19-10-2021, 06:29
They leave the "ship" in the "far from trouble" logic. The headquarters are being demolished. "Fact"
October 19
"Fact" daily writes. "Elections will be held on November 14 in Stepanavan, Kapan and Ijjan communities, and on December 5 in 36 communities at once, including Ashtarak, Vagharshapat, Gavar, Sjan, Vanadzor, Hrazdan, Noyemberyan, etc."

In an effort to "seize" the local self-government, the authorities are preparing for the elections, setting up appropriate headquarters on the ground, and working with local activists and "Tasovchiks."
19-10-2021, 06:23
The bodies of the couple were found, as well as ...
Today, on October 19, a tragic incident took place in Kotayk region. At around 00:50, the 9-11 operative control center of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations received an alarm that the door of one of the apartments on the 11th street of Zovuni village was closed; Rescuers are needed to open the door. As reported by Shamshyan.com, 1 fire brigade from the 7th fire-rescue detachment of the Emergency Situations Ministry arrived at the Emergency Situations Ministry.

The head of the Kotayk regional department of the police Arthur Zohrabyan and the deputy head of the operative department Khoren Barkhoyan also arrived at the scene.

The operative group of the Nairi police department headed by the head of the department, head of the criminal investigation department Gorg Nahapetyan arrived.

The rescuers, opening the door of the house, found the bodies of the couple, 67-year-old Larisa Sargsyan and 72-year-old Samvel Gorgyan, in the bedroom, on the bed.
19-10-2021, 05:43
"Square". After the defeat, there was an argument and a fight in the headquarters of the Gyumri CP
"Hraparak" newspaper writes. "After losing the elections in Gyumri, there was a quarrel and a fight in the headquarters of the Gyumri CP. They started blaming each other for the defeat, they attacked each other, there were even swear words and fights. Hovhannes Harutyunyan, the candidate for the mayor of the CP, and Karen Sarukhanyan, the former governor and now the deputy minister of emergency, argued especially.

Our source said that the dispute started with the words of CP deputy Gurgen Arsenyan, who accused the Gyumri CP members that "you are looking for Nikol Pashinyan's picture on your chest, but you did nothing to win." Then Karen Sarukhanyan accused the governor Hovhannes Harutyunyan of bad, non-team work, and the latter responded adequately, accusing him of playing games from below. In the process, sexual insults and quarrels started.
19-10-2021, 05:38
"People". New details from the murder near the Moscow cinema. A name has sounded
"Zhoghovurd" daily writes ․ "Zhoghovurd" daily has learned details about the murder that took place in front of "Moscow" cinema. As it is known, in 2021 A murder took place in front of the "Moscow" cinema on Abovyan Street in Yerevan on June 2, 2010. Hovhannes Vardanyan, the bodyguard of Rafael Mardoyan, known as Rafo from Kyavar, was killed.

According to the information we received, Mardoyan reported the crime to the law enforcement after the incident, stating that he supposes that the case is connected with the assassination attempt against him 6 years ago. The court has announced the search for a person who was acquitted by the court 6 years ago in the case of Mardoyan's assassination attempt and is now abroad. However, Rafael Mardoyan did not even name the law enforcement officers, did not help the law enforcement agencies to find the alleged criminal. "
18-10-2021, 23:19
The worst serving food chain in Armenia
18-10-2021, 21:15
According to Hayeli.am, during the last two months, two scandalous fights took place with the participation of high-ranking police officials, which, of course, was an attempt to keep a top secret. Moreover, in both cases the outcome of the fights was quite serious bodily injuries, which were received by the police officials.

Thus ․ About 2 months ago in Yerevan, in one of the restaurants of Charbakh, the head of the Shengavit Police Department Karen Buniatyan, the head of the Charbakh department of the Shengavit Police, Lieutenant Colonel Arman Kirakosyan, the head of the Mashtots department Andranik Shahbazuk, the former police officer Gherik. After eating and drinking, not in a sober state, the latter started making noise, thus showing disrespectful attitude towards the other customers of the restaurant. This angered the young people sitting at the next table, and the quarrel started and turned into a fight. The matter got to the point that the head of the Mashtots department came out, he underwent an operation. However, since the officials had this problem to cover up what happened, they left the young people alone, the fight had no legal consequences.
18-10-2021, 20:46
How many half-mad women there are, praising Nicole by giving a kiss. Gevorg Petrosyan
18-10-2021, 19:50
realtribune.ru writes that on October 14, the Azerbaijani armed forces used drones against the Armenian positions in Artsakh. NKR President 's Spokeswoman Lusine Avanesyan told "Novosti-Armenia" agency. Six servicemen were wounded due to aggression. What is hidden behind Baku's aggressive actions? Sargis Tsaturyan, Editor-in-Chief of IA Realist, answered that question.

"They deliberately hit from the air in order to send an unequivocal signal -" this sign ". Why is this happening? Because the Kremlin has a peculiarity, which is to make half-baked decisions, to do nothing to the end. Syria, Donbas, Artsakh ... everywhere are incomplete and ill-considered decisions. At first they helped the Turks to strengthen their position in Artsakh, but then they had to stop so as not to completely sever ties with the United States, France and Iran.
18-10-2021, 19:08
"On October 15, the Russian peacekeepers entered the N military unit of the Artsakh Defense Army and told them to remove the flag of the Artsakh Republic from the military unit.
Our servicemen, people who fought with the enemy for 44 days for the sake of the homeland and the state, whose symbol is that flag, naturally did not take it out and said goodbye to the peacekeepers.
As a first response, you want to give in to temptation and emotions, to say a few sweet words to the Russians, but when you hear that according to the RA NA deputy, "The thesis" Armenia has no future without Artsakh "is very dangerous. The main goal is Armenia, not Artsakh. The problem cannot go to considering that territory as Armenia, the problem must go, whether those people are endangered inside Azerbaijan or not ", you understand that you have nothing to say to the Russians. If the representative of the legislature of your own country imagines Armenia without Artsakh, moreover, it accepts Artsakh as the territory of Azerbaijan, why shouldn't the Russians say, lower the flag of Artsakh from the barracks?
18-10-2021, 18:46
Former commander of the Russian peacekeepers in Artsakh Rustam Muradov arrived in Yerevan today.

According to InfoPort.am, citing sources in the Russian peacekeeping force in Artsakh, Muradov will leave for Baku tomorrow to bring a new group of Armenian captives.