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Horoscope for January 25
Aries. Radical changes during the day are unlikely. It is better to dedicate the day to rest, and important things can be postponed. Vital potential is low. Many members of the sign will feel tired. Physical work և Exhausting physical training is not desirable.

However, it is not worth sitting with your hands folded. Inaction can spoil the mood, many representatives of the sign will be depressed or discouraged. Try to find an interesting occupation, involve friends and relatives, it will have a positive effect on your mood, it will be fun.
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They are against Makunts' appointment at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. International expert
Makunts will be fired the same day there is a change of government in Armenia. That day is not far off, and it will again be taken lightly. International expert Suren Sargsyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.
"Makunts should not be insulted or touched. You just have to assess the situation correctly. And the situation is as follows.

Our ambassadors to Washington were professional diplomats from the beginning. Our personnel policy in this direction has always been brilliant. As they say, "the highest bar".
Shugaryan, Kirakosyan, Margaryan, Hovhannisyan և Nersisyan were professional diplomats, they knew the American reality of the time very well, they fulfilled the tasks set before them brilliantly.
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The chairman of the Public Council Styopa Safaryan wrote on his Facebook page. "You will not keep Makhat in the bag for a long time ․ The mystery of Shushi
I assure you that the last unbalanced speech of Russian political scientist Sergey Kurghinyan is extremely valuable and informative.
Before answering why the Russian political scientist went off the air, let's talk about what he said ․
- Armenia has betrayed Artsakh,
- Armenia did not participate in the defense of Artsakh at all,
that Armenia did not provide the acquired weapons to Artsakh,
allegedly handed over to Shushi by the Armenian leadership, not allowing it to be defended,
- Pashinyan and his family were "paid" for all that by Turkey and Azerbaijan
Note that the same misinformation that appeared in different media ports ․․․
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Shushi did not fall, Shushi was handed over by Nikol Pashinyan's direct order. Russian analyst Sergey Kurghinyan said this during the program "Pravo znatya".

According to him, the defenders of Shushi from Armenia were threatened that they would be taxed with "Iskander" if the defenders did not leave the fortress, the latter had to retreat, and when the boys returned, it was announced that the city was under Azerbaijani control.

Kurghinyan says that during the war the Armenian army did not support the defense of Artsakh, that the weapons supplied from different countries were not sent to Artsakh, but were left in the territory of Armenia. The Artsakh army defended itself as best it could, thanks to volunteers they resisted the Turkish-Azerbaijani attack. The analyst added that everything was done to create a favorable situation for the signing of the capitulation act.
24-01-2021, 22:03
Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan have agreed to develop a large hydrocarbon field in the Caspian Sea on the border between the two countries, which has been the subject of more than three decades of dispute. The reserves of this field are estimated at 50 to 100 million tons of oil և 30 billion cubic meters of gas.

Baku և Ashgabat recently signed a memorandum of understanding to jointly explore and exploit the mine. The document was signed by the foreign ministers of the two countries.

On the occasion of signing the memorandum, the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan Ilham Ali and Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov had a long video conference, warmly congratulating each other. Assessing the signing of the document as historic, Berdimuhamedov said that it is a fundamentally new stage in the energy cooperation between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan in the Caspian Sea, which will open new flows of large foreign investments, give a strong impetus to the economic development of the two countries.
24-01-2021, 20:25
We wrote in November last year that the deployment of Russian border guards on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border contradicts the Armenian-Russian interstate agreement. The answer to our recent inquiry from the NSS confirms that the government headed by Nikol Pashinyan simply ignored the provisions of the interstate document, which is the only legal basis for establishing the presence of Russian forces on the borders of Armenia.

The new points of deployment of Russian border guards in Armenia became known on November 13, when "TASS" agency presented some details of the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) Alexander Bortnikov. The director of the FSB reported to the head of his country that the service had added 5 additional bases in Armenia, which are located on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.
24-01-2021, 20:01
Ayvazyan is accused of obeying Pashinyan's illogical whims instead of pushing diplomats forward.

"One of the rebellious diplomats, whose name we do not publish, called the minister 'weak-skinned', guaranteeing that there would be a large staff outflow from the ministry with Ayvazyan 's invertebrate behavior," the Telegram channel wrote.
24-01-2021, 19:37
Neither her husband nor her father saved her money
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Do you say that you do not believe what Mish said, that is, if he says it, then it is a lie.

Deny another "lie" that Makunts confirmed that he is right, he is going to be an ambassador.
It turns out that if what Mikayel Mimasyan said about Makunts is true, then what Ararat said about being an agent is also true, why don't you confirm that?
24-01-2021, 19:20
On December 22, Georgian sources unexpectedly reported that Armenian Foreign Minister Ara Ayvazyan was on an "informal" visit to Georgia. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia first informed that the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs David Zalkaliani hosted the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Ara Ayvazyan in Tsinandali.

The Georgian side immediately hurried to report that the meeting was of cognitive nature. "During the informal meeting, the Foreign Ministers of Georgia and Armenia discuss the good-neighborly relations between the two countries, the agenda of the existing cooperation between the countries and the prospects for further deepening of relations." Hours later, RA Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anna Naghdalyan announced on her Facebook page. "The working visit of the RA Minister of Foreign Affairs Ara Ayvazyan to Georgia started. The meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Georgia took place in Tsinandal, during which a wide range of issues of mutual interest were discussed. "

"Armenia and Georgia, the Armenian-Georgian peoples are united by good-neighborly ties dating back centuries, our history is rich with many episodes that are evidence of centuries-old friendship." That spirit found its vivid expression in the advice of Minister Ayvazyan's souvenir to his Georgian counterpart Zalkaliani, which reflects one of the favorite episodes of the film "Mimino".