12-10-2019, 19:41
At the entrance of the old, worn-out walls, at the entrance of the half-ruined building, we are greeted by the honored weightlifting coach Felix Aliyev. He has been championing the republic and the world for 50 years. When you look at the face of a tall, tall, gray-haired man you won't say he's 80 years old. Age is felt only when walking, it can be seen that the feet are aching. A vigorous, strong grandfather makes the steps a little difficult. And the fact that he is not an Armenian by nationality, especially the Azerbaijani blood flowing through his veins, will not even cross his mind.

We find it difficult to persuade Comrade Felix to interview. He has been refusing to communicate with journalists for a long time. There are many stories in the past that are painful to remember.

Sunni gravestones. Here the difference between Armenian and Azeri is evident

Echmiadzin resident Felix Aliyev and his parents had many difficult days and times in Armenia. Thinking about them mentally raises a heavy burden. Aleh, the grandfather's eyes are damp, he is silent, asking to stop recording. People living side by side became enemies at the end of the 80's, hating each other. The massacres of Baku, Sumgait and the daily news from the border did not make the life of Azeri father Askar Aliyev and his family easier in Echmiadzin. Walking head-to-head without looking into people's eyes, they were ashamed of something that hurt them. One with the surname Aliyev was signing orders across the border, the other with the surname Aliyev on the other side of the border getting the usual glare and mistreatment of people. And despite the tense situation, they did not leave Armenia. This family home had been on this side of the border for a long time.

Half a century and dozens of champions ...
Everyone knows Felix Aliyev in Echmiadzin and the surrounding neighborhoods ... The weightlifting school in the village of Geghakert might not have existed had it not been for friend Felix.

The legs of a 50-year-old weightlifting coach have been hurting since childhood, as he remembers having rheumatism. At age 80, rheumatism feels better, but an experienced coach always keeps his students alert and strong. He should set an example for his future champions. The last success was last year, with Karen Margaryan among the current pupils becoming the European Youth Champion.
12-10-2019, 19:18
In Group J of the Euro-2020 qualifying round Armenia play Liechtenstein.

At the 19th minute of the match Tigran Barseghyan opened the score.

The video is here.

In Group J of the Euro-2020 qualifying round, Armenia play against Liechtenstein.

The match will start at 22:45 at the Rainpark Stadium in Vaduz.
12-10-2019, 19:08
Michael Nahapetyan, a member of the Citizens' Decision Social-Democratic Party, wrote on his Facebook page: “48 900,000 drams (about one hundred thousand dollars), without any competition, were given to the company that published the book of the Prime Minister so that the latter would now spread the Prime Minister's note across Armenia. People are asking legitimate questions about how they have decided that this company should do it. How can we be sure that there is no corruption? "It was done in accordance with the letter of the law, if it was done in accordance with the letter of the law, then there is no need for further interpretation."

Well, my eyes are clear that the laws written for Serzh Sargsyan allow you to do the job you like.

I was afraid to go a little further and say, "Can you know we'll have to pay attention?"
12-10-2019, 18:46
A video of an emergency accident at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport has appeared on the Internet, in which a late-flight passenger breaks the registration desk in anger.

The cameras captured the incident. The footage shows the man breaking down barriers and information boards on foot. In his rage he slips and falls, but he does not calm down after that.

One passenger in Yerevan-Moscow flight said there was a bomb in his belongings. he has surrendered

Standing up, he continues to break devices. Airport security staff quickly neutralize the bully, as in the movies.

Taxi drivers beat each other for passenger at Zvartnots airport. video

According to Russian media reports, the man was subjected to administrative responsibility for petty hooliganism. His luck brought him; According to users, he could be sentenced to more serious articles for such an act.
12-10-2019, 18:37
Singer Saro Tovmasyan is one of the people who does not publicize his personal life. Although the singer posts photos with her rare daughters, there are no photos of her with his wife at all.
It is striking that Saro is not photographed with his wife at all.
Saro shows up at Arame's birthday party with his wife.
12-10-2019, 18:27
Aries. Morning will be a success for all those who have important business meetings, negotiations. And representatives of the mark who will dedicate the time to love dating will have no reason to complain. The rest of the day will bring with it a number of troubles. Disagreements, disputes are possible both at work and at home.

