24-11-2020, 22:00
A while ago, Arpi Davoyan, an MP from the "My Step" bloc, was walking along Amiryan Street, with passers-by shouting with all their might that he was a traitor.

I do not know whether it is worth walking the streets of Yerevan humiliated for a few kopecks.

Think, is it worth it?
24-11-2020, 21:42
At this time, the Azeris enter Karvachar without a single shot. Razm.info professional website coordinator Karen Vrtanesyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"There are 6 days left until the final handover of Kashatagh.

Thousands of lives on the altar of the liberation war since 1988, hundreds of thousands of migrants, billions spent on creating and developing infrastructure ...

On December 1, the supreme chief will say: "Didn't you fight against extradition?" Why didn't you reject me? Why didn't you take to the streets? So you did not need that dull and unhappy Karabakh. "

"Do you have anything to answer?" He wrote.

It should be reminded that on November 10, Nikol Pashinyan signed a trilateral statement, according to which the seven regions of Artsakh, Shushi and Hadrut pass to Azerbaijan, except for one village, villages from Askeran and Martuni regions, as well as Talish and Mataghis villages of Martakert region.

According to the statement, a peacekeeping force of the Russian Federation is deployed along the line of contact in Nagorno Karabakh, along the Lachin corridor, including 1960 servicemen armed with firearms, 90 armored vehicles, 380 units of special vehicles. The deployment of Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh has already been completed.
24-11-2020, 21:39
Photographer Edgar Harutyunyan has published comparative photos of the village of Knaravan in Karvachar, past and present.

It should be reminded that from today Karvachar passes to Azerbaijan under a trilateral agreement. The people of Karvachar burned their houses before handing them over to the enemy.
24-11-2020, 21:23
Happy Birthday Monte ... The scum turned the page of history Monte, Karvachar gave it to the Turk ...
24-11-2020, 21:17
Ah, proud citizen of Armenia, did you see what you brought to your country?

Did you see that "an entire nation" can not only make mistakes, but, as a rule, makes mistakes?

Do you understand why in the next few decades you should not decide the future of the country, elect a government, dictate a public demand?

A few decades, or a few centuries ... until you are not proud, but honorable and dignified.

If you do not understand, watch this video again, because the Turk entered Karvachar because of you, your proud citizen, and if you try to object that Nikol handed him over, I will tell you yes, but you gave birth to the traitorous landowner Nikol again, you fed him, you ruled by force You brought it and now you are in power, because you are too proud to admit that you are the culprit of this nightmare.

Proud citizen of the Republic of Armenia, as soon as you handed over Karvachar, as soon as you handed over Artsakh, and if Nikol and I do not remove you from power, you will hand over the rest of Armenia.

Proud citizen of the Republic of Armenia, as long as you are proud, you are a greater evil than the Turk.
24-11-2020, 20:29
Karvachar was now handed over to Azerbaijan under a trilateral agreement. The Sotk-Karvachar road was closed with iron gates. Is this the end or a new beginning, the Internet is discussing.
24-11-2020, 19:38
885 thousand people voted for the traitor, a whole nation murmured.
The picture shows the Mrav Mountains, at the top of which our burning positions are shining ... The guys blew up the positions, which remained invincible during the whole war. The enemy could not capture them with weapons, they captured them with the signature of a traitor ... Today at midnight the Karvachar region passes to Azerbaijan ...
Your master ...
24-11-2020, 19:36
If you bring Vazgen Manukyan, you will be happy to give it to Anna. Dog published Sensational Facts
24-11-2020, 19:02
Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two leaders discussed the establishment of a ceasefire monitoring center in Nagorno-Karabakh. This was reported by TASS.
24-11-2020, 18:36
Tigran Shahbazyan, a member of the board of the Armenian Mountaineering and Mountaineering Federation, wrote on his Facebook page: "Today, for the last time, we stood on the top of Handaberd with our expedition and looked at the Mravi mountains. Our burning positions were shaking in the part near the top. Today at 12 o'clock we hand over this region. I remembered my service, which passed in these positions. During my service I lived for 180 days in the highlands of Mrav. Until now, my toes, which are freezing, do not come back for several days. And today I look at our positions from Handaberd and think who would think.
I remembered how we were going from our military unit under Handaberd to fire. The training ground was a few kilometers away. According to the law, after breakfast we had to go to the training ground in a military car, spend the whole day in the training ground, learn to shoot, the lunch had to be in the field and return to the military unit by car. And what were we doing? We went to the training ground on foot without breakfast, we got there, we put on a hat, we came back to the military unit without firing a bullet, of course there was no field kitchen, because we were returning late to the military unit, it was already canteen time, so We went to bed hungry.
It turned out that our command ate the fuel that had to be spent to transport us by car, the food that had to be provided to us, the bullet that we had to shoot. Everyone ate, who ate as much as he sewed. That's why in the end we ate something different nationally.
So everything in the world is fair. Everyone deserves what they have. We did not use the peaceful period given to us, we were doomed today.
I do not know if I will be on the heights of Handaberd or in the Mravi mountains, but what I have lived in Karvachar will stay with me forever. Karvachar was not Jebrail or Aghdam for me. Karvachar was my homeland. And I lose part of my homeland without a twinge of conscience, because everything in the world is fair. ”