Вчера, 03:17
The results of the local elections have forced the authorities to toughen the strategy, because there are still two rounds of local elections. The regional structures have already been told not to save money and resources and to discuss the expediency of nominating some candidates again. For example, the Ararat structure is convinced that in case of the nomination of crocodile expert Garik Sargsyan in Vedi, the result will be the same as in Gyumri and Goris. The same is in the case of Vanadzor and Kapan. On the other hand, no authoritative person agrees to run on the CP list.

According to our information, so far the CP has not been able to find a suitable candidate in the enlarged community of Ararat, everyone is rejecting, now they are negotiating with the nephew of Norik (Dzko) Ghazaryan, a well-known authority in the region. Norik Ghazaryan, a close friend of Vazgen and Aram Sargsyan, has a cement factory in Ararat, which, however, has not been operated for years because of his former opposition behavior. But he also does not agree to become Nikol Pashinyan's candidate. In any case, we were told that these people have not accepted the government's offer yet.
19-10-2021, 23:30
Paylasar area of ​​Syunik region is under Azerbaijani control. Kapan Deputy Mayor for Military Affairs Mesrop Arzumanyan stated this in a conversation with NEWS.am.

"I have been away for two days now, I do not know the current situation. "I just reported that the road is closed. Later, after the agreement, the reconstruction was allowed to move again, until a new road is built, our reform is already moving in our way," he said, adding that yes, that height is of strategic importance. For Kapan or neighboring villages: Agarak, Khdrants, Ditsmayri.

The Minister of Territorial Administration Gnel Sanosyan spoke about the construction of the new Tat-Aghavno road in a conversation with the media during the eighth Armenian-Russian interregional conference. According to the minister, the construction works are going on around the clock, և the road will be ready by the end of the year. In fact, the authorities have already fully adapted, reconciled to the idea of ​​leaving the Goris-Kapan road under Azerbaijani subordination, and present the alternative Tat road, which is being built instead, as a victorious achievement.
19-10-2021, 21:41
Mediamax continues the “Special Folder” special project, presenting unknown or little-known details of the events.

In 1992, a UN mission was in Karabakh, headed by Stephane de Mistura, who is currently the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Syria.

The UN delegation was welcomed by the Commander of the Askeran Defense District Vitaly Balasanyan from the Armenian side, and the Commander of the Aghdam Defense Region Allahverdi Bagirov from the Azerbaijani side.
At the beginning of this video about the visit of the UN mission, the episode of the meeting and handshake of Vitaly Balasanyan and Allahverdi Bagirov is remarkable.
19-10-2021, 19:28
In 2016, Newmag magazine conducted an exclusive interview with Vano Siradeghyan's children. They are usually closed to the public because they do not want to be the subject of political speculation in the media. However, his children told journalist Liana Nersisyan about the extraordinary man who took on heavy responsibilities during difficult times and disappeared with heavy accusations. They are just as heavy, heavy as heavy light, but also very personal and bright.
Interpol has been looking for him for more than two decades and could not find him. His loyal readers re-read his stories and waited for the publication of a new collection. The children were waiting for their father, they did not lose hope. His wives have lived for 20 years only with memories of past happiness or suffering.

Vano Siradeghyan's family are all his families, about whom we know little or nothing. Every Siradeghyan has a share in Vano's extraordinary destiny. The memories of the extraordinary man, who has taken on heavy responsibilities and disappeared with heavy accusations, collected by newmag, are also heavy, heavy as heavy light, but he is also very personal and bright.
19-10-2021, 19:17
regnum.ru writes that the sitting of the CIS Council of Foreign Ministers in Minsk was a good occasion for the meeting of Armenian and Azerbaijani Ministers Ararat Mirzoyan and Jeyhun Bayramov. The two diplomats made the most of that platform. They made personal statements, talked separately with their Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, and eventually the three met at the same table. But the only thing they could agree on was that last year after the end of the war did not bring lasting peace to the region.

Azerbaijani social network users have different opinions about this meeting.

Be One of Azerbaijan ․ Armenians still do not understand Pashinyan, people are trying to get them out of the hole.

Ramin agrees with him.

@son_of_Caucasus. As the first president, he puts forward healthy ideas, but they do not want to listen to him.
19-10-2021, 18:57
Covid passport is not a return to freedom, but the beginning of slavery. Sargis Simonyan
19-10-2021, 17:45
On October 19, at 5:46 pm, the National Crisis Management Center received an alarm that a fire had broken out in the Nork-Marash administrative district of Yerevan, near the TV tower. This was reported by the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Two fire brigades from the fire-rescue detachments of the Yerevan Rescue Department of the Emergency Situations Ministry left for the scene.

"1 Bis" call of fire complexity announced ․ Two fire brigades from the fire-rescue detachments of the Yerevan Rescue Department of the Emergency Situations Ministry left for the scene.
19-10-2021, 16:24
How the Armenian captives returned to Armenia, who met them. video
19-10-2021, 16:09
Lilit Hovhannisyan recently had a child. The photo of the newborn baby has just been published (PHOTO)
19-10-2021, 14:38
I have information that the Azerbaijanis want to take the heights of Shikahogh and Srashen villages