24-01-2021, 09:20
Twice, on October 3 and October 11, Pashinyan rejected the offer of a European country to send anti-aircraft systems to Armenia, or rather anti-drone systems," the National Security Service said during a regular broadcast of the "Pressing" program. (NSS) former director David Shahnazaryan.

Ս. To Seyranyan's clarifying question whether that country was France, he answered yes.

"I am responsible for everything I say, they will not try to deny it either, because I say the dates, when it happened," he said.

According to S. During Seyranyan's meeting with some members of the Armenian community, French President Macron expressed his surprise and bewilderment and offered help, but Pashinyan refused.

According to Davit Shahnazaryan, twice, on October 18 and November 4, Ali addressed Erdogan, saying that he was exhausted and could not continue.
24-01-2021, 08:26
In the territory of the republic:

No precipitation is expected on January 24-28.

Wind north-west, 5-8 m / s.

The air temperature will gradually rise by 7-10 degrees in the whole territory of the republic on January 26-28.
24-01-2021, 08:20
Elina Janibekyan, the wife of the founder of "Comedy Club Production", the first deputy head of "Gazprom-Media Entertainment Television" subholding, producer Arthur Janibekyan, has been sincerely concerned for the Armenian people since the very first day of the Artsakh war. He published and wrote about this topic almost every day.
24-01-2021, 07:59
After NA Speaker Ararat Mirzoyan was beaten, his bodyguard quadrupled. Instead of 2 employees of the NSS State Protection Service, he is now guarded by 8.
24-01-2021, 07:45
"One of the victims of March 1, Gor Kloyan's father, Sargis Kloyan, is, in fact, a member of the CP. Moreover, today actor Gneli was elected a member of the board of the CP territorial structure.

By the way, this is the same Sargis Kloyan, who was appointed by the government in 2019. According to the decision of September 5, he did not provide money from Gor Kloyan's wife and 2 children from the 30 million drams he received from the state. "
24-01-2021, 07:34
Video. Levon Kocharyan tells live where he really was, what lies are being spread about him
24-01-2021, 07:30
The bodies of 30 servicemen returned by the Azerbaijani side are unrecognizable
Yesterday, on January 23, the rescue squads of the State Emergency Situations Service carried out search operations in the Varanda (Fizuli), southern part of Kashatagh, Mataghis regions. This was reported by the Artsakh State Emergency Situations Ministry.

As a result of the work, the bodies of about 30 servicemen were returned, which were handed over by the Azerbaijani side to the Armenian side, without mentioning their whereabouts. Bodies are unrecognizable. A forensic examination was ordered to determine their identities.

Compared to the previous days of 2021, the most remains were found yesterday.

The relatives of the killed or missing servicemen also take part in the search, as well as the escort-volunteers who took part in the hostilities or are familiar with the area.
24-01-2021, 02:45
Sputnik Armenia reporters visited the family of Karen Gorg Gorgyan, a policeman killed in the Artsakh war. The family needs help.

In the Gorgyan family, a woman cries and a child laughs loudly. Arik mourns the death of his sons Gorg and Karen, who died in Artsakh, and his little granddaughter, who was named after her grandmother, is happy for the doll she received as a gift. The eldest son, Gorg, loved to hug his mother and daughter. He said that only in his arms could there be two men at the same time.
24-01-2021, 02:42
During the search, two bodies were found in Azokh village of Hadrut yesterday. One of them is probably 55-year-old Serzhik Avagyan, the other is 80-year-old Yurik Asryan.

The former head of Hadrut administrative district Kamo Petrosyan said this in a conversation with "Haykakan Zhamanak".

The bodies were unrecognizable. They were found in the beginning of Azokh, buried by the Turks. They will be subjected to DNA testing.

In this case, how can it be said who the victims are? In response to HA's question, Petrosyan said that they did not have information about only those two from Azokh. They knew for sure that 80-year-old Yurik did not leave the village, and 55-year-old Serzhik Avagyan stayed in the village by accident.
24-01-2021, 01:59
Jalal, do you have anything to say?

Or have you become a Kurkik, but, unlike him, you do not fire or even speak?

Jalal, where are you? Are you there?

Are you really our great commander? The savior of our Artsakh, our brave commander, the incomparable defender of our homeland, our brave soldier who says nothing about our Nikol Pashinyan.