12-10-2019, 21:00
The press service of the Armenian Football Federation has responded to Twitter on Twitter, which had earlier advised our team to keep warm, as it is already very cold in Türkiye.

“We warmly welcome you, AS. We will meet in Türkiye. But please do not forget to take your winter jacket and warm pants as it is no longer summer here in Finland, ”the Finnish national team's official website reads.

The Finnish national team lost to Bosnia and Herzegovina 1: 4 in Sarajevo today, and the AF made a ridiculous note:

“Thank you for your warm welcome.

I think the cold will need you more now, because in Sarajevo there is a lot of heat. "

To note, the match between Finland and Armenia will take place on October 15.
12-10-2019, 20:50
The issue of second President Robert Kocharyan's freedom remains on the agenda of meetings between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. During the regular meeting it was discussed again.

We have learned that the Russian President once again reminded the Armenian Prime Minister that Robert Kocharyan is his longtime friend and that the issue of his freedom is an issue for him. At the same time he stressed that this issue cannot be a subject of bargaining with Armenia, in particular, he is not going to threaten to raise the price of gas for Kocharyan's freedom or apply other sanctions, since that issue is more than any transaction. So he offered to release Robert Kocharyan a day early, to which Pashinyan responded that in this case we were dealing with criminal crime and the overthrow of the constitutional order, and Putin was just joking: "Only you believe in it."
12-10-2019, 20:41
It has been a few days since the public has been outraged but increasingly surprised at the statements of former NKR Vitaly Balasanyan. Many people ask, what is the meaning of these and similar statements? After all, Balasanyan is going to run for the presidency, and with such rhetoric that it is possible to expect victory only in Azerbaijan by voicing readiness to eliminate Pashinyan. Balasanyan, meanwhile, is running in the Artsakh elections.

So why does Balasanyan make self-destructive statements? First of all, both Blasanyan and those who "mock" him know that the retired general has no real chance of winning the election. He will not even be in the top five. That is to say, statements of this kind cannot damage its reputation because it is impossible to damage something that simply does not exist. Balasanyan's statements are more related to the processes taking place in Yerevan.

After Putin's visit, the former regime understood that the March 1 trial was going to take place and that the Russian president did not want to abolish it by tough means. In the past, they had hopes that Russia would ultimately demand at least a freeze on the March 1 trial. They understood it both from the six-minute meeting with Bella Kocharyan and the generous words Pashinyan addressed to Putin. And it is a well-known fact that he is very stubborn about the luxury of words.

The loss of a key ally is attributed to the recent ups and downs of a number of former regime officials. The real addressees of Balasanyan's statements and others are the witnesses of March 1. In any case, there is a fear that revenge may occur, and the fate of the witnesses is predetermined. And even if they do not retaliate, there is a fresh case - the mysterious suicide of Hayk Harutyunyan. Balasanyan's latest stage aims to create an atmosphere of fear, that is, we are, are strong and can even say loudly that we are ready to physically destroy Nikol Pashinyan.

Working with witnesses, ensuring their safety, and preventing them from being financially motivated requires serious work, especially given their overwhelming number of about 800 people.

Last year, a citizen appeared to have stated that Hayk Sargsyan, son of Sashik Sargsyan, had shot and wounded another citizen in his presence. On the basis of this testimony, Serzh Sargsyan's nephew was charged. A year later the witness declares that he is not healthy and does not remember when he said it. That is to say, Vanetsyan's NSS has failed the security of even one witness. Canini has failed in the eight hundred of the above, the trial will show.

The authorities must respond very harshly to Balasanyan's arrogance, demonstrating that he is in control of the situation and that the witnesses have nothing to fear. Otherwise, the prosecution will face many unpleasant surprises during the trial.
12-10-2019, 20:37
Although the An-72 crashed in the Democratic Republic of Congo on October 10, it was not Armenian, despite the Armenian registration. More specifically, the aircraft was marked EK-72903. this aircraft was registered at the time it was operated by Armenian South Airlines. But in fact, not only does this company not operate at present, but the aircraft has long been removed from the Armenian Aircraft Register.

Before talking about being Armenian, let's note that according to a statement issued by the Congo Civil Aviation, on October 10, at 15:32 local time, the An-72 transport aircraft departed west of the Congo East Goma Airport west to the capital, the capital : According to local media reports, President Felix Fisekedi's armored car was accompanied by his driver and three security personnel. The crew consisted of four people, including Russian nationals (a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Congo said). It is reported that all were killed.

