29-02-2020, 09:40
"URGENT. I draw the attention of the media. ” Gevorg Grigoryan
Gevorg Grigoryan, Chairman of the Armenian National Health Council, wrote on his Facebook page: "URGENT. I draw the attention of the media.
     According to my information, yesterday Lusine Kocharyan, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health, accompanied by several people visited the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention, where she threatened employees (mainly women) with applying for dismissal.
     There has never been such pressure on health care providers and they have never spoken to health care providers about such threats.
     On the other hand, ministry propagandists have been "hired", particularly those affiliated with the Soros "Real World, Real People" NGO, which are trying to shift the emotional demands and struggles of healthcare workers to the emotional field.
     At a press conference yesterday, I emphasized that this would be the approach and once again I urge the Ministry of Health to refrain from such practices and conduct discussions only in the professional field, putting aside threats, emotional records, blackmail and unjustified ambitions. "

Yesterday we reported that 75 staff members of the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention had applied for dismissal.
29-02-2020, 08:39
Ambulances in Yerevan lower Iranian truck from driver, transport to hospital | C. Shamshyan
29-02-2020, 08:37
In Western culture there are special traditions according to which a woman can propose to a man. On February 29, in the UK and Ireland, a woman can make a proposal to her partner, and she cannot refuse. As monarch, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom made a proposal to Prince Albert Sachsen Coburg Gothon. A similar tradition also applies in Finland, but with this condition: If a man rejects the woman who sympathizes with him, then he must buy enough for her to make a skirt. Such cases also occur now, but quite rarely.
29-02-2020, 08:07
In the past few weeks, various Russian media outlets have ordered articles that falsify what happened in Khojalu, an Azeri-populated area in 1992, and represent the "genocide" perpetrated by Armenians. The publications were so brazen that Armenian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Vardan Toghanyan announced that he had applied to the Russian Prosecutor General's Office for these articles.

While the Armenian ambassador to Russia and Armenian organizations are trying to counter Azerbaijani anti-Armenian propaganda, epress.am news agency founded by Nikol Pashinyan's team in Armenia, with the support of the authorities, Armen Melikbekyan, republished reports on Khojalu events that were obviously anti-Armenian.
29-02-2020, 07:20
There are “ashes” from the sky in different parts of Yerevan. Ministry of Emergency Situations is working to keep the ashes from spreading across the city.

YEREVAN, February 29 - Sputnik. Ashes: Instead of 'Silver Butterflies' Yesterday, various pieces of ash were dancing in the air in different parts of Yerevan. In the evening, at approximately 9 pm, the area adjacent to the Sputnik Armenia editorial office at 4/7 Amiryan was also covered with large and small pieces of ash. And while the editorial staff was trying to figure out what might have been the reason for the strange "rain", it turned out that such flakes appeared not only in the vicinity of Sputnik's editorial office, but also in various parts of the city, according to eyewitnesses at Shahumyan Square, near St. Sargis Church and elsewhere. .
29-02-2020, 06:54
“On March 1 at 6 pm we are marching from Liberty Square. This is what Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan wrote on his Facebook page.

He also presented a video about the monument to the victims of March 1, 2008, which will be erected in Yerevan.
29-02-2020, 06:37
Zhamanak daily writes: According to Zhamanak's information, PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan initially wished to support the constitutional referendum and even join the Yes campaign through the PAP.

But some representatives of the Russian ruling elite have kept him away from the move, who have persuaded Tsarukyan that the move could be a risky one, as the referendum may well fail. "
29-02-2020, 06:19
It is difficult to get rid of the new coronavirus COVID-19. most likely, it will become a seasonal flu-like illness.

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences Sergey Netyosov thinks that the coronavirus can be reinforced by those who are asymptomatic and long-term, spreading the virus to the environment, reports Izvestia.

"Every year, COVID-19 will affect the most vulnerable population of the population - the elderly, the chronically ill, and people with weak immunity," said the expert.
29-02-2020, 06:15
Not all issues are resolved, but you prefer not to focus on them and move on. Remember that it takes effort to succeed. Only those who take other measures, avoid open clashes, resort to cunning are easily reached.

The ability to easily communicate with strangers is not in your favor today. The stars advise you to be more cautious and not to negotiate or bargain. Profits from commercial transactions will be highly questionable.
29-02-2020, 06:07
Zhoghovurd daily writes: “As it is known, on the day of the constitutional referendum on April 5, the 7-member precinct electoral commission has the right to nominate two members of both“ Yes ”and“ No ”. Each party must have 4016 members and the deadline for submitting lists is March 1.

And in this regard, the supporters of "No" are in a difficult situation. They have even appealed to the former ruling Republican Party and Dashnaktsutyun, as well as to the parliamentary opposition "Enlightened Armenia" and "Prosperous Armenia" with a request to join the "No" campaign.