2-09-2020, 19:16
John and Brjo ...)
This is how it is in life, when the heroes leave, the clowns come to the arena

Garegin Petrosyan's post
2-09-2020, 19:11
Although the state of emergency in Armenia will end on September 11, starting at 18:00, due to the epidemic, the Government has introduced a legislative package envisaging new regulations to replace the state of emergency. On the initiative of the government, a special session of the National Assembly will be convened on September 4, in which that very package will be discussed.

On Making Amendments and Addenda to the Law "On Ensuring the Sanitary and Epidemiological Safety of the Population of the Republic of Armenia" and the attached package of draft laws, In these cases, quarantine may be established.
2-09-2020, 17:51
Aries. Professional success during the day will depend only on how well you are able to focus on the difficult, equally tedious task. The principle is very simple: the less you like what you do, the more diligently you have to do it. Do not put on someone else's shoulders what you can do yourself.

You can keep virtually any horse with your loved ones, the only thing to avoid is authoritarianism. Listen to the opinion of others, at least show that you were interested in it. this way you will avoid conflicts.

Taurus. Another auspicious day that you will definitely have a great time. The day corresponds to both rest and useful activities, and the subconscious will prompt you what is more expedient to do. You are energetic, determined և ingenious, you achieve excellent results with minimal effort.

Relationships are arranged in a smooth, harmonious way, your opinion is taken into account, your advice is followed. It is possible to meet someone who will play a significant role in your future life.

Gemini. The day is very convenient for solving various problems. You are energetic, determined, and you are not afraid of difficulties. You get unexpected և interesting offers, which can be answered with agreement without thinking for a long time. This is a good day for contacts with foreigners, and the business representatives of the brand can discuss the terms of cooperation with foreign partners. The directions are well arranged, and interesting acquaintances are possible along the way.
2-09-2020, 17:06
Areg, the son of singer Kristine Pepelyan, was born in December last year. Areg has been a big man for a year and his mother often publishes with his participation, showing the common daily life.

The singer has recently become quite passive in terms of publishing videos with her son. It is clear from her latest publication that the singer is already in the USA with her son; They had a very interesting day off.
2-09-2020, 16:49
It turns out that the actress celebrated her 25th birthday for two days, but not with a big party. "I did not want to celebrate my birthday, but it so happened that I decided to go to our summer house with some of my family members and friends. It was my girlfriends who persuaded me to celebrate today. My soap opera partners were not present because I was with some old friends.

We celebrated two days, the day before my birthday and the day of my birthday. "I get a little nervous when I have a big party on my birthday because I feel responsible to my guests." "I want them to feel good and happy, and this year, since I had no guests, I was very calm," he said.
2-09-2020, 16:15
For years, the list of important events of September 2, the Independence Day of the Artsakh Republic, highlighted the cultural initiatives of the third President of the Republic of Armenia Rita Sargsyan, which brought together Armenia and the Diaspora in Artsakh. The spiritual energy received from Artsakh that day accompanied everyone for a long time to live in harmony with the earth and the sky, nature and God.

The source and source of a day full of national pride is the Artsakh liberation war, from which our generations drink water.

Recalling her memories and feelings from the war, at the request of Pastinfo, Ms. Sargsyan stressed the importance of the participation and serious contribution of all Artsakh women during the Artsakh war, providing full support, helping and supporting men to focus on the main task. :

"The danger hung in my head at all times, but our family remained in Artsakh throughout the war. Not only us, but also the families of Robert Kocharyan and Arkady Ghukasyan էր It was dangerous, but we understood that we were an example. I remember, to dispel people's doubts, sometimes we even walked down the street with the children, so that people could see with their own eyes, make sure that we were by their side and did not think for a second about losing. "Of course, it was terrible, because the enemy's fire could have started suddenly, but people should have seen that we and our children were under the same fire."
2-09-2020, 16:04
Ashot Hovsepyan, arrested in connection with the case of poisoning of Armavir residents, expressed his position on the suspicion, giving a detailed testimony.

His lawyer Gor Gevorgyan told Haykakan Zhamanak about this, claiming that Hovsepyan had bought wheat factory alcohol from another resident of the region, mixing it only with water, lemon, but no chemical additives.

