31-03-2021, 08:55
A witch hunt has begun, the sponsor of drug trafficking
The governor of Ararat is in the "ten" with the former
Five less than refusing the elections. Pashinyan's "zapaz" excuses
Struggle not to hand over the state. Will Nikol Pashinyan receive guarantees?
On March 26, the Constitutional Court declared Article 3001 of the RA Criminal Code unconstitutional. According to the decision of the Constitutional Court, that infamous Article 300․1 contradicts Articles 78 և 79 of the Constitution. The decision of the Constitutional Court is final and enters into force upon publication. It should be reminded that the first authorities of Artsakh, the hero of Artsakh, the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, as well as the heroes of the Artsakh liberation war, Colonel-General Mikael, who made an undeniable contribution to our victory in the first Artsakh war. The persecution against Harutyunyan, Yuri Khachaturov and Seyran Ohanyan was anchored on that infamous Article 300.1, which was in fact the cornerstone of the "alleged overthrow of the constitutional order" invented by this government. Moreover, two years ago Nikol Pashinyan announced that the March 1 case had been revealed, in the case when it became known under which article and what accusation he was presented, many lawyers, experts, commentators mentioned that Article 300.1 was a non-existent article. and, in the end, that sand house in the Constitutional Court will be crushed. Nikol Pashinyan probably carried out his raids against the Constitutional Court for that purpose, but what happened happened. Now, immediately after the well-known decision of the Constitutional Court, it was assumed that the court should dismiss this case, as it is absurd to examine the case under a non-existent article, but what happened by the puppet Anna Danibekyan was more than a legal farce, it was just ridiculous. mockery and, by and large, indefinite rule of law. Instead, Danibekyan immediately considered the motion of Kocharyan's lawyers to terminate the case, but postponed the session due to the absence of the accusing prosecutor. It is obvious that Nikol Pashinyan and his whining judges are in a frenzy and are discussing the development of the case with a new scenario, that is why they are trying to procrastinate.
31-03-2021, 08:52
Do you understand that the rogue capitulator, handing over Artsakh to the Turks, took revenge on the RA Presidents Kocharyan and Sargsyan, trying to erase the best years of the Presidents? Armenians such as Generals Manvel Grigoryan, Arshavir Gharamyan, Samvel Karapetyan, Leon Mnatsakanyan, Vitaly Balasnyan and others did not feel the lack of revenge. So, when you look back, you realize that the treacherous capitulator was fighting against both Armenia and Artsakh, and against the people who fought against the Turks in favor of Armenia and Artsakh.
31-03-2021, 08:36
"I neither deny nor confirm. The minister is in a meeting at the moment. " The speaker is on the news of Hakob Arshakyan's resignation
Hakob Arshakyan's powers must be suspended. who will do his job
Former MP Hakob Hakobyan died of coronavirus
Hakob Arshakyan will be temporarily fired for sending him to coordinate the CP election campaign
I am ready to bear responsibility for the incident. Hakob Arshakyan apologized
Yerevan.Today has learned that Hakob Arshakyan, Minister of High Technologies Industry, resigned late last night.

According to our information, this is the second written application in a month that was put on the table of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. In the previous case, Nikol Pashinyan նախարար Minister of Territorial Administration Suren Papikyan managed to persuade the Minister of BTA to back down from the decision, but last night at 23:00, according to our source, the resignation was signed by the Prime Minister.
31-03-2021, 08:31
A 17-year-old student suspected of killing a 26-year-old boy in Gyumri has been arrested
Yesterday, March 29, the head of the investigation group set up by the decision of Aghasi Isahakyan, the head of the Shirak Regional Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Armenia, especially the Chief Investigator for Cases, submitted a motion to the Gyumri Court of General Jurisdiction of Shirak Region. resident, 17-year-old David V. This was reported by Shamshyan.com.

Returning from the deliberation room in a closed court session, the judge granted the motion of the investigative body. David V, who is suspected of killing 26-year-old Gorg Dadranyan, a resident of 135A Yerchanyan Highway in Gyumri, was arrested and transferred to the RA Judiciary. "Abovyan" penitentiary institution of the ministry.
31-03-2021, 08:28
Azerbaijani social networks write about the death of two servicemen ․ Razm.info:
Hebib Abdullah, the coordinator of the Azerbaijani opposition Maidan news website, wrote today about the two losses of the Azerbaijani army, about which the Ministry of Defense did not publish information, Razm.info reports.

