19-10-2021, 13:18
The mayor of Kapan about what happened in Pella mountain (video)
19-10-2021, 12:42
A few days ago, information was spread that singer Anahit Simonyan had left for Dubai with her son Arman. LURER ․ com had a photo where Anahit Simonyan and her son were in the lobby of a Dubai hotel. As it turned out later, they were photographed by one of our compatriots staying in the same hotel, without his knowledge. After the photo was spread, Anahit Simonyan filed a lawsuit against the photographer in Dubai. Anahit's photographer now regrets taking pictures of her, noting that it was not done intentionally to harm the singer. What happened is a misunderstanding և The photo was spread due to the minor's inattention.
19-10-2021, 12:35
Anahit Simonyan condemns us, does not allow us to leave the country էIt is known who took a photo of the singer in Dubai ․Exclusive Video
19-10-2021, 11:49
According to "Iravunk", Nikol Pashinyan's wife Anna Hakobyan bought the latest model Iphone. According to our source, the iPhone 13 costs 800,000 drams. It is interesting where the wife of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, who is in a deep crisis, got so much money from.

A. Avagyan
19-10-2021, 11:26
"As a statesman, he had as much investment as any other representative of the Third Republic, from the time of the Karabakh movement until today," wrote one of his close friends, prose writer Meruzhan Hovhannisyan, about Vano Siradeghyan, who died on October 15.

Vano Siradeghyan, who has been wanted since 2000, did not have the opportunity to return to Armenia even after the revolution. In response to the question why he did not return, Meruzhan Hovhannisyan answered ․ "A new trial should have been established, he should have been acquitted, his rights should have been restored, he should have reserved the right to return to the republic," said Meruzhan Hovhannisyan.
19-10-2021, 11:13
During the Artsakh war, Iran tried to support the Armenian side by means of radio-electronic warfare, to destroy the Turkish Bayraktars, but it did not happen, as the Armenian side refused, declaring that we did not need it.

Nairi Hokhikyan stated about this during the press conference, adding that as a result of the destruction of the ATS we would have incomparably fewer victims and would lose small areas.
19-10-2021, 10:58
The first time, on October 7, the second time today, on October 19, Nicole had the opportunity to stop the war, to stop the massacre.

Although on the fourth day of the war Nicole had already been informed that our army was no longer able to continue the war, that we would have hundreds of casualties every day of the war, she refused the offers made to her.

And why?

The answer is one: we had to end the pre-arranged war, the planned defeat.
19-10-2021, 10:54
Azerbaijan will adequately respond to any positive step by Armenia in demarcating the border between the two countries, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov said yesterday during a briefing with his Qatari counterpart Mohammed bin Abdel Rahman Al Thani.

"Azerbaijan is in favor of a gradual settlement of relations with Armenia in the post-conflict period on the basis of international norms," ​​Bayramov said. »:

At the same time, official Baku states that the process of normalization of relations with Armenia has not yet yielded clear results. "The lack of concrete results at this time is painful. "Slowing down the settlement process is not the right approach," Bayramov told a news conference, noting that unlike Armenia, Azerbaijan "has a constructive position" in opening communications in the region.
19-10-2021, 10:23
Natalia Rotenberg, the wife of Tigran Arzakantsyan, the chairman of the Supreme Council of the "Alliance" party, posted a new video on her Instagram page, to which she wrote:

To be or not to be, that is the problem. ”
19-10-2021, 10:04
Do they not see better than Kapan, is the mountain under the control of an Armenian or an Azerbaijani?
"The National Security Service has given a very specific, clear explanation." Gnel Sanosyan, the Minister of ICT, said this today, October 19, in a conversation with journalists, responding to the journalist's observation that the Human Rights Defender made a note on his Facebook page yesterday that the Azerbaijani armed forces had advanced on Mount Pela in Kapan.

To the journalist's question, "Do they not see better from Kapan, or under whose control is the mountain?"

"I do not know who sees well and who does not, but I think some people need to read well, they can read."