17-10-2019, 18:43
US Vice President Michael Pence, who has been in talks with Turkish President Erdogan in Ankara, has announced an agreement to halt Turkish military operations for 120 hours.

The US and Turkey discussed the possibility of establishing a security zone on the Turkish-Syrian border.

The United States will not lift sanctions against Turkey until a final ceasefire agreement is reached.
17-10-2019, 18:38
John the Watcher v. Ministry
17-10-2019, 18:30
US Vice President Mike Pence said in talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the parties had reached an agreement to stop the ceasefire in Syria.

"Turkey will suspend operations to allow the Kurdish Self-Defense Forces (YPG) to leave the security zone within 120 hours. "All military operations involved in the" Origin of Peace "operation will cease as soon as Kurdish self-defense forces leave the area," Pence said on a live Fox News channel.

According to the US Vice President, the parties, in particular, have agreed that the United States is committed to promoting the withdrawal of Kurdish forces. At the same time, the demarcation line, which will be followed by Kurdish formations, will cross with Turkey about 30 km south of the Syrian border.
17-10-2019, 18:21
Police officers who arrived at the hospital could not speak to him because the man was unable to say anything.

YEREVAN, October 17 - Sputnik. A 30-year-old man was transported to the Erebuni Medical Center by ambulance from Shengavit district, where his neck was cut.

Police officers who arrived at the hospital could not speak to him because the man was unable to say anything.

According to Sputnik Armenia, the man cut his own neck, most likely with a knife.

Taking that step is to end life, or else, law enforcement officials will find out.
17-10-2019, 18:00
Twins: Whatever you plan for today, keep in mind that acting alone is not recommended. You will need supporters and the sooner you find them, the better. The trips will take longer than expected.

You will have the opportunity to breathe new life into love relationships. You will be able to build mutual trust. If you are still looking for your second half, do not miss out on friendly gatherings, where you can meet interesting people.

Cancer. Be as careful as possible today. The problems that arose days ago can be serious. Try to behave correctly no matter how tempting you are, avoid unintentional steps.

Disagreements are possible, disputes over details. Try to keep peace at all costs. If you find yourself in difficult situations, seek help from friends.

Leo. It's a light, successful day, perfect for creative activity. You will be able to implement all your plans and ideas. Practical negotiations will go well. Listen to all opinions, defend your views.

It's a great day for new acquaintances. You'll be impressed by all. They will understand and appreciate you. New relationships will develop harmoniously, bring joy.
17-10-2019, 17:30
Bolshevik of the "End"

At a Republican Party congress in 2014, General Manvel Grigoryan awarded Serzh Sargsyan with a medal on behalf of the Yerkrapah Party. "Hear what you are, Bolshevik of the end." The meaning of what was said was not difficult to understand. At that time, the robotic discipline regarded Serge Sargsyan as its main and "end" guardian. The clan, occupied with plundering the country under the name of "keeping Karabakh", was then confident of Serge Sargsyan's ability to hold the country in its grip. The geopolitics, the frontiers, have long been abolished by clan discipline. By making patriotism a last resort for the ducks, the regime has been trying to inspire everyone for two decades that they are the guarantor of the security of the country and Artsakh, so the people must have some understanding of their predatory appetites. The myth was destroyed during the April war, when all our people realized clearly that they had sacrificed their dignity and rights for the sake of homeland security, but had not gained any security in return.
17-10-2019, 17:23
Schoolchildren, Aurora Forum goodwill ambassadors and guests raised their hands, and their unique ranks turned into words of gratitude.

YEREVAN, October 17 - Sutnik. More than 100 years after the Armenian Genocide, schoolchildren in Gyumri's Vardanants Square sent a special message of gratitude to the world with the phrase "Thank you, world".
Around 1,000 schoolchildren, Aurora Forum goodwill ambassadors and guests raised their hands in rows that looked up from above to become "Thank you, world".

"This is a special thank you to the people who saved nearly one million lives over 100 years ago and helped 130,000 orphans. This is a thank you to the countries that have helped Armenia, "said Tom Katina, a laureate of the Aurora Prize.

Thousands of Armenian children were deprived of their parents in Western Armenia in 1915-18. In 1915 orphanages for orphans were opened first in Kars and then in Alexandrapol. On November 20, 1915, the Armenian charity opened the first orphanage in Alexandrapol. There were 20,000 children in these orphanages in the 1920s.
17-10-2019, 17:00
In the central part of Venezuela, the Su-30 aircraft crashed, killing two pilots. This was stated by the Ministry of Defense of the Bolivarian Republic.

"Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered an in-depth investigation to find out the causes of the disaster," the statement said.
17-10-2019, 16:33
The American CBS TV channel has released a new episode of "SEAL Team" soap opera in the area between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh.

In the episode, the instructor explains the task instructor assigned to travel to Azerbaijan. According to him, "the Armenian armed forces violated the ceasefire in the disputed Nagorno Karabakh zone" and now the power plant on the border with Azerbaijan is in danger.

"Azerbaijan is our only ally in the Caspian Sea," says one instructor, who cannot even name the two countries.

The instructor also said that US special forces should go and defend the Azerbaijani power plant, which is threatened by "Armenian loyalists and Shiites."
17-10-2019, 16:09
Syrian Kurdish units have posted on the Internet a video showing how a German-made tank Leopard 2 is being destroyed by an anti-tank rocket launcher.

It is said that the incident took place near the town of Tel Abyad, which is near the border with Turkey.