26-10-2019, 06:15
168 Zham writes: "Moscow will raise the issue of the failure of the arms sales contest during its contacts with Yerevan. Earlier, several leading Russian media outlets, such as RIA Novosti news agency and RKK website, reported that Moscow would send a note of protest to Yerevan over the failure of a Russian arms sales contest involving the Russian ORSIS company. The publications stated that the Ministry of Defense of Armenia had announced a tender for a large multi-million dollar batch of special equipment won by the Russian company ORSIS with its Armenian representation.
26-10-2019, 06:07
American rapper Kanye West has embraced Christianity, recorded a Christian hip-hop album, repented of past sins and is considering a run for the presidency, reports the BBC.

Previously, Kanye called himself a "god", defended US President Donald Trump and was being treated to get rid of mental problems.
26-10-2019, 05:49
Hraparak daily writes: "Law enforcement officials have begun to complain that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan does not give them rest. He may even call the leaders of the law enforcement bodies at midnight, 3 or 4 pm, and give instructions to convey what he or she has remembered about this important case or information or consideration obtained.

Sometimes, they are just interested in the fate of a case. ”
26-10-2019, 05:42
Weather in Armenia and Artsakh
In the territory of the Republic:

No precipitation expected on October 26-30.

Wind south-east - 3-8 m / s.

The air temperature will go up by 1-2 degrees in the afternoon of October 25.

Weather in RA regions and Artsakh
Weather in RA regions and Artsakh
In the city of Yerevan:

No precipitation expected on October 26-30.

Weather in the capital:
Weather in the capital:
Multi-annual climatic data for Yerevan October 26

• Maximum air temperature: 25.30C (1972)
     • Minimum air temperature: -2.90C (1977)
     • Average daily air temperature - 11.30C
26-10-2019, 05:34
“On October 24, former CC President Gagik Harutyunyan was interrogated as a witness at the SIS by the criminal case initiated against former RA NA Speaker Ara Babloyan and Deputy Chief of Staff Arsen Babayan. "Zhoghovurd" Daily Has Exclusive Details From Harutyunyan's interview with SIS investigators. Investigators inquired when his resignation letter was sent to the National Assembly.

According to our information, G. Harutyunyan said he wrote his resignation on March 1, but was told that it had been submitted to the National Assembly on March 2. SIS Investigator G. Harutyunyan presented Arsen Babayan with all charges of embezzlement, but G. Harutyunyan, referring to a number of laws, presented several pages of rather lengthy explanations, arguing that there could not be a post of the President of the Constitutional Court, everything was done by law.
26-10-2019, 00:27
Lawyer Alexander Kochubayev wrote on his Facebook page: “Releasing the members of the Sasna Tsrer terrorist group from custody and refusing to release Nairi Hunanyan, the Republic of Armenia violated the principle of equality before the law.
      The only way out is either to release Nairi Hunanyan or to arrest the members of the above-mentioned terrorist group ...
      In my opinion, all terrorists, regardless of their power source, should be in prison. "
25-10-2019, 23:50

«Karravarut’yan kulisnerum khosakts’ut’yunner yen shrjanarrvum ayn masin, vor HH varch’apet Nikol P’ashinyany hrahangel e lrjaguyn stugumner irakanats’nel uzhayin nakhararut’yunnerum:

Khndir e drvats nakhkin pashtonyaneri dem p’at’et’ner havak’el arrajikayum hanrut’yany hert’akan «skandalayin bats’ahaytumnerov» kerakrelu hamar:

Ays amenn arravel nrbankat irakanats’nelu hamar AIN nakharar Felik’s Ts’volakyany haytararets’, vor ink’n e dimel N. P’ashinyanin՝ AIN-um stugumner irakanats’nelu khndrank’ov:

Minch’derr angam yep’ats havi hamar parz e, vor AIN-n, ays depk’um zut shirma e»:

Manramasnery՝ t’ert’i aysorva hamarum
"There are rumors that the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan has ordered serious inspections in the power ministries.

The task is to gather packages against former officials to feed the public with yet another "scandalous revelation".

Minister of Emergency Situations Felix Tsolakyan announced that he had applied to N.Kh. Pashinyan's request to conduct inspections at the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

But even for boiled chicken, it is clear that the Ministry of Emergency Situations is a mere sharma. "
25-10-2019, 23:38
Yesterday NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan made a disgraceful speech at the PACE European Conference of Parliament Speakers.

