28-02-2020, 21:23
"We need to be a little more careful with each other, with a little love for each other, because the name of these changes was a velvety, love revolution. Sometimes you see some crazy faces saying, 'Do this, what a velvet, I don't know what that is,' ”singer Arsen Safaryan told 24 TV's Zadadar.

     He considers the most important achievement since the velvet revolution to be the change of citizens' rights in the country that today everyone thinks, yes, I am a claimant. “I don't want my child to be scared of someone's car. I want our authorities to do everything in their power to ensure that the system works in all spheres, so that there is no change in the country by anybody's personal decision, ”Safaryan said.
28-02-2020, 20:33
Paris is on fire again - one of France's six biggest railway stations, Lyon Station, is burning. Firefighters said the fire was isolated, with passengers and workers evacuated.

There is information that the fire was the result of deliberate arson. It was set on fire by people who did not like the concert of Congolese artist Fally Ipupa, which was to take place at 19:00 at the AccorHotels Arena Concert Hall near the station.

Unknown people set fire to trash cans and motorcycles attached to the station wall, Frans Press reports. They have also tried to build barricades to hinder firefighters.
28-02-2020, 20:23
The woman stands on top of her daughter's head and tries to choke him. The nickname on social media has been dubbed the "Nuevo León Biena," a woman's outrage over her daughter's mistreatment and somehow trying to kill her.

The woman blows at the feet of a little girl, who is no more than six years old, and also stands on it with the weight of her body. He does the same with his ass, putting his little face on his head, crushing and strangling him.
28-02-2020, 20:20
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visits citizens' flats in Yerevan to find out whether the 100 facts of government activity have changed anything or not in people's lives.

The Prime Minister is in Nor Nork, visiting apartments in one of the randomly selected buildings. At the entrance to Pashinyan, one of the residents of the building approached him and greeted the Prime Minister and then asked, "Don't you remember me saying that you were Sergei's man?"

Nikol Pashinyan said he could not remember her, but asked why he had said such a thing. The man did not respond to the question, but stressed that he was already backing Prime Minister Pashinyan. "The citizen says to Pashinyan, 'It's a joke ... did you remember,'" Pashinyan laughed, then asked, "When and under what conditions did you say," then added, "Well, it's gone."
28-02-2020, 19:56
In Paris, one of France's largest stations, the station of Lyon, is burning. It is reported by BBC.

Supposedly, the station was set on fire.

There is no information about the victims. Firefighters are working at the scene.
28-02-2020, 19:39
The first victim of a coronavirus, an 85-year-old man from the town of Uhan, was hospitalized on January 1 with a brain attack. Initially, the patient had no symptoms characteristic of coronavirus. But on the 10th day of treatment she had high fever and itching in her throat. Computed tomography in two lungs showed the presence of infectious foci. COVID-2019 was confirmed by the patient on the 13th day after hospitalization. The test gave a positive result. The patient died on the 28th day due to pneumonia and respiratory failure.

The autopsy showed that "a typical inflammatory reaction is damage to the deeper parts of the airways and lung alveoli." This is due to pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus. Experts noted that the signs of the pathology that appeared in the patient's lungs were similar to those of SARS or MERS pneumonia.

According to a report by Chinese experts, the effect of the virus on internal organs doctors can not yet find out.
28-02-2020, 19:28
A young Russian doctor who now works at a hospital in Shenzhen, China, has given some advice on how to distinguish and protect against a new type of coronavirus.

If you have a flu and have colds during the cold, you cannot be infected with coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a pneumonia, a dry cough without the flu. This is the easiest way to distinguish.

The virus that is spreading is not heat resistant and disappears at 26-27 degrees Celsius. So drink plenty of hot tea, stay in the sun for a long time. Hot water is not a medicine, it is good for health and effective in combating all viruses.

The virus is quite large in size. The diameter of the cell is 400-500 nm. Therefore, an ordinary medical mask can refine it.

If the virus falls on a metal surface, it will live for at least 12 hours. So if you have touched a metal surface, wash your hands well. The virus lives on the cloth for 6-12 hours. Ordinary washing powder is likely to kill it. It is enough to dry clothes outside to kill viruses.

