14-10-2019, 10:15
On October 12, at 8:30 pm, officers from the Kumayri Police Department received information that there was a passenger on the Moscow-Gyumri flight.
      Checking the information revealed that the 41-year-old passenger violated public order, insulted aircraft crews, failed to comply with their legal requirements, and disrupted regular work.
      At 9:40 pm, the man was reported to the Shirak Airport Police Line Division.
      Materials are being prepared.
14-10-2019, 10:07
Citizens brought so many flowers to a 9-year-old Lisa's funeral in Saratov that they had to be transported by truck. This is reported by REN TV.

The baby's burial took place on October 13.

The 9-year-old girl was killed on October 9 while on her way to school. The alleged killer is Michael Tuvatin, 35, who has confessed.
14-10-2019, 09:48
The first Aurora Forum will be held in the RA on October 14-21, during which the Aurora Award Ceremony will also take place. The Aurora Prize Laureate will be announced October 20, with nominees Mirza Dina, Jana Bukar Mustafa, Judah Al-Sari.

Mirza Dina is the Co-Founder and Director of Lufthrough Iraq (Air Bridge Iraq). A humanitarian organization is moving from Iraq to Germany to Yezidis affected by the barbarities of the "Islamic State" terrorist group and providing medical care. Dinah has helped hundreds of women flee Islamic State controlled areas, personally get involved in moving them to a safe place, and providing water and food to Yezidis in isolation. Guided by his great desire to save people, he has been able to find ways to overcome many bureaucratic, transportation-related obstacles, helping the most needy. Mirza Dina has nominated three organizations to provide education to disadvantaged students and to help disaster victims. These are the Luftbrücke Iraq, the SEED Foundation and the Shai Fund.
14-10-2019, 09:43
As we know, during a visit to Armenia a few days ago, Armenian American TV star Kim Kardashian visited Garni with her sister, Courtney Kardashian and children.

Details of ArmDaily.am's visit to Garni have become known. In particular, Kardashian approached one of the pavilions not far from the temple entrance to buy ice cream for the children. The seller was reluctant to take the money and serve the ice cream, but Kim disagreed and paid the young man 2,000 drams instead of 1400 and left without taking the trifle.
14-10-2019, 09:42
During the EAEU session, I saw nothing but content, except for self. Eduard Sharmazanov
14-10-2019, 09:26
These harlots have been so enraged by the day of their harlot Nicole that they are engaged in prostitution next to the Government.
14-10-2019, 09:24
The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has accepted the ECtHR's application to the ECtHR for an advisory opinion on cases received by the Constitutional Court on the basis of the Yerevan Court of First Instance and Robert Kocharyan.

According to the ECHR, a Grand Chamber of 17 judges was set up on October 7 to provide advisory opinion. The President of the Grand Chamber has also set deadlines for submitting written arguments from the parties to the domestic proceedings or other interested parties, including the Government of the Republic of Armenia, as well as the Commissioner for Human Rights.

The ECtHR recalls that the request for an advisory opinion was submitted on September 2, 2019, and on October 2, it was accepted by the Grand Chamber Committee.

It is noted that the consultative opinion on the appeal of the Constitutional Court of Armenia relates to the proceedings before it, in which it is proposed to examine the constitutionality of Article 300.1 of the Criminal Code.

The Speaker of the Grand Chamber invited the parties to the Constitutional Court to submit written observations to the Constitutional Court, particularly the National Assembly and former President Robert Kocharyan, by November 19, 2019.
14-10-2019, 09:17
Haykakan Zhamanak has received an alert from Yerevan-Gyumri-Yerevan train passengers that as a result of the recent increase in passenger traffic to Gyumri, people often sit on the train, to put it mildly, "on one leg".

Note that it is about a two-hour journey that people pay 2500 AMD to cross. Although children under the age of 7 are traveling free of charge, a trainer recently asked a woman in the age of 6-7 to embrace her to accommodate others. The mentioned woman had to buy a ticket for the baby.

It should be noted that this situation is getting worse on weekends because there are more train users on those days. We asked Ruben Grdzelyan, Spokesperson for the South Caucasus Railway CJSC, to clarify whether it was not possible to sell the train tickets or to add an additional train car. In response, Grdzelyan assured that there are as many tickets as there are seats available. “The tickets are general, 121 tickets are sold for 2500 AMD. If there are facts, it would be good for us to find out, ”he added. Below is the photo provided by the citizens who alerted us: it shows that 4 people are seated on 3 chairs.
14-10-2019, 09:12
Hayk Marutyan to end one year in office Spendiaryan National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Of course, the desire to be held accountable to the public can never be viewed as a mere speculation as to what will particularly attempt to summarize Marutia in a time when not only have the mysterious problems of living and creating a city been eliminated, but also the new ones added.

And what did Hayk Marutyan promise? He promised to clean up Yerevan, solve the transport problem, eliminate the red lines that render Yerevan residents spiritually resilient, fight against illegal construction, improve, in particular, the building conditions of polyclinics, repair elevators, build a new metro station, have a green Yerevan and more. At the same time, to make its promises even more influential, Yerevan promised the revolutionary Marianne that promising to make it a pearl of the Caucasus, that all this is going to be implemented exclusively by saving the city budget, trembling at every penny. In short, he promised to become the most prominent mayor in the city's history and to do so at minimal cost.
14-10-2019, 08:49
Poghosyan's three sons are already adults, but only the father and eldest son work in the family. A large family is socially vulnerable. A neighbor shoplifter heard about the loss of benefits. “We owe the shop owner about 200,000 drams, he said, 'They give me a allowance. He was gone and was told they had no benefits. Then I went and asked, they told me that my older son's work was shown in the program, so they were deprived of benefits, ”Harutik Poghosyan said.