In his Strasbourg speech, Ararat Mirzoyan referred to the developments in the Armenian judicial system and spoke in particular about the Constitutional Court. "It is regrettable to note that the Constitutional Court of Armenia is not indifferent to these negative processes and is perceived by the people as a symbol of systemic injustice and the last position of the previous regime. This body, which is called to defend the Constitution, ensure its supremacy and put in place a mechanism of restraint and counterbalance, acts as a group with political motives, deviating from its constitutional mission and thus endangering the common democratic values ​​that unite us under the auspices of the Council of Europe. under.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Being a democratic and legitimate parliament and government of Armenia, we cannot turn a blind eye to the process of rule of law in our country and the failure of democratic institutions. This situation is an imminent threat to constitutional security and stability, which may shake the foundations of Armenia's new democracy if appropriate measures are not taken. Unfortunately, there are no proven solutions to such situations as we can usually see in transitional societies or young democracies. In some cases, young democracies fail to overcome such challenges, remaining in a trap where the literal interpretation of written procedures is subordinated to the spirit and philosophy of the law.
However, I would like to reaffirm that the solution we find in Armenia will be in line with the undeniable principles of democracy, human rights, institutional values ​​and the spirit of the law. "
In fact, the Speaker of the National Assembly gave a political assessment to the Constitutional Court's actions, however, forgetting that the Constitutional Court is an apolitical body and is not obliged to be guided by the political interests of the day's rule. When a high-level international parliament speaker declares that the Constitutional Court has deviated from its constitutional mission and is a threat to shared democratic values, it is likely to justify and point to a specific case.
In his speech, Ararat Mirzoyan, in essence, from the International Tribunal has confirmed that the CC is subject to political persecution by the new government. At the same time, the political power does not hide it and is proud to announce it from the international platforms. This is also an extremely shameful situation for the PACE, with the help of which the Armenian authorities are trying to resolve the issue of Hrayr Tovmasyan's resignation. Internal resources - repressions, persecution, imprisonment, and threats - are in fact insufficient; the revolutionaries have decided to "bring in a boy" from outside.
This shameful process is carried out by the authority of the day, bearing the banner of democracy and judicial independence. It is interesting that if the government succeeds in resigning Hrayr Tovmasyan and eventually revolutionary heart judge Vahe Grigoryan becomes president of the Constitutional Court, will the Republic of Armenia then have an independent Constitutional Court? After all, what is the purpose of having a regular government subordinate to the CC or finally having a constitution that is not accountable for the day's government, independent of the day's authority?
Yesterday the President of the Constitutional Court Hrayr Tovmasyan, referring to the events surrounding the Constitutional Court, stated: "The pressures or the events that take place around the Constitutional Court are the very way that the judiciary gains its independence. This way you have to make money, nobody will bring you to the tray and give you your independence. "

After the revolution there was an exceptional chance to have a law solely for the Constitutional Court. The present Constitutional Court was mainly formed under the rule of the former government and in this respect has no obligations to the present government. On the other hand, the incumbent government has the task of oppressing the Constitutional Court in any way, so the Constitutional Court has to be guided exclusively by the constitution and not by the interests of the former authorities, as some foolishly claim. The Constitutional Court is obliged merely by self-defense instinct, it has no choice but to be guided solely by law.

 Hayk Davtyan
25-10-2019, 22:56
Journalist, Orientalist Boris Murazine writes on his Facebook page: “This is very, very bad. It is an even more disgusting step to erect a Pashinyan statue. ”
This is very, very bad. It is an even more disgusting step to erect a Pashinyan statue.
25-10-2019, 22:40
Viktor Mnatsakanyan, the head of the Kentron district of Yerevan, announced yesterday that he has filed a resignation. According to him, the decision to resign has no political motive and is an exclusively personal decision. However, according to our information, Mnatsakanyan's unexpected decision caused a stir in the Yerevan municipality. Both the members of the ruling "My Step" faction of the Yerevan Council of Elders and the administration of the administrative districts are seriously concerned that it is the time to leave the ship of government, which is what the smart ones are doing at the right time. W. Mnatsakanyan has always been considered among the most intelligent and inadequate of the Mnatsakanians, so if he resigns, then he should be condemned if the opportunity arises.