24-11-2020, 18:34
Armenian servicemen blew up the building of a military unit in Karvachar, which will be under the control of Azerbaijan in a few hours.
24-11-2020, 18:17
Hayk Marutyan, who went to the front in the last days of the war, but did not take part in the hot battles, again appeared in the center of our attention with his different decisions. This time he made an ugly decision. According to our information, Marutyan instructed the heads of the administrative districts of Yerevan not to post black ribbons with the names of the victims of the war, and those that have already been posted are removed prematurely. The meaning is to remember as little as possible about the defeat and our thousands of victims, so that the wave of protests does not end in the capital.
We tried to find out the information from several district heads, but they did not answer our phone calls. Only the head of Avan district said that the black ribbons were posted.

We also applied to the Yerevan Municipality, they demanded a written inquiry from there. If we receive the answer to the question, we will publish it.

By the way, Yerevan is the city with the largest population, more than half of the population of Armenia lives in Yerevan, therefore, the number of victims here is higher than in other cities of the regions. So here these ribbons were to be found much more often than in other cities, while they are posted only in a few suburban secondary streets.

It should be noted that many black ribbons are posted in all regions of Armenia at the moment, the ribbon with the name of each victim is removed 40 days after his funeral. There are cities where those black ribbons are on all the streets.
24-11-2020, 15:29
The National Assembly voted in favor of the motion to deprive the leader of the "Prosperous Armenia" party Gagik Tsarukyan of his mandate so that it could be sent to the Constitutional Court. PAP MP Arman Abovyan announced about this at the briefing after the sitting.

It should be reminded that the National Assembly Council convened a sitting today to apply to the Constitutional Court to deprive PAP leader Gagik Tsarukyan of his parliamentary mandate.
24-11-2020, 14:58
Since yesterday, telegrams have been circulating that more than two dozen high-ranking officers of the Azerbaijani army, who have actively participated in the hostilities in Karabakh, are taking part in the impending military coup in Azerbaijan. The article says that in addition to the servicemen of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, the list also includes the State Border Service, the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the conscription and mobilization service of the Republic of Azerbaijan. It is possible that some of the individuals on the lists have close personal and business ties to Turkey's highest military-political circles. Below we present to your attention the preliminary list of high-ranking officers. 1․Ilgar Latifov - Chief of Staff of the 4th Army Corps of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Major General, Acting Chief of Staff of the 3rd Army Corps. Munasib Babayev - Chief of Staff of the 2nd Army Corps of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Major General. Gadir Nasibov - Chief of Staff of the General Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, Major General. 4 ․ Teymur Eyubov - Deputy Commander of the Independent Joint Forces (OOA) in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. 5․Fazil Agalarov - Chief of Staff of the Independent Joint Armed Forces in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, Major General. Vyugar Alakhverdiyev - Chief of Staff of the Army Corps, Major General. Elman Oruj - Deputy Commander of the Independent Joint Armed Forces (OOA) in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, Major General. 8 ․ Shahin Mammadov - Commander of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Lieutenant General. 9 ․ Rasim Babayev - Head of the Department of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Major General. 10 ․ Raur Gumbatov - former commander of the AR Navy, Captain of the 1st rank. 11․Mamed Eminov - AR Armed Forces Communication պետ Chief of ACS, Major General. 12 ․ Zaur Abdullah - Deputy Head of the State Service for Development and Mobilization, Major General. 13Ilham Mehdi - Deputy Head of the State Border Service, Lieutenant General. 14 ․ Azad Alekperov - Deputy Head of the State Border Service, Lieutenant General. 15 ․ Selim Niftaliev - Commander of a separate operative brigade of Nakhichevan Internal Troops, Major General. Rovshan Akberov - ВС АР, Commander of the 4th Army Corps, Lieutenant General. 17 ․ Arzu Rahimov - Head of the State Service of Conscription, Lieutenant General. 18․Mahmed Hasanov - H. in Nakhichevan Head of Ali Military Lyceum, Major General. 19 ․ Ekram Haji - Commander of the Rapid Reaction Force of the State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Major General. 20․ Misir Aliyev - Commander of the 2025 Rapid Reaction Brigade of the State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Colonel.
24-11-2020, 14:43
It should be reminded that on November 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Ali adopted a joint statement on the cessation of hostilities.

The trilateral statement states in particular that Kelbajar will be returned to Azerbaijan by November 15 (later that period was extended by 10 days), Aghdam region by November 20, and Lachin region by December 1, leaving a corridor. 5 km wide, which will ensure Armenia's connection, but will not touch Shushi.

Armenia provides transport links between the "Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic" of the western regions of Azerbaijan.

Along with the line of contact in Nagorno-Karabakh, in the Lachin corridor, Russian peacekeeping forces of the size of 1960 troops, with firearms, 90 armored transport և 380 vehicles և special equipment are deployed.

The peacekeepers remain for five years with the possibility of automatic extension, unless the parties announce the termination of this provision six months before the expiration of the next five years.

It is also mentioned that internally displaced persons, refugees are returning to the regions adjacent to Nagorno-Karabakh, prisoners of war are being exchanged, other detainees are being exchanged, and all economic and transport ties in the region are being blocked.

It should be noted that according to the latest data, 1678 servicemen from the Armenian side were killed during the war unleashed by Azerbaijan with the support of Turkey. There are 50 victims and 148 wounded among the civilians.
24-11-2020, 14:26
Yesterday, "Hraparak" was provided with information և videos on the use of other "artillery" means of "Iskander" missile complex used in the direction of Shushi on November 8.

