29-02-2020, 05:59
"Even before the referendum decision was made," Fact "newspaper had received information that the authorities would not only fight to the death for the seven judges of the Constitutional Court, but had already begun" casting out "future CC candidates.

Now that the authorities have invested enormous financial resources for the referendum, a few specific names have begun to circulate.

Particularly, according to our information, the names of the legal successors of March 1 victims, lawyer Tigran Yegoryan, former Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan, and "stupid" MP Gagik Jhangiryan are actively circulating.
29-02-2020, 05:48
“The press writes about the donations during the February 25 fundraiser, and the ruling party continues to keep their list secret. It was written that Samvel Alexanyan transferred $ 20,000. Serge Sargsyan's close friend Gabriel Chamberlain, builder of elite buildings Armen Mkoyan, former Republican MP Nahapet Gevorgyan's nephew Sargis Tadevosyan also attended and donated money.

The rich man is a fellow of Ararat Governor Garik Sargsyan, and he has participated at his invitation. At one time there were publications that with his support Sargsyan became mayor. We were told that he had donated about $ 10,000. The crocodile-loving governor was unavailable yesterday. ”
29-02-2020, 01:10
The tragic car crash of BMW and 06 in the Ararat region fixed the cameras. 06 driver dies on site (Video)
29-02-2020, 00:17
According to ArmDaily.am, the last day of the constitutional referendum campaign, on April 3, is the ruling elite's wedding.

Married to middle-aged son of "My Step" MP Hovik Aghazaryan.
The wedding was scheduled before the referendum, they had planned everything beforehand.
28-02-2020, 23:13
Turkologist Karen Hovhannisyan touches upon problems in Russian-Turkish relations:

“What has finally happened in the past 24 hours? During these 24 hours, Turkey appeared to the world in all its misery.

In Idlib, as in other Syrian settlements, the stealth was trying to carry out a military operation. He should not have been where the Syrian forces had struck while he was there, supporting the terrorists. To say that the Russians or the Syrians did not know about it would be naive, but decided that they should punish Turkey severely for its misery.

After beating himself up in Idlib, Erdogan has ordered the shutdown of social networks in Turkey because of concerns that anti-government protests could be launched with the help of social networks. After the bloody defeat, the Pentagon is calling, I suppose the US forces in Syria will help, but in vain, the US is limited to a statement. Calling NATO, again with the expectation of military assistance, there is also frustration here, as NATO too is satisfied with the statement.

It uses traditional blackmail, declares that it opens the door for refugees to Europe, and a zero response from around the world. Erdogan's panic-stricken sit-in, meetings with political party leaders, addressing the people also do not bother him, and he is forced to engage in direct dialogue.

This time, he calls Putin and asks for a meeting, and Putin, I suppose, puts Erdogan ahead of the discussion. This is all the more evident after Lavrov's statement not to interfere with the Syrian army in the fight against terrorists, with full control of the two roads of strategic importance ...

Here is today's Turkey with all its "magic."
28-02-2020, 22:46
hraparak.am writes: The daughter of the RA Prime Minister Mariam Pashinyan, as we have guessed from the post, works for Digitain Company operating in Armenia. I tried to find out about that company. There was a lot of information in the press. After the change of power, the door of success opened to Mary. After becoming his father's prime minister, he held a senior position at one of the largest private companies, Digitain.

The company offers coefficients for 30,000 live events per month, representing 65 sports and 7500 different world championships, providing over 3000 betting markets. Although Mariam Pashinyan has been working at the company for a short time, she was entrusted with presenting the most important project of the company at the WCIT 2019 IT World Conference. Various sources in the media have touched upon this. And now Mariam Pashinyan, who is in a pretty serious position, is writing from her workplace;
28-02-2020, 22:18
No case of virus infection in Armenia, but people in panic. False rumors are rife, many believe the rumors and go to the hospital for any complaints. As a result, today Armenian hospitals are overcrowded, there are no free beds in a number of hospitals, especially in the children's departments, as they naturally worry more about children.

Speaking to Sputnik Armenia, Mary Khojoyan, senior intern at the children's department at St. Gregory the Illuminator Medical Center, said the hospital had 43 beds for children, and 4-5 of them were now free. But, according to him, this month there have been days when they haven't even had a free bed because people are panic-stricken and even bring a baby to a hospital for a little complaint.
28-02-2020, 21:52
Store glass was shattered, but no shoplifting was committed. Law enforcement officials are working out the details.

YEREVAN, February 28 - Sputnik. In the night of February 28, shots were fired in Yerevan. According to Sputnik Armenia, the Mallorca jewelry store was targeted. The interior glass has been broken, but the shop has not been stolen.

According to some rumors, gunfire was fired from a car salon in the store.
28-02-2020, 21:36
Law enforcers have not yet been able to talk to the baby because she was unable to provide details of the incident.

YEREVAN, February 28 –Sputnik. In Gyumri today, an ambulance went to an apartment on Ghandilyan Street to alert a 35-year-old child.

According to Sputnik Armenia, doctors found on the spot that the woman had given birth at home. The male fetus was dead. The woman was immediately taken to an Austrian mother and baby hospital in Gyumri.
28-02-2020, 21:27
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's daughter Mariam Pashinyan posted a video on her Instagram page, revealing that Anna Hakobyan visited the café at the end of the working day with her elder daughter.