When the virus enters the body, throat dryness occurs, which also occurs in the case of angina. This feeling lasts for 3-4 days. The virus will then mix with the nasal fluid, fall into the trachea, then into the lungs, causing pneumonia. This process will take 5-6 days.

In the case of coronavirus pneumonia, high fever and difficulty in breathing occur. Nose closure is not like usual closure, it is the impression that you are drowning. In this case, you should seek medical attention immediately.

About prevention

The most common way to get infected is to touch sick people, so wash your hands often. The virus will only live for 5-10 minutes on your hands, but it is enough for you to unconsciously touch the nose, eyes, and mouth several times, infecting yourself.

It is also possible to rinse the throat frequently with Betadin to disinfect viruses that are still in the throat.
28-02-2020, 19:18
Turkologist, Kurdish expert Karen Hovhannisyan wrote on his Facebook page: "What finally happened in the past 24 hours? During these 24 hours, Turkey appeared to the world in all its misery.

In Idlib, as in other Syrian settlements, the stealth was trying to carry out a military operation. He should not have been where the Syrian forces had struck, while he was there supporting terrorists. To say that the Russians or the Syrians did not know about it would be naive, but decided that they should severely punish Turkey for its misery. After beating himself up in Idlib, Erdogan has ordered the shutdown of social networks in Turkey because of concerns that anti-government protests could be launched with the help of social networks. After the bloody defeat, the Pentagon is calling, I suppose the US forces in Syria will help, but in vain, the US is limited by the statement.

Calling NATO, again with the expectation of military assistance, there is also frustration here, as NATO too is satisfied with the statement. It uses traditional blackmail, declares that it opens the door for refugees to Europe, and zero reaction from around the world. Erdogan's panic-stricken security meeting, meetings with political party leaders, addressing the people also do not bother him, and he is forced to engage in direct dialogue. This time, he calls Putin and asks for a meeting, and Putin, I suppose, puts Erdogan ahead of the discussion. This is all the more evident after Lavrov's statement not to interfere with the Syrian army in the fight against terrorists, with full control of the two roads of strategic importance ...

Here is today's Turkey with all its "charm".
28-02-2020, 18:01
Aries. Not all issues are resolved, but you prefer not to focus on them and move on. Remember that it takes effort to succeed. Only those who take other measures, avoid open clashes, resort to cunning are easily reached.

Disagreements will arise with men, you will not even understand those with whom you have always been in solidarity. Today you are very strict, make sharp comments, even your closest friends and relatives will be criticized.

Taurus. The ability to easily communicate with strangers is not in your favor today. The stars advise you to be more cautious and not to negotiate or bargain. Profits from commercial transactions will be highly questionable.

There is no need to come up with practical suggestions today. It is also not desirable to make decisions that can lead to serious changes. Be prudent not only in business but also in personal relationships. Before moving to a new location or undertaking repairs, it is advisable to do some good work.

Twins: You will get things done right in time, and you will start doing things that will be profitable. All attempts to persuade, distract, and hinder you to the contrary are in vain. It's a great day to restore old business relationships, return to your former jobs. You will meet people with whom you have shared common business interests.

In terms of personal relationships, the day is a success. But nothing is easy, you have to work on yourself, overcome your weaknesses, give up bad habits.

Cancer. It's a great day for anyone who is concerned about dealing with family and loved ones. Focusing on the job is unlikely to succeed, but you will be able to spend a wonderful time with friends. Easily find language with them and avoid disagreements.

Not all markers will be able to reasonably be guided. Many crayfish give the impression of imagination. Fortunately, there will be people who will help you avoid mistakes and keep back your thoughtless steps. Although today you do not always follow the advice of the heartfelt.

Leo. You want sharp feelings, and that desire can cause you to think unintentionally. For many celebrities, the day is associated with some unpleasant events. In any case, the result will be that you gain a lot of experience, you will learn new things.

It is a good day for active rest and for trips. If you still can't afford to get out of the way, plan for your next trip. It will be fun and will raise the mood. It's a great day for dating, relationships with a loved one.
28-02-2020, 17:53
"You're not getting closer than a meter." Special outfit escorted to Iran from Iran (video)