24-01-2021, 19:06
"As I was informed by the special services, the appointment of Lilit Makunts և Vladimir Karapetyan, in the language of the operatives, is called the removal of key witnesses from under the blow. "NSS officers told me that Makunts and Karapetyan knew that after Pashinyan's loss of power, they could say things that would shock Pashinyan's most ardent supporters," Gabrielyanov wrote in his telegram.

The latter noted that "Makunts, as a close friend of Anna Hakobyan, knows all the secrets of Pashinyan's family. Can he tell such things about Pashinyan's wife that the fates of fallen women will seem like the fate of nuns from the soap operas?"
24-01-2021, 18:50
"Kommersant" newspaper published a big article about an Armenian teacher who escaped from captivity in Azerbaijan, and the editorial office was directly involved in its release.

YEREVAN, January 24 - Sputnik. Arthur Ghazaryan, who was held captive in Azerbaijan, did not tell what he lived there, remaining faithful to the Christian commandments, but the attitude of the Azerbaijani soldiers towards him was more restrained than towards the other Armenian captives.

Arthur Ghazaryan was born in Stepanakert, grew up in a family of teachers, graduated from school with honors. Then he left for Moscow to study at the Department of Mathematics of the Lenin Pedagogical Institute. After graduating from the institute he stayed in Moscow. He devoted most of his life to pedagogy. From the beginning of the 2000s, Ghazaryan served in one of the monasteries of Moscow, and in the summer of 2013, he fulfilled his long-held wish to return to his homeland, Artsakh. He taught in Vank village, then in one of the villages of Lachin region, and in September 2020 he received an invitation from Shushi college. He was in Shushi when the war started.
24-01-2021, 17:49
Sensational details about the situation with the Armenian ambassadors to the United States and Ukraine, writes Russian-media media mogul, Armenian journalist, publisher, owner of Lifenews news channel, CEO of News Media publishing house, chairman, chairman of Baltic Media Group Aram Ashot Gabrielyanov.

"As I was told by experts from the special services, the appointment of Lilit Madunts in Washington and the appointment of Vladimir Karapetyan as ambassadors in Kiev, in the language of operatives, is called to remove key witnesses from under attack. The NSS officers told me that ց Makunts and և Karapetyan are people who know և they can say things in case Pashinyan loses power that even Pashinyan's strong supporters will be shocked.

Makunts knows all the secrets of Nikol's family, as Anna Hakobyan's closest friend she can tell such things about him that the fates of the prodigal women in the soap operas will seem like the fates of the nuns from the monasteries.
24-01-2021, 17:33
ARF member Leon Gabrielyan writes.
"Regional processes, entering a new phase, presuppose the continuation of active repatriations with a peaceful diplomatic-political scenario, spiced with military threats.
The next stage of the genius project of the Western Centers for Armenia presupposes the removal of Nikol Pashinyan, whom they themselves introduced, who, strange as it may seem, will be given the title of Russian agent, an agent who treacherously destroyed Artsakh and Armenia.

There is no doubt that Nicole has completely exhausted herself, that she will be fired and punished according to some scenario. Վ ․ Putin's recent "sweet" words addressed to N. Pashinyan, presenting Anna Hakobyan's visit to Moscow as evidence, the above-mentioned operation may start in Armenia soon, with a pronounced anti-Russian context. If the process starts, it will undoubtedly have a victorious end.
24-01-2021, 17:15
Look at this face, look at the coat, the blow-dried hair and the breastplate brooch. After a week in Moscow, a smile sat on his face next to the dead widow, saying in his mind, what did we do, we did well.
# abortion_family
24-01-2021, 17:11
The bodies of the servicemen found in the Zangelan area have not been identified yet, we are waiting for the results of the DNA examination to find out whether they are the bodies of our children or not. Anahit Adoyan, the mother of one of the missing servicemen of the N military unit of Etchmiadzin, stated this in a conversation with NEWS.am.

"We are not holding any protests yet, because the bodies of servicemen have been brought in bags from the Zangelan area. We do not know how many bodies there are. God forbid the bodies of our sons are not there. "We are all waiting for the results of the DNA examination at the moment," he said.

It should be noted that the relatives of the 34 missing servicemen of Echmiadzin N military unit have not had any information from their servicemen for more than 3 months. According to them, the soldiers went missing in the area of ​​Zangelan.
24-01-2021, 13:39
Ali dances to the humiliating and mocking song "Noldu Pashinyan" by Nicole. (Video)
24-01-2021, 13:26
Do you remember this western agent dog boy (we are talking about the dog boy on the left), how did it happen that during the war he did not come to cover a single day, and before that he was glorifying the processes taking place in Armenia? One of my friends reminded me well.

From Boris Murazi's Facebook page
24-01-2021, 13:14
Armenian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Anna Naghdalyan commented on Turkish Foreign Minister Mlut Cavusoglu's statement that "if peace is strong, Turkey and Azerbaijan are ready to take steps to normalize relations with Armenia."

"The Turkish-Azerbaijani military exercises near the Armenian border in violation of the OSCE commitments do not prove that the Turkish-Azerbaijani leadership has peaceful intentions towards Armenia," Naghdalyan said.
24-01-2021, 12:57
Azerbaijani-Armenian soldiers are a few meters away from each other on the new border (video)