According to the timetable, the plane was supposed to reach Kinshasa in 3 hours (the straight air distance between the two cities is 1554 kilometers), but 59 minutes after leaving Goma, the connection between the aircraft and the flight control center was lost. A search and rescue operation later revealed that the plane crashed 40 kilometers east of Goma, 40km from the town of Puneia in Manima, where the remains of the plane were found.
Shortly after the disaster, there were rumors that President Fiskeed was also on the plane, who took office in January. After this information, supporters of the president, thinking that what had happened was a coup attempt, had taken to the streets of Kinshasa in support of his rule.

So, there were 8 people on board the plane, four crew members and four presidential staff. The Russian embassy later reported that two of the crew were Russian citizens. They are the commander of the aircraft, Vladimir Sadovnich, 61, and Vitaly Shumkov, 64. A commander's friend and former aide (before Sadovnich was a military pilot) told Russian RBC that this was not his first trip to Congo, but this time the commander had been there for about a year. Several Russian media outlets reported that in 2011 Sadovnichi and his colleague, Estonian citizen Alexei Rudenko, were accused in Tajikistan of smuggling and illegal crossing of the border. According to media reports, they were forced to land in Tajikistan when they were flying from Afghanistan, where they were caught. The defendants were sentenced to 8.5 years in prison, but were later released on amnesty.

Now let's understand what this aircraft has to do with Armenia.

It was said that the aircraft was carrying the Armenian registration number EK-72903, but a statement by the Congo's civil aviation chief stated that it was operated by the country's army air force, which in this case served the president's staff. An international source from Hetq, dealing with Africa, told us shortly after the crash that the plane was EK-72903, although such information was not reported by local and international media at the time. This news was later confirmed in aviation forums and information bases. According to a site specializing in aerotransport.org, the Congo Air Force had only one An-72, and it was the former Armenian EK-72903.
12-10-2019, 20:29
A video of an emergency accident at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport has appeared on the Internet, in which a late-flight passenger breaks the registration desk in anger.

The cameras captured the incident. The footage shows the man breaking down barriers and information boards on foot. In his rage he slips and falls, but he does not calm down after that.

One passenger in Yerevan-Moscow flight said there was a bomb in his belongings. he has surrendered

Standing up, he continues to break devices. Airport security staff quickly neutralize the bully, as in the movies.

According to Russian media reports, the man was subjected to administrative responsibility for petty hooliganism. His luck brought him; According to users, he could be sentenced to more serious articles for such an act.
12-10-2019, 20:24
As Felix Aliyev gave champions of weightlifting to Armenia and the world, he overcame the difficulty of living under an Azerbaijani surname and buried his Azerbaijani father in Echmiadzin. This story is about a difficult but winning track for an 80-year-old coach.

“Hello, Mr. Felix, are you…?

- My name is Felix ...

At the entrance of the old, worn-out walls, at the entrance of the half-ruined building, we are greeted by the honored weightlifting coach Felix Aliyev. He has been championing the republic and the world for 50 years. When you look at the face of a tall, tall, gray-haired man you won't say he's 80 years old. Age is felt only when walking, it can be seen that the feet are aching. A vigorous, strong grandfather makes the steps a little difficult. And the fact that he is not an Armenian by nationality, especially the Azerbaijani blood flowing through his veins, will not even cross his mind.

We find it difficult to persuade Comrade Felix to interview. He has been refusing to communicate with journalists for a long time. There are many stories in the past that are painful to remember.

Echmiadzin resident Felix Aliyev and his parents had many difficult days and times in Armenia. Thinking about them mentally raises a heavy burden. Aleh, the grandfather's eyes are damp, he is silent, asking to stop recording. People living side by side became enemies at the end of the 80's, hating each other. The massacres of Baku, Sumgait and the daily news from the border did not make the life of Azeri father Askar Aliyev and his family easier in Echmiadzin. Walking head-to-head without looking into people's eyes, they were ashamed of something that hurt them. One with the surname Aliyev was signing orders across the border, the other with the surname Aliyev on the other side of the border getting the usual glare and mistreatment of people. And despite the tense situation, they did not leave Armenia. This family home had been on this side of the border for a long time.

Half a century and dozens of champions ...
Everyone knows Felix Aliyev in Echmiadzin and the surrounding neighborhoods ... The weightlifting school in the village of Geghakert might not have existed had it not been for friend Felix.

The legs of a 50-year-old weightlifting coach have been hurting since childhood, as he remembers having rheumatism. At age 80, rheumatism feels better, but an experienced coach always keeps his students alert and strong. He should set an example for his future champions. The last success was last year, with Karen Margaryan among the current pupils becoming the European Youth Champion.

"I hope my health will forgive me for making Karen my goal of becoming an adult champion," says Felix Aliyev, recalling the names of world champions over the past 50 years: Yuri Sargsyan, Gevorg Petrosyan, Vigen Khachatryan, Vanik Avetisyan ... And so on. The name of each one gives a list of their successes. He is proud, but does not praise his head.
12-10-2019, 20:19
The girls in the shots seem to be happy, and sometimes they laugh. But in any case, there is tension. Angelina's toast is more about family problems and constant arguments.

