3-09-2020, 01:27
Independent MP Arman Babajanyan wants to establish a TV company. Information about this appeared in the press weeks ago.

Today we managed to find out some details about Arman Babajanyan's intention. The deputy wants to turn his 1in.am website with anti-Russian orientation into a TV company. Babajanyan has found financiers for his TV company on the very grounds that the TV company to be established, like his website, will have an anti-Russian agenda.

Despite the fact that Babajanyan enjoys the support of the authorities, he faces a serious problem from the point of view of the law. There are not many TV frequencies in Armenia, and the existing ones have their tenants, who will surely participate in the new competition. During this licensing competition, preference will be given to those applicants who have already had a functioning TV company during the last three years. As it is known, Arman Babajanyan's news website does not meet this requirement.
3-09-2020, 01:03
This academic year will be different for everyone. Due to coronavirus disease, the educational process in schools will be organized according to the guidelines set by the barracks. The rules have been the subject of a number of discussions. Many questions have arisen among school principals.

"I myself was surprised, worried, because there were points that were almost impossible to implement. "The impression is that all this was written not to be done," says Marietta Davtyan, principal of Misak Metsarents Basic School No. 146.

The first question of both the parents and the school principal concerns the masks ․ How to make a child go to the first grade when he does not even know what the grade is ․ "He still does not know that he has to sit in his place for the whole 45 minutes and not approach the blackboard, that he cannot go to take care of his worries alone, it is not a little, it is quite difficult."
3-09-2020, 01:00
The Armenians locked in Lars hope that their issue will be resolved anyway, The RA Ministry of Foreign Affairs will help them return to their homeland.

YEREVAN, September 2 - Sputnik ․ The citizens of Armenia, first of all, decided to return to their homeland by land due to lack of money. Samvel, who is in Lars with a group of Armenians, told Sputnik Armenia reporter about this.
2-09-2020, 21:53
At the forthcoming sitting, the Yerevan Council of Elders will discuss the issue of naming Lepsius 2nd Street in Kanaker-Zeytun administrative district after Usub Bek Temuryan, a friend of the Armenian nation, a Yezidi politician and public figure.

Usub Bek Temuryan is a political, public, military, national liberation figure, deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia of the 1st and 2nd convocations, participant of the May 1918 victorious heroic battles, commander.

The draft decision of the Council of Elders states that the proposal was made taking into account that 2019 marks the 150th anniversary of Usub Bek Temuryan. The RA Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia have expressed their positive opinion on the initiative to have a street named "Usub Bek Temuryan" in Yerevan.

It should be reminded that the proposal to name one of the streets in the capital after Usub Bek Temuryan was made by the "National Union of Sinjar Yezidis" non-governmental organization. Back in February, the representatives of the "My Step" faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders and the representatives of the "National Union of Sinjar Yezidis" NGO discussed the organization's proposal. The members of the Council of Elders welcomed the proposal of the Yezidi organization and expressed readiness to take the necessary steps and implement the idea.
2-09-2020, 21:42
Or silver accessories are still widespread in Armenia, gold accessories are in vogue all over the world - large chain necklaces, watches, large rings. Nowadays, silver accessories are rarely used in fashion.

Big hats are very trendy.

Vintage accessories are more fashionable now. Vintage can be used as a complement to an image, but it is not the complete vintage we are familiar with. The image should not be completely vintage, because the 40s can not completely return to our reality.
2-09-2020, 21:18
The boys demanded from the police not to fine one of the most famous football players of Armenia, Ozbilis. Another policeman who was with his wife witnessed the incident. He tried to bring the brothers to order, but they continued arguing with him.

YEREVAN, September 2 - Sputnik. Edgar և Gor Malakyan, football players of "Ararat", "Pyunik" football clubs, were recently released from the detention center in Yerevan.
2-09-2020, 20:24
According to SHAMSHYAN.com, 21-year-old Tigran Tigranyan and 54-year-old Vardan Tigranyan, residents of Alek Manukyan Street in Yerevan, were arrested by the decision of Roman Tovmasyan, Senior Investigator of the Investigation Department of the Center և Nork-Marash Administrative Districts of the Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of Armenia. As photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan reports, a criminal case has been filed against the latter under Article 258, Part 4 of the RA Criminal Code, who are suspected of committing hooliganism in the Kentron administrative district of Yerevan on August 31, during which explosions and gunshots were heard.
2-09-2020, 20:09
After the revolution, the government led by Nikol Pashinyan continued the tradition of the previous ones, that is, it accepted a number of valuable donations from individuals, former officials, companies and international organizations. Let us present who are the most tangible donors of the government in post-revolutionary Armenia.

As we know, after the revolution, the NSS initiated a criminal case on money laundering by Armen Avetisyan for illegal participation in business activities. The former head of the Customs Committee announced that he had donated the Golden Palace Hotel in Tsakhkadzor to the state, and he did so. The criminal case against him was terminated after the donation.
2-09-2020, 19:57
LIVE. Arrested football players The Malakyan brothers are released
2-09-2020, 19:29
Actor Sos Janibekyan made a post on his Facebook page addressed to director Mher Mkrtchyan.

As for Aper, Mher Mkrtchyan or my dear boy, who once wanted money to make a film about the revolution, they did not give it to you.
You are a boy with a big belly. They didn't eat the money to renovate your theater for 20 years, they do it now, aren't you satisfied?