12-10-2019, 16:33
At an investment conference in Aragatsotn province, some businessmen complained of frequent power fluctuations. Nikol Pashinyan sent a message to the ENA owner Samvel Karapetyan on the spot, then read the received SMS.
12-10-2019, 16:28
ANC member Vahagn Khachatryan's Facebook post: “Since the NGOs are excited to say that Nikol Pashinyan has followed Sergei's example, I want to remind those enthusiasts how he was sleeping on international platforms. This photo was taken during a deep Eurasian Economic Council meeting in Moscow in 2013. Of course, if the prime minister followed the example of the seizure, he would have to sleep, but on the contrary, he would not sleep and defend the country's interests and put Aliyev in his place. And the sergeant was sleeping, forgetting what we had gathered for and shaming Armenia. Remember at least a bit of the past from Mr. NGOs, and don't compare. "
12-10-2019, 16:25
The controversy over the deaths of three people in Vanadzor is complete. Police say a 39-year-old man was found and detained at the Armenian-Georgian border. He confessed that he fired two gunshots in the direction of the basement at Micurin 20 in Vanadzor on October 4 and fled.

The same day, at 10:49, the man was arrested.

The incident took place on October 4 at 23:55.

An investigative-operative team who arrived at the scene discovered the bodies of two young men born in 1989 (gunshot wounds and 6 others were taken to Vanadzor Medical Center. One of them, a young man born in 1994, died on the way to hospital.

Among those killed was a "criminal boy named Andrushik" who was previously convicted of the murder in Vanadzor.

After the incident, another 46-year-old man was arrested and confessed that he had intentionally shot himself with a Makarov pistol in the direction of those present.

The Makarov pistol, whose factory number was erased, was discovered by police after the incident.
12-10-2019, 16:00
Can I say something. If Nikol was arrested in the coming months by the military, including the Artsakh generals, it would mean that Aliyev in Ashkhabad had simply made himself a postdoc, sacrificed himself to play military-patriotic in the eyes of the Armenian society and bring the scenario of those arrests to life.

Let's wait;

Argishti Kiviryan's Facebook page
12-10-2019, 15:42
The government has launched a dirty campaign against Artsakh's hero, General Vitaly Balasanyan. They may not be able to see the reality with their eyes wide open, confronted by the hero Balasanyan with his sobering statements from time to time. The general periodically holds the mirror in front of the government to see who they are, and since they have nothing to admire, they take it painfully and painfully. These days, too, those who want to speak out against Vitaly Balasanyan are thrown into the arena, and since normal people have nothing to say against General Balasanyan, the government is recruiting jitters and releasing them in small batches on a regular basis. The next turn is the well-known Kocharyan Andranik, who is known for his brash statements. The public did not digest his indecent insults to Arpine Hovhannisyan, but she was struck by new delusions. He said that Vitaly Balasanyan had no right to give orders during the April war, he was only engaged in PR.
12-10-2019, 15:00
Last night in Hamburg, three people were wounded by passers-by in a knife attack on passers-by, according to local police.

The first incident occurred at 03:22 pm.

A 23-year-old man was attacked by a passerby of his age. He then returned to the scene and again began hurting people until he was arrested.
12-10-2019, 14:33
Political scientist Styopa Safaryan wrote on her Facebook page: "The Venice Commission on Hope and Reliance on the Former Government has stated that there is no state commitment and word in the Istanbul Convention on third-sex investment, family structure change, sexual orientation propaganda and other manipulations. It is exclusively about women subjected to violence.

Something shameful happened; The Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia, the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) and others must either admit that they do not understand the reading or have committed a scandal by misinforming the public. Whatever the case, they are in fact obliged to follow the request of their beloved, beloved Venice Commission.

It seems to me that Marina Khachatryan is going to be strained again. But I don't know where. "
12-10-2019, 13:41
A video has surfaced on the Internet in which singer Hayk Ghevondyan, better known as Spitak's Hayko stage name, is in an awkward position.

Published footage shows that she is in a hotel room and shooting with one of her roommates.
12-10-2019, 13:36
Isn't this an obvious threat by the NA deputy ...

The law enforcement agencies will, of course, not see it ...

What can we say to Larisa Minasyan, Head of the Soros Office for Open Society Foundations?

From Robert Melkonyan's Facebook page
12-10-2019, 13:23
There is much talk that the officials of New Armenia smoothly turned from proud "middle-income" proud citizens to "brave" revolutionaries. At least that is a simple comparison of the latter's declarations of income a year ago and only recently published.
But it turns out that the old Armenia is also flourishing in Armenia, at least the Republican mayors who received the Pachinyan and his team labels years ago and who still hold office today, seemingly without any cause to complain.
In particular, Goris Mayor Arush Arushanyan mentioned in his annual declaration 265,000,000.00 loans, 248,500,000.00 AMD, 406,000.00 USD, 112,000.00 EUR. Arushanyan's income during the tax year was 25,758, 884.00 AMD.
Vanadzor Mayor Mamikon Aslanyan declared 19,520,000.00 AMD in cash, and his income during the tax year was 3,909,100.00 AMD.
As for Gyumri Mayor Samvel Balasanyan, the latter stated in his annual declaration 1,800,000.00 AMD, 9,000.00 USD. The annual income was 4,222,500.00 AMD.
 As we can see, the mayors who were once labeled looters, who for many years have had strong ties to the former authorities, live much better after the revolution than under the rule of their native party. Moreover, their resignation does not require anybody, they are no longer labeled as pillars of the century. Interestingly, what has changed is that they have come to terms with the new authorities, that is why even the trendy criminal cases are bypassed, paid or stopped in the eyes of the new ones for the simple reason that they have never been.