2-09-2020, 15:05
"I never thought I would be what I am now, on my 20th birthday. Everyone thinks it's a jubilee number թիվ you need to have a big party, but I do not like to celebrate my birthday. This year it turned out that I decided to celebrate with a few people, but it is not due to the epidemic, it has to do with me. During the last few months I have been in internal self-isolation, I have started to pay more attention to the people around me, who they are, how they treat me, how I treat them. "So there have been a lot of changes in human relations," he said.
2-09-2020, 14:22
Journalist Vasak Darbinyan wrote on his Facebook page. "The incident with the Malakyan brothers, players of the Armenian national football team, is a great disgrace for the RA Police. Instead of properly performing their official duties, the police were in fact involved in a boy fight and presented themselves as beaten ...

If someone raises a hand on a policeman and the policeman is unable to neutralize the attacker, moreover, he is beaten, then it is not a policeman, but a palate with a chicken that accidentally appeared in the police, which, as the classic would say, he took off his uniform. .. And if the police are lying, they should be immediately prosecuted for giving obviously false testimony.
2-09-2020, 14:16
Former Chief of Police Vladimir Gasparyan's Facebook post.

"29 years ago, on this day, the Nagorno Karabakh Republic not only decided to be free, independent, but also closed the page of grief and losses, fixing it with glorious victories.
This day symbolizes not only the path of independence chosen by Artsakh, but also the perseverance, unbreakable will and freedom-loving spirit of the people of Artsakh.

The challenges have not diminished over the years, but the Armenian nation has repeatedly proven that it can build the glorious pages of its history if the collective will is consolidated.
2-09-2020, 13:09
Months ago, the Armenian model also appeared on the cover of Harpers Bazaar, one of the most prestigious fashion magazines. The author of the photo series was the famous photographer Greg Swells, who is the author of the recent advertising campaigns of "Kim Kardashian" և KKW beauty brands.

Let us remind you that Rubina is the first Armenian model to take part in Victoria's Secret brand shows.
2-09-2020, 12:59
Armenia and Azerbaijan are interested in the settlement of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a speech to MGIMO students' "lecturers".

He said that yesterday he had contacts with the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan Zohrab Mnatsakanyan and Jeyhun Bayramov. "We feel that both sides are interested in resolving the situation, resuming the meetings organized by the co-chairs' representatives in the region."

Then Lavrov made a remarkable clarification. "Our line is based on complex documents built over 18 years, there are so-called" Madrid principles, there are updated versions of documents. We now see how, in the so-called stagnation conditions, there are rumors that we should abandon those documents, start from scratch, or talk about putting some "Plan B" into action. We think this is a big mistake, we are sure that what has been done in recent years should remain the basis for our further work. "I will not say what the preliminary agreements are, it is confidential, but I can assure you that there are solutions that will ensure justice for both the Azerbaijani and Armenian sides," he said.
2-09-2020, 12:50
Maya said that she knows what a wave of interest the news of their couple's separation had raised in the city, she realized that there would be such a reaction, however, she herself changed the status of her Facebook page.

"I was following it all with interest." I thought that there would be a lot of negative reactions to me, because I am a woman, and being a divided woman in our society is not an easy thing, but the opposite happened. I did not encounter any negative reactions, people were so attentive and caring towards me. Many were willing to help me in every way. "But I have a character that I did not need help, I did not accept, just such an attitude and care was certainly pleasant," he said.
2-09-2020, 12:20
On August 25-31, a rally was held in one of the military units of Artsakh on the initiative of Anna Hakobyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the "City of smile" charitable foundations of the "My Step" of the RA Prime Minister, which included people living in Artsakh. 15 women of different ages and professions. The aim of the course was to get acquainted with military life, to acquire military skills.

During the seven days, the women participating in the gathering lived a full military life, wearing uniforms and spending the night in the military unit. During the trainings, the participants underwent more than 20 trainings in professional, line, fire, physical training, tactical basics, first aid, during which the officers of the Defense Army of Azerbaijan taught them line exercises without weapons, the meaning of shooting and field rules, the soldier's actions on the battlefield. Occupying the position of a trench, trench or the mentioned place, moving the battlefield, changing the firing position on the battlefield during defense, moving ammunition under enemy fire.

During the fire training lessons, the participants got acquainted with the main parts and mechanisms of the Kalashnikov assault rifle, optical sighting devices, night-vision devices, their role and significance, passed from the assault rifle, KG machine guns, test firing exercises from the FRG. from the standing position.

The cases of disorders of vital organs, the significance of bandages, bandages, the options of twisting the thigh were taught from the first aid.
2-09-2020, 11:53
"A very nice video is expected. Director Aramayis Hayrapetyan is very modest when talking about what he has done, when he says it will be good, when I see the result, my level of excitement is at its maximum. He never gives high marks, does not exaggerate words, but for the first time in his life he said, Aram, it will be beautiful. I can imagine what is expected to be expressed in such a way, "the singer said enthusiastically, adding that the filming took place in Akhtala.
2-09-2020, 11:45
In the case of the arrest of Gor and Edgar Malakyan, football players brothers already arrested on August 31, who are already accused, the deputies of the "Bright Armenia" faction are ready to provide a guarantee to apply an alternative measure of restraint to them.

The head of the "Bright Armenia" faction Edmon Marukyan informs about this.

His post is below.

Dear citizens,

As the RA Investigative Committee reported on August 31, a criminal case was initiated in the Central Department of the RA Police in connection with the incident in Cascade on August 30, according to Article 316, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code (violence against a government official) և 258- Article 1 (hooliganism) Part 1.

Four police officers were recognized as victims in the criminal case.

The lawyer of the "Edgar" Gor Malakyan brothers, football players of "Ararat" and "Pyunik" football clubs, arrested in the case, informs, however, that the incident took place in a completely different way, and the spread information is very subjective, one-sided, incompletely exaggerated. The photos of the Malakyan brothers are.

According to the lawyer, the course of the criminal case will still show who used violence against whom, and now the presumption of innocence of the Malakyans is being violated, at the same time a big blow is being dealt to the Armenian national team and Armenian football in general.
2-09-2020, 11:43
Two people have been arrested in connection with the criminal case of poisoning of Armavir residents.

The RA Investigative Committee recently issued a statement about this. The penitentiary, however, did not specify the reason for their arrest.

It should be reminded that Ashot Hovsepyan, a resident of Armavir, was arrested in this case yesterday on suspicion of selling goods that did not meet safety requirements. According to the latest data, 20 cases of poisoning have been registered in Armavir region, 9 of which resulted in death. According to the initial version, the residents apparently bought home-made vodka by Hovsepyan, which contained technical methyl alcohol. Samples of 200 liters of vodka found in his house were provided for laboratory examination.