29-02-2020, 11:05
On February 28, the Gyumri ambulance station received an alert from a resident of one of the apartments on Ghandilyan Street. Ambulance officers found on the spot that 35-year-old resident of Gyumri Lusine Asatryan gave birth at home, which resulted in the death of a male infant.

Lusine Asatryan was taken to an Austrian hospital in Gyumri, where medical examinations revealed that another fetus was found in the womb, which was also dead.

"Supposedly, she was expecting twin children, but the woman did not know about it. She had mental problems. He had almost no contact with doctors. We were able to find out that she was not in any medical facility during her pregnancy. He didn't even have a passport. The fruit was about 28-30 weeks old, stuck in the womb, it had stagnated. The woman was not accompanied by any relatives. He was taken to Yerevan St. Gregory the Illuminator Medical Center, ”said Obstetrician-Gynecologist of Gyumri Austrian Mother and Child Hospital Lusine Asatryan.
29-02-2020, 11:01
Representatives of the World Health Organization said on February 28 that the risk of spreading the new strain of coronavirus is now highly assessed. Cnbc.com reports.

"We are at the highest level of risk in terms of the spread and impact of coronavirus. This is a reality assessment for all governments on the planet. Wake up, get ready! That virus may already be on the way, and you need to be ready. You have a commitment to your citizens, a commitment to the world, ”said Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO's Director of Emergency Health Programs.

WHO Director-General Tetros Adhanom Zebreysus presented the panorama of the spread of coronavirus in various countries and noted that if ready, it would not be terrible, only panic created by humans.

As previously reported by Tert.am, according to WHO guidelines, the best way to prevent the spread of the virus and protect yourself from infection is to monitor hygiene, in particular by frequent hand washing and recycling of alcohol. When cold and sneezing, you should close your mouth and nose with a napkin, and then throw the napkin in the trash with the lid. Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible, as well as keeping people at least one meter away, especially if they are coughing and have a high temperature. In case of fever, cough, and respiratory disorders, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.
29-02-2020, 10:38
Former deputy head of Ajapnyak district, activist Aram Manukyan wrote on his Facebook page: “In fact, the Persians have come and reached Yerevan, they are just being isolated.

Imagine how long the road has been and how many it will be in contact with. "
29-02-2020, 10:29
Yesterday, February 28, a reader of SHAMSHYAN.com sent a video to the editorial office and said that the video shows how an ambulance in a special protective gear near Nairit plant in Yerevan tries to get a driver out of the truck after Iranian drivers issue a license plate. They put him on a mask and probably take him to the hospital.
29-02-2020, 10:24
"This shameful story about Samvel Karapetyan's funeral begins with the fact that he had no state titles, which proves that he is a real CITIZEN who has never seduced the authorities and has always been a principled intellectual. This sad occasion comes to say how empty those ranks are and they should be eliminated in all areas, including "Best Director of the Year", "Teacher" and such other unsubstantiated ranks.

GEF I agree with everyone who attaches importance to the love and respect of his compatriot, but it turns out that it is not enough for the government to organize the funeral of this beloved, esteemed man, not at the National Academy or any other prestigious building, but near the Tokhmakh auto market. in the salon. Without this government-created commission, that hall was still there, so what was the role of the government commission? "
29-02-2020, 10:21
Turkologist Karen Hovhannisyan touches upon losses of Turkish army in Syria.

“After the plane crash in Idlib. Contradictory data on the number of Turkish army casualties are coming. According to the Turkish official, the death toll has reached 33 and more than 100 according to unofficial data. "

It should be reminded that yesterday midnight Russian warplanes hit the Turkish military.
29-02-2020, 10:21
Georgia has the third case of coronavirus. Amiran Gamkrelidze, director of the National Center for Diseases, said the news.

As it is known, the infected is a Georgian citizen who came to Georgia from Iran, Azerbaijan.

The first case was confirmed on February 26, and the second case was on February 28.
29-02-2020, 10:08
Tbilisi has canceled flights to Yerevan.

As it is known, both Georgian Airways and Armenia Aircompany planes were to fly from Tbilisi to Yerevan at 18:50 tonight, but Tbilisi canceled flights.

The reason for the cancellation of flights is not yet known, reports ALIQ.
29-02-2020, 09:56
Health Minister Alina Nikoghosyan's spokeswoman wrote on her Facebook page: "Shamshyan.com posted a video and wrote," Special protective gear is trying to get the driver out of the truck with Iranian license plates. "

In fact, the car belongs to the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia and its specialists carry out the work.

It has already been announced that drivers coming from Iran are undergoing surveillance, isolation, inspections, and hospitalization and testing if symptoms are detected. There was no hospitalization in this case.

Once again, I urge you not to spread panic among the public and to contact the Authorized Body before publishing such "materials."
29-02-2020, 09:43
Video of luxury wedding of Tsarukyan's daughter and Khachatur Sukiasyan's son appeared on the Internet