17-10-2019, 17:00
In the central part of Venezuela, the Su-30 aircraft crashed, killing two pilots. This was stated by the Ministry of Defense of the Bolivarian Republic.

"Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered an in-depth investigation to find out the causes of the disaster," the statement said.
17-10-2019, 16:33
The American CBS TV channel has released a new episode of "SEAL Team" soap opera in the area between Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh.

In the episode, the instructor explains the task instructor assigned to travel to Azerbaijan. According to him, "the Armenian armed forces violated the ceasefire in the disputed Nagorno Karabakh zone" and now the power plant on the border with Azerbaijan is in danger.

"Azerbaijan is our only ally in the Caspian Sea," says one instructor, who cannot even name the two countries.

The instructor also said that US special forces should go and defend the Azerbaijani power plant, which is threatened by "Armenian loyalists and Shiites."
17-10-2019, 16:09
Syrian Kurdish units have posted on the Internet a video showing how a German-made tank Leopard 2 is being destroyed by an anti-tank rocket launcher.

It is said that the incident took place near the town of Tel Abyad, which is near the border with Turkey.
17-10-2019, 16:02
RPA spokesman Eduard Sharmazanov wrote on his Facebook page: "If it goes on like this, the opponent can take advantage of this 'gift'.

I have noted for years that the main threat to the two Armenian states is Pan-Turkism.
     Neither Turkey nor Azerbaijan have not only declined anti-Armenian policy over the past 1.5 years, but have even strengthened it by organizing joint exercises and military parades.

During that same period, the new Armenian leader not only did not respond to the pan-Turkist threat, but on the contrary, he called Aliyev polite and normal and instead discredited the many leaders who created Artsakh's victory.
     But this is not the end yet.

Aliyev at the summit of the Turkic-speaking states is in direct violation of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia, and the leader of the walkers is silent.
     Pashinyan's regime seeks internal enemies against the CC president, left in danger of pan-Turkism and military aggression.

It is enough to create an image of the enemy within the country.
     The enemy is on the other side of the border, and if you keep on doing so, they will use the "gift" you have.

     And finally understand that the security threat to Armenia is Turkey and Azerbaijan, not Hrayr Tovmasyan's 75-year-old retired father. ”
17-10-2019, 15:43
Five people have been killed as a result of a powerful earthquake in Mindanao, Philippines. Another 77 residents were injured, according to a correspondent.

According to local authorities, 17 people were injured in the city of Makillala, and another 60 in the Tuluna, Magsaysay and Digos districts.
The 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck in the afternoon of October 16. The epicenter of the earthquake was 7km from Colombia.
17-10-2019, 15:27
The Hrayr Tovmasyan's resignation has entered a new phase - the authorities have gone through outright terror, the newspaper writes. Today, representatives of the National Security Service called Hrayr Tovmasyan's father and daughters and called the NSS for a "conversation", not explaining why and in what case.

We also contacted Hrayr Tovmasyan's father, Vardan Tovmasyan. He said that in a conversation with a NSS representative he said that he was ill and could not attend NSS. The NSS members did not retreat, they said, then we will come to your home, today we will visit your home after 4 pm.

Minutes ago we were informed that the NSS members had visited and had a conversation with the father of the CC President. Surprisingly, though, they were mostly asked one question, "When did you repair your home?" Vardan Tovmasyan's question came as a surprise as the house where the parents of the CC president live is a modest one-storey house and does not represent a great value for the attention of the NSS.

Recall that 75-year-old Vardan Tovmasyan lives in Darakert village of Masis region, has undergone severe surgeries in recent years and has serious health problems.
17-10-2019, 15:20
The Prime Minister attended the funeral of the deceased policeman Tigran Arakelyan
17-10-2019, 14:21
Currently, investigators at the National Security Service are at the home of Hrayr Tovmasyan, the father of CC President.

It should be reminded that today representatives of the NSS called Hrayr Tovmasyan's father and daughters and invited NSS to a "conversation", not explaining why and in what case.

Hrayr Tovmasyan's father, Vardan Tovmasyan, told them he was ill and could not go to the National Security Service. NSS officials said they would then go to their home.

In an interview with Tert.am, lawyer Yervand Varosyan expressed the opinion that the actions taken by the state against the president of the RA Constitutional Court and his relatives are not only against him, it is everyone's problem and the government's actions should be resolved in this matter. :

Attorney Mihran Poghosyan told Tert.am that it is clear that Hrayr Tovmasyan is being persecuted solely on the grounds that Hrayr Tovmasyan may also be displeased with the authorities in other criminal cases.

"If we compare the chronology with all this, after the failure of all other options, this is a sharp and, in my estimation, an act by the authorities to isolate the CC President. And if, in the beginning, it was about some members of the Constitutional Court, after the Prime Minister's speech, the specific guidance was directed towards Hrayr Tovmasyan, "he said.
17-10-2019, 14:20
BBC Russian service reports that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received a letter from US President Donald Trump and threw it in the trash.

It should be reminded that in his letter Tramp suggested Erdogan to negotiate with the Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Kurdish troops and come to an agreement to resolve the situation in the country.
17-10-2019, 14:20
Arabkir Police Protection Unit, on suspicion of the murder of 38-year-old opposition activist was detained brothers Hrach G. admits guilt and regret for what happened. 16-year-old suspect Ferdinand Sargsyan told us about this.

"He accepts the suspicion, admits that such a situation has happened, does not deny it, even supported the investigation and sincerely regretted it. I was just in my case, in essence, reporting that he had no intention of depriving the police officer of his life, ”the public defender said.

Asked whether he had also confessed to the robbery, the lawyer gave a positive answer.