Self-esteem will slightly worsen, possibly exacerbating some chronic illnesses. It is not worth traveling. Avoid physical overload. Save yourself.

Taurus. A busy day awaits. There will be no focus on current issues. No matter how hard you try to be careful, you will end up missing something out of sight, allowing mistakes. Many celebrities will be involved in disputes and will not find common ground with those they have always supported.

It is not worth making new projects. You can do preparations, discuss projects with supporters. Do not take your promises seriously, even serious and kind people will find it difficult to keep their word today.

Twins: It's a good day to start a whole new business. That way you will be able to showcase your talents and skills, hidden until now. Do not miss the opportunity to make new acquaintances, to win hearts. You can make some purchases. Your attention will be drawn to unusual, original items that you will not regret later.

It's a great day for contacts. You will find common ground even with those you do not sympathize with who endlessly oppose you. You will find reconciliation with the people you have recently quarreled with.

Cancer. Although some difficulties may arise at work, you will still be able to solve all the issues at the right time and achieve professional success. As everyone around you endlessly argues, you will act immediately and, without paying attention to it, you will achieve the desired results. Some financial matters may be delayed.

No matter how busy you are with work, do not forget that your loved ones need your attention and care. In the evening try to relax. Loving dates will not disappoint if you make some efforts.

Leo. The impact of positive trends is large. The day will be wonderful. You are strict not only about your surroundings but also about yourself. You put in the effort to accomplish your plans, reach your goals, and the results often exceed your expectations. An unexpected monetary gain is possible.

Personal relationships are harmonious. There will be no conflicts. The only problem is that you are too busy with your work. You can take a short trip, and long trips are advisable.

Virgo. Today is the day when one can benefit from even the boldest of ideas. Do you correctly assess the situation? Understand who to work with, what to invest in, what to sign, and so on. It is no accident that those who are more experienced will seek advice from you.

From the point of view of personal relationships a good day awaits. You will show selfishness, but you will not lose the sense of size and will not be reprimanded. It's a great day to relax in nature.

Libra. Do not take drastic steps, do not change plans, continue to work with those who have never disappointed you. You are committed to your own preferences, principles, which makes you more attractive, helps to win the sympathy of many.

Take family problems seriously. Unexpected visits to relatives, meetings with childhood friends are possible. Self-care is good, no health problems.

Scorpion: Everything you have only dreamed of will come true. But it is not worth to relax and not to be inactive. In order to achieve the goals it is necessary to act, to take decisive steps. Today you will be able to make profitable deals.

Life potential is low. There will be no serious health problems and you may feel tired at the end of the day. Avoid heavy physical activity, avoid weight lifting.

Sagittarius. It's going to be a great day to work on some creative issues. Do not deviate from what is really important to you. Act and make decisions for yourself. You will analyze the situation and make the right conclusions. Representatives of the sign are full of energy, will manage to complete all tasks.

Problems with personal relationships are possible, you can get information that will make your loved one frustrated and spoil your mood. Be more careful with new acquaintances, you are too skeptical today, which is not in your favor.

Capricorn. Successful coincidences are possible today. Many celebrities will be able to bring to life all the ideas that have been delayed endlessly because of the circumstances.
12-10-2019, 17:48
What happened to Ara Vardanyan, the former director of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, is an accurate reflection of the "home political" events in Armenia today. The point is that the NSS has brought a new charge against him, according to which the man had allegedly supplied property to the administrations of the six districts of NKR for about 150 million drams, but in fact he had simply appropriated the money. Ara Vardanyan has made a statement that the authorities have used a repression machine against him, the purpose of all this is to destroy our homeland, but they will not succeed, at the same time, everyone will be punished, and so on.

