12-10-2019, 13:05
You should also produce anti-hail chocolate. On October 12, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan addressed the Austrian-Armenian businessman with a joke during the conference "My Step for Aragatsotn Marz" Investment Business Plans.

Taking chocolates with "godfather" and "mother-in-law" chocolates, the prime minister jokingly asked: "Are they new? Most are" sold "?"
12-10-2019, 12:48
A 23-year-old girl has now been sentenced to four years in prison for being in actual marriage with a minor boy and regularly having sex with her boyfriend, but the sentence was not conditional, as a one-year probation was imposed.

In order to marry young people, one of the regions of the Republic of Armenia moved to Aragatsotn region and the girl had regular sexual patience as a couple with the consent of a boy of 16 years.

And months later a medical examination revealed that the girl was pregnant. The child was born - the mother appeared in the defendant's chair, as the RA law prohibits having sex with a minor, regardless of sex. The preliminary investigation body charged the young girl with Article 141 (2) (3) of the RA Criminal Code.

The case went to trial in an expedited procedure, the girl pleaded guilty, and the spouse's spouse said she did not want a complaint from the girl and that she did not want to be prosecuted.

The court found that the charge against him was justified and that he should be sentenced under this article. At the same time, the court has taken into account the facts identifying the accused, the mitigating circumstances of the accused and the punishment, the absence of aggravating circumstances of the responsibility and punishment, and concludes that the defendant may be remanded without serving a real sentence, thus imposing a sentence of imprisonment and set a trial period.
12-10-2019, 12:40
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan discusses business issues and future investment plans with businessmen of Aragatsotn region.

During the meeting, several businessmen spoke specifically about electricity, stating that sudden power cuts could seriously damage work and efficiency.

During the meeting Pashinyan had a conversation with the owner of ENA Samvel Karapetyan.

“During this time, I wrote to Mr. Karapetyan, the owner of ENA. He said that they are aware of the problem, they are aware of the alarms, that in 2020 they will implement a $ 60 million investment program to solve the problem. "

Pashinyan says Karapetyan will come to Armenia soon, meet, discuss the issue. "There has to be progress on this issue."
12-10-2019, 12:31
The stroller was turned over, causing a two-year-old boy to fall and injure his head.

YEREVAN, October 12 - Sputnik. According to our information, a 2-year-old boy was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center yesterday with a head injury.

According to rumors, the boy was injured as a result of his parents' dispute.

The couple quarreled in the street, and there was a scuffle, with one of them carelessly touching the stroller. It turned over, causing the baby to fall and injure his head.

The child was reported to law enforcement officers who arrived at the facility and found out the circumstances of the incident.
12-10-2019, 12:26
The scandalous interview of Vitaly Balasanyan, the former secretary of the Artsakh Security Council, caused a stir in Armenia. The overwhelming majority of the public "cursed" what he said with the latest curses; there were also people who defended him and called for "not to speak to the general in that tone," and there were no substantive discussions. In other words, the answer to the question was not whether Vitaly Balasanyan is right or wrong.

What was Balasanyan's main statement after all? He says Nikol Pashinyan's "Sasna Tsrer" is the fighting wing, "Nikol Pashinyan and this terrorist group are one whole, it's one terrorist group", then adds that "in 2016 we forgave those terrorists, now I declare that We will physically destroy those who will try to encroach on me, our people, our state, our statehood, our borders, the authorities of Artsakh. "
Now look! Is the "Sasna Tsrer" really the "fighting wing" of the political force led by Nikol Pashinyan? Of course no: Nikol Pashinyan's "fighting wing" is public support, Nikol Pashinyan's head of state - the power structures, that is to say Vitaly Balasanyan's statement is wrong at first. Let's move on. Are Nikol Pashinyan and "Sasna Tsrer" really one thing? Of course no: The worldview and systematic differences are obvious. That is to say, Vitaly Balasanyan's statement is also wrong from the beginning. And what happens? It turns out that this man is misrepresenting the facts, then making incorrect conclusions based on them and threatening to physically annihilate the legitimate authorities of Armenia. In other words, it violates the Armenian authorities. What should be done in such cases? If we are led by our own logic, we must "physically destroy" those who commit such encroachments. Is this the message of the former secretary of the Artsakh Security Council?
In short, the following happened: The former high-ranking official of the NKR (either on his own initiative or as a result of unnecessary "prompts" is not essential) makes very dangerous statements based on some nonsensical statements, which cause some tension in the Armenia-Artsakh relations, both in Armenia and in Artsakh. there are people who instead of rebuking him (we specially emphasize not just blaspheming but just explaining that he says the wrong things and rebuking him) are defending him, reminding him of his past battle path, heroizing and blaspheming to all those who condemn his step. The point is that even in the official circles of Artsakh such voices are heard. In other words, there are people out there who think that a wedge between the authorities of Armenia and Artsakh is in the interests of the security of Artsakh?

