is well-known to viewers from the sitcoms, posted sexy photos of her on her Instagram page showing her beautiful body.

Anna's fans were amazed at her composition and expressed their admiration in the comments.