25-11-2020, 05:51
The color revolution that took place in Armenia in 2018 was clearly anti-national. attacks on the AAC, the authorities' dislike of our history, church history, language, literature and literature, the struggle against the traditional family, the open propaganda of perversion of various sects by Nikol himself, the most important part of which was the reduction of Russian influence in Armenia. was the withdrawal of the 1st military base from Armenia ...
It was no secret that the opposition Nicole has always used anti-Russian rhetoric, and the shareholders of her government, the Sorosians, the London-Washington instructors, the instructors from the Western embassies, etc., are advancing their clients' political line - anti-Russian, The anti-Russian rhetoric had grown unprecedentedly, and the Armenian-Russian relations had collapsed, the answer to which was the manifestation of the open dislike of the pro-Putin elite towards Nikol ....
Everyone knows that if any country tried to reduce its Russian influence, it had territorial losses ... Ukraine lost Crimea, the Donbas region, Georgia, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Moldova, Transnistria as a result of the confrontation with Moscow ...
25-11-2020, 05:39
At the moment, the status of Karabakh cannot be resolved so easily, especially after the military and diplomatic defeat suffered by the Armenian side. Konstantin Zatulin, deputy of the Russian State Duma, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots, stated this in an interview with NEWS.am on November 24.

According to him, in all probability, there will be a policy of facts, he (Artsakh Republic - ed.) Will exist de facto, moreover, it will remain unrecognized for some time, and maybe for a long time. "It would be strange to think now that after all this, the issue of Nagorno Karabakh's status will be raised and it will be resolved in a way that satisfies the Armenian side," he said.
25-11-2020, 05:23
"Zhoghovurd" daily received new details from the November 23 meeting between the relatives of the missing servicemen and the RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. According to our information, the parents present at the meeting were not very satisfied with the meeting with the Prime Minister, as they did not receive clear answers. Moreover, according to our information, non-targeted answers were given to many questions of the parents, and the Prime Minister also spoke about other topics, trying to explain why it turned out that way. When the parents asked why they could not find the missing soldiers or their bodies, Pashinyan said that the areas where the search was to be carried out were under the control of the Azerbaijani side, and that they could search there only with their permission. in this case. Pashinyan also said that he should apply to Russian President Vladimir Putin to organize this work and achieve it through the mediation of the Russian side.
25-11-2020, 04:48
Azerbaijan managed to gain control of the most important heights of Artsakh: Ughtasar, Vankasar, Shushi, Mataghis, the hills near Martuni, the mountains of Karvachar.

You ask, why? Heights are very important in war. It is easier to target points on the opposite side from the heights.

From today we must develop programs, arm the army, arm ourselves, prepare every day, every hour how to liberate the heights of Artsakh. And let no one tell tales about human rights and the international community. "Our main task from today should be to prepare for the liberation of the heights."
25-11-2020, 04:32
The "Zhoghovurd" daily has learned new details from the closed meeting of the "My Step" NA faction held yesterday.

First of all, they discussed the situation in the Republic of Armenia. According to our information, the tasks of the special sitting of the National Assembly to be held on November 26 were discussed during the meeting. As it is known, the opposition factions of the National Assembly have decided to cancel the martial law declared in Armenia at a special sitting, and the ruling faction must decide by its vote whether such a step should be taken at the moment or not.
25-11-2020, 04:09
The chairman of the "National Security" party Garnik Isagulyan referred to the statements of Colonel-General Movses Hakobyan, the statements made by Russian President Putin about Artsakh and the internal political situation at the press conference held at the "Mirror" club.

Details in the video.
25-11-2020, 03:41
As it is known, due to the war, a decision was made in state institutions that they would not receive any more bonuses, they would be directed to the army and foundations. Moreover, the employees were instructed to transfer the money of the social packages to the fund. They did not actually receive 2 months, but this month the employees complained that they could no longer work only for a salary, so they paid bonuses to alleviate the dissatisfaction.

There is information that the bonuses are distributed from the money of the "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund, which was to be directed to the needs of Artsakh և army.

In particular, we were informed that the State Revenue Committee had already received a bonus for October, mainly low-middle-level employees, or that they had announced that they would not receive any more, had transferred it to the fund.
25-11-2020, 03:15
Did you see that "an entire nation" can not only make mistakes, but, as a rule, makes mistakes?

Do you understand why in the next few decades you should not decide the future of the country, elect a government, dictate a public demand?

A few decades, or a few centuries ... until you are not proud, but honorable and dignified.

If you do not understand, watch this video again, because the Turk entered Karvachar because of you, your proud citizen, and if you try to object that Nikol handed him over, I will tell you yes, but you gave birth to the traitorous landowner Nikol again, you fed him, you ruled by force You brought it and now you are in power, because you are too proud to admit that you are the culprit of this nightmare.
25-11-2020, 03:07
The length of the Syunik border has changed by 60-70 kilometers, as the border Zangelan region is under Azerbaijani control.

"One side of Meghri is the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the other side we have a border with Nakhichevan - 70 kilometers. It kept our Meghri regiment, now another 70 km has already been added by Artsakh, "said Meghri Mayor Mkhitar Zakaryan.

It should be reminded that the Armenian-Iranian border is still guarded by Russian border guards. According to the November 10 announcement, the construction of roads connecting Nakhichevan with the western regions of Azerbaijan entered as the 9th point.
25-11-2020, 01:11
RIA Novosti columnist Irina Alksnis analyzes how the roles of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs changed in Artsakh after the war.

The French Foreign Minister presented details about the humanitarian mission that France has organized to help the people of Artsakh. It is about sending doctors to the region և medical-surgical equipment.

The United States, for its part, has limited $ 5 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and other non-governmental organizations providing assistance to those affected by the recent escalation of the conflict.