Let us remind you that 50-year-old Hovsepyan was arrested on suspicion of selling goods that did not meet safety requirements. During the period from August 31 to September 1, poisoning cases were registered in the Republic within one day. According to the latest data, 9 out of 20 cases in the region are fatal, the other 11 citizens receive medical treatment in different medical centers. The Investigative Committee announced today that two more people were arrested on the same suspicion in the criminal case.

Our conversation with Ashot Hovsepyan's lawyer Gor Gevorgyan is below.

- Mr. Gevorgyan, what is your client's position on the suspicion, did he testify?

- He stated that he was actually involved in the process of making vodka from alcohol, but he bought the factory-made wheat alcohol and testified from whom he tried to support the investigation, so that if the way of distribution was that. , then resist and not spread. From the very beginning, Ashot Hovsepyan could not have guessed, even in the context of carelessness, that he could cause that effect. that the drink created can be toxic.
2-09-2020, 16:01
"Lydian Armenia" has spread an announcement, which we present below.

"Lydian Armenia" continues to be concerned about the security of the community and the inadequate actions of the Police.

While the residents of the community are working in the area of ​​Amulsar, the "peaceful" demonstrator who has been acting on behalf of the "community" for two years (see the video) yesterday, accompanied by several lawbreakers, threw stones at the "Lydian" employees, trying to enter the area. The previous day, the same person had threatened bloodshed.

We have to call again on the Police to take adequate measures to restore law and order in the communities around Amulsar and to ensure the safety of the community residents. At the same time, we reaffirm that "Lydian" will not conduct any "negotiations" outside the law.

We leave to the public the behavior of the person who has assumed the role of "community speaker" in the press for two years. We demand from the police to take steps to ensure the security of the real community. ”

"Lydian" also presented a video attached to the announcement.
2-09-2020, 15:56
In Armavir, 20 people were poisoned from home-made vodka and taken to hospital yesterday, 9 of whom died. Was it possible to prevent such a tragedy, who should control and who is responsible? Haykakan Zhamanak tried to get answers from the Food Safety Inspectorate, the Police and the Investigative Committee.

SATM speaker Anush Harutyunyan, in response to the question how the control of home-made products is carried out, mentioned. "It is not done by us. The food safety inspection body has functions only related to legal entities. If a person puts his product up for sale in a store, then the control function is ours, if he sells it on the street, then we do not have a control function by law. In this case, the Police and the local self-government bodies control that they should not allow the sale of houses on the street and houses, although we should also mention that it is impossible to fully control the sale of houses, because people do it on their own initiative and at their own risk. If I sell apples from home, one comes and buys from home, and we both make this exchange-transaction at our own risk. But when it comes to the sale of vodka of unknown origin, it should be noted that the sale of vodka is generally prohibited. This control is the function of the police, for which they have district officers, separate subdivisions that control, watch and follow. "If a person makes and drinks vodka for himself, it is his responsibility, but if a person brings methyl alcohol, opens it, bottles it, or distributes it to cola bottles or sells it to people, it is already a crime."

Is it possible that the product became toxic as a result of violating some technical norms during distillation, or the manufacturer could not have been unaware of the harmfulness of his product from the beginning, could this theoretically be the result of chance? "This is a question I can not answer. Now the investigation must find out whether he did not know whether the alcohol was technical or not, whether he knew that his product was dangerous or not. There are many questions that the examination should clarify. Theoretically, maybe it could, ”said Anush Harutyunyan, without elaborating on the version of the use of technical alcohol in vodka.
2-09-2020, 15:08
Anelyan said that he always stressed that it is better to have few, but elected people by his side. "Now I have the most sincere and honest people by my side. I have always had few friends, but as I grew older, my attitude toward people changed. I want to evaluate my desires, to look at myself first, not others. I can not say that I live 100% like that, but to some extent I notice those internal changes, which are difficult to give. "

According to the actress, the 19-year-old was her most emotional age, she experienced a lot of emotions at the same time, she felt deep disappointments, positive emotions. "It simply came to our notice then. I understood a lot, I learned and now I feel very good. 19 gave me a lot of love for myself, I started to appreciate myself, to be happy with myself. At 19 I felt a lot of love from different people, I had some deep disappointments that I overcame. I do not keep negative emotions in me, I miss them. After disappointments for a while, I naturally feel, but I do not keep it to myself. I'm light, calm and confident now. "