25-11-2020, 00:58
"Andranik, traitor!" action in MP Andranik Kocharyan's yard (video)
25-11-2020, 00:26
Modern Russian C-300 air defense systems, such as Iskander missile systems, were used in the Karabakh conflict. However, the quality of weapons was low, according to Rosbalt, citing sprotyv.info.
Iskander missiles were used many times during the war in Karabakh, but none of the launched missiles were able to hit the intended targets, as after the launch they deviated sharply (sometimes by kilometers) from the calculated trajectory. Thus, one of the missiles deviated 6 km and exploded in a residential area in the center of Azerbaijan, the second largest city, according to media reports.
The portal quotes Azerbaijani Defense Ministry sources as saying that the Armenian army used Tochka-U, Elbrus and Iskander missiles. At the same time, during the 45-day fighting in Karabakh, "Iskander" was used at least 4 times to strike the territory of Azerbaijan, but none of the missiles hit the target, the source writes.
24-11-2020, 23:59
Those who admire their hero Nikol Pashinyan, let them continue to admire, it will be their turn, God will not leave them unpunished ․ Basic human dignity մարդիկ People who do not have a brain, do not think about their own honor these days agree to become a minister, but one should not work in the team of someone who has no basic respect for the same team. Paruyr Hayrikyan, the leader of the National Self-Determination Union, expressed such an opinion during the "#Orakhndir" program of "ArmNews" TV.
24-11-2020, 23:55
Detective Erik Yeganyan and his friends were able to cross over to the enemy many times in the Hadrut region and withdraw 178 soldiers. His aunt Susanna Davtyan told NEWS.am about this in Yerablur.
"He went to bodyguard classes and started self-education, then went to peacekeeping troops. We told him to come out, he did not listen to us, he loved his job.

He was a spy, he called home, he said, do not call, I am going to sleep, as if, and they were going to rescue children at night. A friend said 178 children had been rescued. The night passed by them, they said, children, as long as you fit in the car, at least sit on top of each other. And that day he saved his commander at the cost of his life. The incident happened on the 21st of the month.

He also participated in Aprilyan, they were in Talish. He did not say anything about what he did, but it is in his diplomas. His friends have told me what I am saying now. Now we saw the new diplomas, we were surprised, "said Mrs. Susanna.

And Eric's mother, Satenik Davtyan mentioned. "We knew he was in Hadrut, we could not imagine, he was not saying anything. He said, "OK, stay calm." They were going by "Vilis" that day, and suddenly my son realized that there were Turks in front of him. At that moment they stood up and started the fight. They were in Armenian clothes, they only realized from the weapon that they were Turks. "Well, there were many of them, and they were four. Except for my son, the others were miraculously saved."

There is also a video of Eric and his friends marching towards the enemy at night.
24-11-2020, 23:29
Hermine Grigoryan writes on her Facebook page ․

"The star hour of sects

Sects carry out their soul-hunting in search of unhappy and mourning people. The victims of sects mostly are parents of sons and daughters, those who became paralyzed at a young age and freedom fighters suffering from the post-war syndrome. Sects make money through donations and donations to make people miserable, with vain promises to find hope, eternal life, to regain what is lost, to value what is valued.

The best parents of our nation have lost the best 5000 sons.
24-11-2020, 23:22
The curse and curse of generations has befallen us all because we have not been able to isolate the maniac in time and save our Homeland and the lives of thousands of soldiers.

These gates will open, I swear. . .
24-11-2020, 23:08
Mediaport telegram channel reports that a group of citizens started protests in the yards of "My Step" faction MPs, accusing them of being part of the betrayal of Artsakh and not opposing the capitulation document signed by Pashinyan.

Videos have also been published, according to which some of the protesters are in the yard of the house of Andranik Kocharyan, a member of the "My Step" parliamentary faction, and some are in the yard of Ruben Rubinyan. "His father, a resident of Lyon, receives a pension of 200,000 drams. "This man has been using these two garages for 15 years, which I bought legally."
24-11-2020, 22:38
they blew up all the military units. According to a trilateral statement, the Karvachar region will be under the control of Azerbaijan at midnight today.

RIA Novosti filmed how the last Armenian soldiers were leaving Karvachar.

"We stayed here until the end, we were here during the whole war, we did not give anything to the enemy. Currently, it is 12 km in a straight line to the positions of the Azerbaijanis. We leave our positions, blow up the rest of the military unit so that they do not belong to the Azerbaijanis. "We are going to Armenia, our military unit is one of the last," one of the servicemen told a reporter.
24-11-2020, 22:24
After seeing the list, the villagers started preparing for eviction, burning their houses, starting to dismantle the roof of the huge school under construction, and so on. Then it turned out that the village did not surrender. The same, as far as can be understood, is in the case of Akanaberd village.

Now, which of these donkeys will be responsible for the burning of houses in an entire village, the loss of property, etc.? Was the Minister of Education to blame, or was it the fault of the economy that they were fired? Or are the villagers to blame? But by no means the supreme main donkey.

There are no more normal expressions left, you just look and try to understand, it was possible to fall beyond this, and each time new amazing "heights": ".
24-11-2020, 22:15
A group of citizens protested in the yards of "My Step" faction deputies. The protesters accuse them of handing over Artsakh as well as betraying the people.

Videos have been posted on the Internet, according to which some of the protesters are in the yard of Andranik Kocharyan, a member of the "My Step" parliamentary faction, and some are in the yard of Ruben Rubinyan.