Agree, it's a familiar image. In fact, Armenians from all over the world are sending money, somebody is simply embezzling money instead of helping Artsakh, and when the NSS indicts (which, understandably, has yet to be proven in court), it claims that our homeland is is to destroy. The same is true of all those who possessed leverage during the reign of the former authorities (that is to say, they were in the vicinity of the meadow), and took advantage of it to plunder as much as they could. Now, it turns out, they are all victims of "repression" - both Serzh Sargsyan's brothers who fled Armenia and the various Gonzales, Mihran Poghosyan, who fled to Moscow, and Gagik Beglaryan, a political asylum seeker in the Netherlands. is seeking asylum, meaning the political significance of the North-South Highway) ...

The most surprising thing is that they identify with the homeland because they consider the struggle against their homeland as a struggle against their homeland. Do you remember the words of the famous movie hero? "If you eat state bread for free, are you state?" But they did not eat the bread of the state, they did eat the state. And now they are still boasting, "Sooner or later you will all be punished." So much that you understood why you ate, didn't you know that you would be punished sooner or later?

In fact, I was lucky enough that the jokers did not have their own media, or after being caught, they would tell the media that political repression was taking place and that it was aimed at destroying our national traditions and thus statehood. After all, there is no difference. Jokers have the ability to grab people's wallets out of their pockets; they do that; officials have the ability to get into the state's pocket; In both cases, the next steps are approximately the same. one just goes into the nearby kebabs or Vivaro, the other goes to Las Vegas or Baden-Baden. But there is some difference in terms of human qualities. The zebbishes do not make a noise after being caught, their heads hanging and their fates subdued. And it turns out that what they were doing was doing for the homeland, and they will continue to fight in prison.

And, to a large extent, it is unfortunate that the ordinary political jockeys occupy the political field and display the political ambition of ordinary jockeys, presenting their efforts to defend the thief as a struggle for the future of the motherland and the state. Meanwhile, the real opposition would provide serious political competition and promote the development of the state and society.
12-10-2019, 17:42
Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan visited Amaras Monastic Complex in Artsakh on the occasion of Translators' Day.

This was reported by the Public Television of Artsakh.

The Amaras Monastery Complex is now being renovated with funding from the Luys Foundation.

During the previous visit, the poor condition of the complex also attracted the attention of the 3rd President of the Republic of Armenia, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Luys Foundation Serge Sargsyan, shortly after which the renovation of the monastic complex began.
12-10-2019, 17:30
In the last few days, the information field has been full of publications on the 23rd World Conference on Information Technology. On social networks, small, medium and large-scale officials make publications about the conference. This conference serves the authorities as much as possible to promote them, presenting them as one of the most important achievements of their authority. Moreover, the presence of world-class faces is presented as the result of brilliant organizational work.

Interestingly, this time around, the authorities have forgotten, at least implicitly, that this conference is also one of the achievements of the former authorities, such as the Francophone Forum and the EEU Supreme Economic Council.

Former Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan's government in 2016 laid the groundwork for organizing the World Conference on Information Technology in Armenia in 2019 (details here). Hovik Abrahamyan's government has spared no effort to make this large-scale event happen in Armenia. The preparations for the events continued in the years following the government of former Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan. It was ready for the new authorities and needed a few technical issues.

So this can be considered as a lavish gift from former Prime Ministers Hovik Abrahamyan and Karen Karapetyan to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. And from the point of view of charity, it would be good if Pashinyan in his speech would like to thank those who brought this important event to Armenia on behalf of the former authorities.
12-10-2019, 16:40
The youngsters have come a long way to watch the Finland-Armenia match on the spot. The journey that takes them several days to get on the bus means they are tired, bored, singing, having fun during the day ... This video is just about that.

The members of the FAF fan club of Armenia have left for the city of Turku, Finland, where our team will compete with Finland in the framework of Euro-2020.

Sputnik Armenia correspondent is also with these young people, and of course, he does not miss the remarkable shots.

The game will take place on October 15, that is, there is still time to see how they will reach their home team, and before that, watch Sputnik Armenia video of them singing on the road and entertaining other bus passengers.