13-10-2019, 15:50
Giorgio Petrosyan, an Armenian kickboxer from Italy, defeated Algeria's Semi Sana in the One FC championship fight.

The legendary athlete earned $ 1 million after winning the fight, the highest ever in boxing history.
13-10-2019, 15:42
Host Gohar Gasparyan has become a mother for the second time. This is what the announcer posted on Instagram.

“Our second son, TADEN, was born with God's will and blessing. May this incredible miracle happen to all families. We thank Dr. David Abovyan, a dedicated specialist who is with our family in a highly professional and peaceful manner.
13-10-2019, 15:31
Residents of Aghavnadzor village of Dzor region organized a protest action today. They complain about the low prices for grapes. It is claimed that this year Proshyan Brandy Company is offering to buy grapes at twice lower price than last year. The plant bought 1 kg of "grape" grapes last year for 470 drams and now offers 225 drams. LURER.com correspondent talked to Husik Sahakyan, head of Areni Larger Community (Aghavnadzor Village).
13-10-2019, 15:25
On September 16, a video was posted online that showed Nikol Pashinyan's daughter Mariam Pashinyan walking around Yerevan with a bodyguard. Later it became clear that the young man accompanying Mariam was the son of the Prime Minister, Ashot Pashinyan, who was in compulsory military service.

In this regard, Artsrun Hovhannisyan told Aysor.am that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's son, Ashot Pashinyan, is in regular recess.

"Ashot Pashinyan received his second major leave of absence for five days on Saturday (September 14), which any serviceman receives if there are no violations, shortcomings," the MOD spokesman said.

Artsrun Hovhannisyan noted that along with Ashot Pashinyan, other soldiers of the military unit were also given a five-day leave.

"Besides, Ashot Pashinyan received another major leave, which is also granted to all servicemen for 10 days after serving six months," Artsrun Hovhannisyan said.

A spokesman for the defense ministry added that the son of the prime minister had not taken other vacations and had not left the military unit.

"There are vacations, for hours or half a day, which take place only in the garrison area, most of the surrounding area," Artsrun Hovhannisyan added.

In this regard, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's spokesman wrote: "Ashot Pashinyan, son of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, a regular in the NKR Defense Army, is on a regular vacation, used by all the soldiers of the Defense Army who have no disciplinary violations. Around 400 servicemen serving in the Defense Army for more than a year are on vacation every week. "

In fact, both the spokesman for the prime minister and the spokesman for the defense ministry said that Ashot Pashinyan was on a regular vacation at the time of the video's release.

Could Ashot Pashinyan be on regular leave as a conscript?

According to Article 28, Part 1 of the RA Law on Military Service and the Status of Servicemen, the following leave shall be granted to compulsory military servicemen:

due to illness (remedial),
per month.
13-10-2019, 15:16
Russian Tambov resident Eugenia Smetanina, who has been recognized as the "Miss Vice" at the 2017 "Russian Beauty" contest, is in serious condition after a car accident in Minsk. According to RIA Novosti, Yevgenya said she was expecting a series of surgeries.

“My situation is difficult. There is a tube in my lung, my whole body is broken. I have to literally "collect". I am waiting for a number of surgeries, "said Smetaninina. He is currently attending the Republican Scientific Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics in Minsk.

He has already had two surgeries. Next Tuesday he will undergo another right leg operation. After surgery, he will need rehabilitation treatment.

The accident occurred in the Borisovsk region of Minsk region of Belarus. According to the girl, the accident happened on September 5, but it was not known because she was in a very serious condition.

He was traveling in a minibus traveling from Moscow to Minsk, the driver of which fell asleep at the wheel in the morning, causing the vehicle to collide with a truck traveling in the opposite lane.
13-10-2019, 15:11
A couple of years ago, in Strasbourg, breaking Erdogan's bodyguards, I gave Erdogan a photo archive of photos of the victims of the Armenian Genocide. He took it and began to glance coldly. And today the story repeats itself.
The same eyes that cannot be seen without pain and anger.
13-10-2019, 15:08
On October 11, 2009, the Chief Criminal Investigation Department of the Police (Head of the Department Artak Karapetyan), Lori Regional Police Chief Gevorg Hakobyan, Vanadzor Taron Division of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Police Investigative Division of the Vazgen Torosyan Investigative Division Headed by Anna Mantashyan, Head of the Department, and especially Senior Investigator Taron Tadevosyan, in realizing the obtained operational data on the same day at 08:00 During an attempt to escape from the Bagratashen border checkpoint in Armenia, 39-year-old Tigran Baroyan, a resident of Michurin Street in Vanadzor, was found and taken to the Lori Regional Police Department. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, the latter confessed to the facts that on October 4, during a quarrel in the basement of Michurin street in Vanadzor, on October 4, he fired two gunshots and fled. C. According to Shamshyan, the head of the investigative group T. According to Tadevosyan's decision Baroyan was arrested, who is the son of Hakob Grigoryan's sister, arrested in the same murder case. Fr. Baroyan also works at Jiliza Forestry. As SHAMSHYAN.com reported earlier, on October 7, the head of the Lori regional investigation department of the Armenian Investigation Committee, head of the investigative group established by the decision of Justice Colonel Anna Mantashyan, senior investigator on particularly important cases of the same department, Taron Tadevosyan filed a petition to the Lori region general jurisdiction. court order for the court to impose a two-month jail sentence on 46-year-old Hakob Grigoryan, a resident of Vanadzor. According to photojournalist Gagik Shamshyan, Judge Mushegh Harutyunyan satisfied the head of the investigation team after returning from a closed-door hearing and returning from the consultation room. Tadevosyan's Mediation Grigoryan was transferred from the court to the Vanadzor penitentiary of the RA Ministry of Justice.
13-10-2019, 15:02
"Mr. Balasanyan gives his assessments, which are not new. Maybe they are a little sharp, a little complete. But there were interesting reactions to the attack on social networks and the media, ”ADV interviewed Aghvan Vardanyan, a politician and former MP, referring to Vitaly Balasanyan's interview and reactions.
13-10-2019, 14:57
Recall that earlier referring to the statement made today by member of Sasun Varuzhan Varuzhan Avetisyan that Vitaly Balasanyan should be held accountable for anti-legal and anti-state activities, Balasanyan stated that he did not want to comment on and respond to any terrorist act.

"There are 150,000 people living here, and their decision to declare Artsakh's independence, to enforce the Constitution and to form state institutions must be respected.

We are not saying that Artsakh has nothing to do with the Republic of Armenia, I just repeat: we have one homeland and two Armenian republics, ”Balasanyan said.

Balasanyan also said that he himself organized the beating and slaughter of Berdzor.

Shameful scuffle scenes below.
13-10-2019, 14:48
Gagik Surenyan, Head of the Meteorological Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations, wrote on his Facebook page:

“We will have a wonderful week again in the weather. There is no precipitation throughout the week, the sky will be clear and the air temperature will gradually rise by 4-5 degrees in all regions on October 14-16. The air temperature will reach +27 ... + 28 degrees on October 16 in the valley area of the republic, including in Yerevan. Enjoy! "