According to the information provided to the "Hraparak" journalist, on November 7, the Azerbaijani forces enter Shushi, in the evening our artillery gives new coordinates to everyone working in that direction, and on November 8 in the morning from 8:40 to 9:00 our The forces start firing rockets at Shushi.

As for the presence or absence of our troops there, the death of our soldiers, it is not clear, because the Armenian side did not fire on a part of Shushi on the right, it is possible that we had troops there, which was preparing after those strikes. to clean և purely the forces of the enemy և has done.

There are 2 shells of "Iskander", which hit mainly the southern and eastern parts of Shushi, and the artillery shells and mines are innumerable.
24-11-2020, 14:09
During telephone conversations, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Ali to discuss further steps by Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno Karabakh to provide humanitarian assistance to the population, the Kremlin press service reported.

"The order of work of Russian peacekeepers in the Nagorno Karabakh region and further steps to provide humanitarian aid to the population were discussed. The issues of economic cooperation and unblocking of transport communication in the region were also touched upon, "the statement reads.
24-11-2020, 14:01
The Turkish government has relocated dozens of Arab-Turkmen families to Nagorno-Karabakh to resettle them in areas under Azerbaijani control following the Artsakh war and to bring about demographic change in the region. This was reported by Sky News Arabia, citing its source.

Shivan Khaburi, a spokesman for the Syrian և Northern Archeology Authority, confirmed to Sky News Arabia that Turkish authorities had relocated families from Syria to Nagorno-Karabakh.

Khaburi insisted that this was done to bring about demographic change in Nagorno-Karabakh. He said demographic change was not a new approach for the Turkish government, as it had previously been used in the northeastern Syrian city of Afrin, where less than 7 percent of the population now lives. They want to repeat the same experience in Karabakh.

Turkish-backed Azerbaijan seized territory from Armenia during the six-week war, leading to the withdrawal of Armenian troops from Nagorno-Karabakh.

Moreover, Lamar Arkandi, a researcher on terrorist groups, noted that the Turkish government is working to relocate Syrian families from northeastern Syrian cities, especially Afrin, to the Nagorno-Karabakh region after withdrawing Armenian forces from there and handing over the territories to Azerbaijan.

Arkandi added that after capturing some of Nagorno-Karabakh's meat, Turkey would take the second step, sending its troops there to directly blockade Karabakh.

Earlier it was reported that the Turkish occupation forces in Syria recently opened two offices in the center of the Afrin region, where they register the names of families wishing to settle permanently in the territories under Azerbaijani control in Nagorno Karabakh.

The sources confirmed that the first office is located in the area of ​​People Credit Bank in Afrin, which serves as the headquarters of Turkish intelligence, and the second office is located in an area that also serves as the center of Turkish intelligence.

According to the sources, the names of the families of Turkmen origin are registered in both departments, especially they collect data about those families for their transfer from the province of Homs to Nagorno-Karabakh.

It is mentioned that a Turkish intelligence officer named Abu Tarvat, who was born in the village of Azaz, heads the first office, while a man named Hiru, who is from a village in the Al Ray district, in cooperation with Islamic militias, helps him implement the program.

On November 10, the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Vladimir Putin, Ilham Ali, Nikol Pashinyan signed a joint statement on the cessation of hostilities in Nagorno Karabakh. According to the statement, a number of regions are under the control of Azerbaijan, the sides are exchanging prisoners, along the line of contact քով Russian peacekeepers are deployed along the Lachin corridor connecting Karabakh to Armenia.
24-11-2020, 13:58
Tomorrow, November 25, Karvachar will be handed over to the Turks. The Turks, unfortunately, did not choose the day by chance. November 25 is the birthday of the legendary commander Monte Melkonyan, who is one of the leaders of the operation to liberate Karvachar in March-April 1993 (Monte Melkonyan (Avo) -Martakert front).

168.am writes about this.

"Igor Khachaturov, the son of Colonel-General Yuri Khachaturov (Yuri Khachaturov-Lachin corridor), one of the commanders of the operation, who took part in the last war, was extremely upset by the handover of Karvachar" by Nikol Pashinyan ".

"Listen, abortion, Monte will meet you there, look at your sick rickshaw and ask, 'Oh donkey, were you the one who turned the last page of Armenian history?' And maybe for the first time he curses. In fact, we all have our share of guilt. But the goal must lead us. "My goal is to look into my father's eyes with a clear forehead, without shame, knowing that Karvachar is ours, it is ARMENIAN," Igor Khachaturov told Nikol Pashinyan in a conversation with 168.am.

During the first Artsakh war, Karvachar was an important strategic point for the Armenian side, as a result of the liberation of which a stable connection was established between Armenia and Artsakh, the front line was significantly reduced, and the rear of Martakert became secure. The liberation of Martakert would not have been possible without establishing control over Karvachar.

The liberation of Karvachar eliminated not only the threat to the security of Martakert, but also Vardenis, where before that the population had started collecting basic necessities and was going to move to Shan. This was a step, the preparations for which began in the winter, which changed the general military-political situation, keeping Artsakh in an advantageous position.

Accordingly, one can imagine what we will have if Karvachar is not under our control. And this is according to the so-called calculations of the 90s, "the media outlet writes.
24-11-2020, 13:22
The situation in Karabakh is generally stabilizing, with Russian peacekeepers ensuring the safety of civilians. The statement came from Russian President Vladimir Putin, RIA Novosti reported.

"In accordance with the statement of the Presidents of Russia, Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Armenia on the ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh, the Russian peacekeeping contingent is monitoring the ceasefire, accompanying returning refugees and humanitarian aid. "The situation has generally stabilized," Putin said during a ceremony to present credentials to the ambassadors.