YEREVAN, October 12 - Sputnik. A video has emerged on the Internet showing the Khachaturian sisters gathered around the New Year table accused of brutally killing their 57-year-old father Mikhail Khachaturyan.

The Case of the Khachaturian Sisters: The lawyer published the scandalous correspondence of their father

The festive table shows the Khachaturian family. 2017 is the New Year. One of the sisters, Angelina, says toast, thanking her father for protecting her, and notes that although there are many disputes in the family, let them stay in the old year, and all insults forgotten.
12-10-2019, 20:13
The delegation headed by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is in Aragatsotn within the framework of "My Step for Aragatsotn Marz" Investment Business Conference.

Walking through the pavilions, Pashinyan stopped at the pavilion of an Austrian-Armenian businessman.

The latter presented chocolates with the words "godfather", "mother-in-law", "apology".

Pashinyan was particularly interested in chocolate "mother-in-law". "Are they new? Most are" sold "?" He asked. "Yes, but with pepper."

As for the "apology" chocolates, Pashinyan noted that it would be good if the citizens always had the candy in the bag. “It is difficult for us to pronounce it. you have to have it in your pocket and show it. "

The businessman also told a story. When he first boarded a taxi in Armenia and saw the blossoming trees, he said with amazement: “It's good that the trees have blossomed. He rudely told me that the hail would come and ruin it. "

Everyone laughed at this story. Pashinyan suggested: “It was a good story. Think anti-hail chocolate. "
12-10-2019, 20:12
Michael Nahapetyan, a member of the Citizens' Decision Social-Democratic Party, wrote on his Facebook page:
“48 900 000 drams, about one hundred thousand dollars, were handed over to the company that published the book of the Prime Minister without a competition, so that the latter would now spread the Prime Minister's note across Armenia. People are legitimately asking how they decided that this company should do it. How can we be sure that there is no corruption? The Prime Minister's spokesman says: “Done in accordance with the letter of the law no further comment is needed. "

Well, my eyes are clear that the laws written for Serzh Sargsyan allow you to do the job you like.

I was afraid to go a little further and say, "Can you know we'll have to pay attention?"
12-10-2019, 19:56
Former Armenian Ambassador to the Holy See Michael Minasyan posted a post on his Facebook page, referring to the CIS Summit in Ashgabat;

"In the presence of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairing country, the strategic ally of Armenia, the Armenian ally, Sochi, Aliyev allowed himself to make false, manipulative statements on the unilateral, non-participation of the other two parties - representatives of Armenia and Artsakh. As a result, Aliyev said he could do everything, and in the presence of the leaders of the CIS countries, he accused Armenia of "heroism of fascism", referring to the statue of Garegin Nzhdeh in Yerevan.

Is Aliyev's behavior coincidental? Of course no.

First, as I have already mentioned, Aliyev had decided that he was allowed any expression in the presence of the president of our strategic partner. Aliyev seemed to think that the rude, in some cases unforgivable, mistakes of the new Armenian leadership in foreign and domestic policy and some of the nervousness resulting from the Armenian-Russian relations could allow himself to be cynically trapped between the two allies, forgetting that Russia-Armenia relations are high now. from the realities, including the emotions and steps of one or another leader. By the way, our Russian friends and colleagues should never forget about this. Otherwise, even silence can be perceived by some as patronage and tolerance.

Secondly, Aliyev chose a topic that some time ago was actively and, to put it mildly, incompetent and unprofessional in the Russian press. He considered the summit of the CIS leaders to be a convenient platform for accusing Armenia in this regard.

Understanding the sensitivity of our Russian counterparts to Nzhdeh's activities during World War II, I find it important to recall that he played an exceptional historical role for the Armenian people in 1918-1921. Due to his heroic struggle during those years Zangezur and Syunik remained Armenian, and the ideologists of Pan-Turkism failed to achieve their main goal of uniting Turkey with Azerbaijan and other Turkic-speaking areas. This achievement is important not only for the Armenian people and its allies, but also for the whole region. That is why Garegin Nzhdeh is a hero for the Armenian people. It is a well-known fact for scholars, and modern geopolitical realities are the best proof of it.

Given the need for an objective perception and awareness of the issue within our allied public, as well as to exclude all possible speculation, the Free Society Foundation, which is in the process of formation, will be actively involved in this matter. In the near future, the foundation will announce a grant competition for the most just presentation of Garegin Nzhdeh's activities in 1918-1921 and to promote this topic within the framework of Russian expertise, "Minasyan wrote.