15-10-2019, 10:20
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Turkey has no problems with Russia over the "Source of Peace" military operation in Syria. Earlier agreements between Ankara and Moscow continue to work, with Russia "no problem". "If they come, then we will call Putin within 24 hours and take joint steps after that," Erdogan said.

Earlier in the Syrian campaign, Erdogan had stated that Turkish troops would not make a shot in Syria without the knowledge of Russia.

Turkish army's current campaign against Kurds is first and foremost. Ankara aims to create a "security zone" along the border with Syria and change the demographics of that region.
15-10-2019, 10:08

Siriayi hyusisum k’rdakan uzheri yev t’urk’amet zinyalneri mijev bakhumy sharunakvum e, haghordumner yen stats’vum drants’um teghi hayeri masnakts’ut’yan veraberyal.

YeREVAN, 15 hoktemberi – Sputnik. «Siriayi demokratakan uzher» (SDF) k’rdakan khmbavorman nerkayats’uts’ich’nery haytnum yen hayeri masnakts’ut’yamb t’urk’amet zinyalnerits’ T’urk’iayi het sahmanakits’ Rras al–Ayn k’aghak’i azatagrman masin.

«Da hrashk’ e. SDF–i mi khumb (teghi hayer, ch’ech’enner, arabner, k’rder yev ayln) martikner hents’ nor haght’anak tarav NATO–i zinvorakanneri nkatmamb, voronts’ ajakts’um ein Al K’aydev yev ILIP–i (argelvats e mi shark’ yerkrnerum) «nakhkin» jihadakannery, voronk’ patrast ein et’nik ztumner ants’kats’nel Serekanyeum (Rras al-Aynum). Yndameny mek p’vok’r mart, sakayn vork’an urakhali e»,–haytnum e Twitter–um SDF–i teghekatvakan rresursnerits’ meky.

Read more: https://armeniasputnik.am/world/20191015/20766272/da-hrashq-e-qrdery-hayeri-ev-chechenneri-het-prkvel-en-turqamet-zinyalneri-dzerqic-SDF.html
Ցուցադրել ավելի շատ
Clashes continue between Kurdish forces and pro-Turkish militants in northern Syria, with reports of local Armenians participating in them.

YEREVAN, October 15 - Sputnik. Representatives of the Kurdish Democratic Forces (SDF) Kurdish group report on the liberation of Ras al-An, a town bordering Turkey with pro-Turkish militants.

“It's a miracle. A group of SDF (local Armenians, Chechens, Arabs, Kurds, etc.) fighters have just won the NATO military backed by former "jihadists" of Al Qaeda and ILIP (banned in some countries) They were ready to carry out ethnic cleansing in Serekayne (Ras al-Ayn). Just one small battle, but how happy it is, ”one of the SDF information resources on Twitter reports.
15-10-2019, 09:57
US President Donald Trump has posted on his Twitter microblog, in which he spoke about actions in northern Syria. Mr Trump said Kurds would have to defend Syria and other countries besides the United States. Ntv.ru informs about this.

He wrote in particular: "Anyone who wishes can defend the Kurds in Syria.

Let it be Russia, China or Napoleon Bonaparte. I am confident that they will succeed, and we are about 7,000 miles away. "
15-10-2019, 09:45
Video. Georgian Prime Minister is in Armenia
15-10-2019, 09:39
The United States will impose sanctions on Turkey for the hostilities that Ankara has launched in Syria and which receives neither the support of the United States nor the EU. US President Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on the night of October 14, 15.

"I will soon sign an order that will allow sanctions against current and former Turkish officials, as well as all those who contribute to Turkey's destabilizing actions in the northeast of Syria," the statement said.
15-10-2019, 09:37
The doctor has filed a lawsuit informing him that Robert Kocharyan is currently undergoing a post-operative period and that it is not expedient for him to come to court for health reasons. Hayk Alumyan, the defendant in the March 1 case, Robert Kocharyan, the defendant in the March 1 case, told reporters at the Shengavit residence of the Yerevan Court of First Instance.

“But Mr. Kocharyan has told our lawyers to advise the courts that if coming is not his duty but his right, the trial will continue until he is able to come to the next court hearing. The domestic law says that the presence of the defendant is mandatory, but the European Court has a number of rulings that say it is a person's right, not an obligation, ”Hayk Alumyan said.

It should be noted that at the moment presided over by Judge Anna Danibekyan, the investigation of the part of the March 1 case is continuing.
15-10-2019, 09:31
The head of the Medical and Social Examination Commission was arrested and detained just when the money was taken.

YEREVAN, October 15 - Sputnik. Chairman of one of the committees of medical and social expertise of Yerevan, abusing official position In August-September, over two dozen Armenian citizens applied for medical examinations in the absence of grounds to request or re-establish a disability order, and received substantial amounts of bribes. This was reported by the National Security Service.
15-10-2019, 09:25
According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, more than 15 children were transferred to Artashat hospital from school # 5 in Artashat. C. According to Shamshyan, they were all taken to hospital on suspicion of food poisoning. The Artashat fire and rescue team arrived at the mentioned place at the mentioned moment. The operative group of Artashat police department headed by head of the department Ruben Nersisyan has also arrived. Artur Zakaryan, acting provincial police chief, has also arrived. C. According to Shamshyan, according to the order of Ararat Governor Garik Sargsyan, the employees of the corresponding department of the regional administration also arrive at the school. Notification. The person suspected or accused of the alleged crime shall be presumed innocent until proven guilty in accordance with the procedure established by the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia by a legally valid court verdict
15-10-2019, 08:58
Gagik Surenyan, Head of the Hydrometeorology Center at the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia, posted the following on his Facebook page:

"Now if it turns out this winter is going to be hot again, what will you call me?"
15-10-2019, 08:44
A 47-year-old pregnant woman died today at the Erebuni Medical Center maternity hospital. The woman was going to give birth to twin offspring (Eco fertilization). He was diagnosed with pulmonary artery thromboembolism, heart-lung failure and pulmonary insufficiency, a syndrome of "collar" with total cyanosis of the neck, head and upper limbs.

Shushan Hunanyan, a spokeswoman for Erebuni Medical Center, asked Hraparak whether pregnancy tests had been carried out to prevent problems earlier. “From what she died, it was impossible to know until she could die from it.

He was 47 years old, a twin child, and went to Caesarea, but it was not because he had a problem, but because the instruction was. "