According to the Azeri opposition, on March 29, a soldier named (li was killed in one of the military units of the State Border Guard Service in the Kubatlu region temporarily occupied by Azerbaijan. It is mentioned that the funeral of the soldier "killed after the Armenian attack" took place today.

According to another unconfirmed information, he died in the direction of Hadrut in unknown circumstances in 1993. born NCO Ali Heydar Ryovshan oglu.

According to the information spread on the Azerbaijani domain of social networks, the spy of the Nakhichevan All-Army, who also took part in the last Artsakh war, drowned today in the river near one of the Martuni brigades.
31-03-2021, 07:05
The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia informs about the detection of a case of fraudulent embezzlement of large amounts of money. We present the message spread by the RA NSS press center.

"As a result of operative-investigative measures carried out by the employees of the Ararat regional department of the RA National Security Service, it was found out that Yu. M., being informed due to kinship ties that R., a resident of Vanashen village, Ararat region. H.'s grandson was killed during the Artsakh war, with the intention of stealing large amounts of money fraudulently. H.'s close A. On behalf of the relatives of the deceased serviceman, on behalf of the deceased soldier, he asked him to send him money under the pretext of covering the costs of renovating the cemetery, installing the tombstone, thus distorting the real facts, misleading the real owners of the property. amounting to 2700 USD equivalent to 1,399,329 AMD - fraudulently stealing it.
31-03-2021, 07:03
Artak Aleksanyan's article about Elvina Makaryan's death was published in a magazine called "3 Million". Artak was the last person who was lucky enough to interview the singer. This is a wonderful article.

About a week after this interview with Elvina Makaryan, the singer passed away. During these two and a half months, I have carefully transcribed our four-hour conversation with Elvina almost every day. I tried to rewrite it with the same care, according to the chronology. It was the last or penultimate day of June. I arranged an interview with him. By 20:30 in the evening I was already at Elvina's apartment. I left his house when it was already three in the morning. He said goodbye to the fact that he had never interviewed anyone in such detail that no one had ever stayed in his American apartment for so long. He said I had a good aura. Then I realized that this was his own requiem, HIS farewell speech. I was just in the right place at the right time.
31-03-2021, 06:42
Those who order the Nikolists know very well that the two most important cornerstones of our state's strength are the army and the church. And it is not by chance that talaneciiiiin, bentliiiiin, biliaaard er xaxum, makalans berek, and those who throw such things knew what targets they easily hit.
Now they have contacted Grigory Khachaturov.
Those super-thick nicholists. Khachaturov is the boy you did not leave in Artsakh, but he kept the Mataghis line from afar. Dear people who have at least one working cell in their brain, remember that Nicole is a class enemy of everything healthy.
He will go, you will stay in love.
31-03-2021, 06:27
Thus, according to Aghazaryan, he is satisfied with the results of the war, at least in his opinion, if we do not look at the issue for the last 30 years, we will all be satisfied with the war. In general, it is not clear whether one Armenian can be satisfied with being defeated, signing a disgraceful capitulation act of the territories in case of having և 5000 victims, not to mention the missing, the captives.

Can we talk about at least one result that we recorded after the end of the war? Aghazaryan says that if they lose the election, it will be tantamount to "killing" them (meaning the ruling team) under the wall. This assertion confirms the view that these authorities have put their homeland, the government, on the plate, because they have clung to those seats so much that it has become a matter of life and death to stay in power.

Aghazaryan, being a bigoted atheist, made a very insulting expression towards the caring class, especially the Catholicos of All Armenians. According to this man, "The voice of the Catholicos is almost the same as that of any villager in their village." This is the statement of a man who, due to his stingy and apical rule, deprived the Armenian Church of many sanctuaries and caused serious material losses.
31-03-2021, 06:26
Hovik Aghazaryan, MP of the "My Step" faction of the National Assembly: "Suppose tomorrow Turkey recognizes the Genocide, what will happen?