Fortunately, in both Armenia and Artsakh, the view that the main (if not the only) guarantee for the security of the two Armenian states is our unity prevails, and any steps aimed at undermining it must be prevented by the most decisive steps. And fortunately, this view is shared by the authorities of Armenia (as well as Artsakh). And it is no accident that the NSS is dealing with this issue, because it is really a matter of national security.
12-10-2019, 12:18
ANC Vice President Levon Zurabyan wrote on his Facebook page: "I have fresh information that the lobbying efforts of the robotic disciplinary gang in the Venice Commission, which have recently reached a climax, have ended in a new severe defeat. According to the information of my friends at the Venice Commission and the Council of Europe, yesterday, October 11, the Venice Commission adopted a decision on the proposed amendments to the Armenian Judicial Code and other laws.

Notwithstanding the suffering of the Republicans, Article 59 of the Opinion has been maintained that the Venice Commission, although generally opposed to "procedures for early dismissal in the Constitutional Courts which are mandatory or applicable to a large number of judges", that.


Concerning the RA Constitutional Court's application for presidential immunity, it was decided to gather information on the constitutional and legislative practice of the 62 member states of the Venice Commission and to refer again to the matter in March 2020 after gathering the information. This also means that, despite Hrayr Tovmasyan's efforts, the Venice Commission does not want to get involved in Armenia's domestic politics and urgently consider the issue.

Political impulses from the Venice Commission and the Council of Europe are obvious: the commission will not follow legal formalism and defend the substance of the democratic revolution.

My living friends and I hope they will continue in the same style. "
12-10-2019, 12:18
“Innovation should be not only in programming, technology, but in all fields. That's why people come, they want our chocolate, otherwise there is chocolate everywhere, ”said one of the citizens involved in chocolate making at the Expo in Sasunik, addressing the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan. Pashinyan reminded that he was familiar with the product. The businessman said that the production of chocolates was started by "Mother".

"Recently we have noticed that people really want to ...", interrupting the businessman's speech, the Prime Minister showed another type of chocolate. "Most of all," Okay? "

"But with pepper," the businessman responded.
12-10-2019, 11:50
“The atmosphere in Armenia is such that there is no shortage of absurd ideas. As this dangerous atmosphere gets thicker, the nonsense increases and new lines are acquired.

Thus, there are people who think that the second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan could have surgery only to postpone the trial for a few days. This is not too long, they are still allowed to speak about it.

And now we have to remind those who think like this, those who believe in this nonsense, that Robert Kocharyan was in Artsakh in the first half of the nineties with the constant firing and missile attack of the enemy, he was in the center of events.

A man ready to undergo a trial for a few days would surely find a way to stay with his family in Russia or Greece.

Robert Kocharyan and his friends confronted Soviet OMON and Azerbaijani units, resisting when they realized that the forces were unequal.

The second president of Armenia and his friends, conscripts in the trenches, in one of the most dangerous places, have carried out one-and-a-half operations to get children to school in Yerevan and Gyumri, Sisian and Ijevan, Vanadzor and Ararat, and students to university.

Now, the heroes behind the computer are allowing themselves to throw out the latest nonsense that they probably do not understand or even realize to what extent a strong willed person has to deal with.

Robert Kocharyan, who was not scared, did not hesitate to resist the enemy that exceeded the Armenian forces in number and material supply, certainly does not dread the detainees and will not undergo surgery only to delay the trial for several days.

After all, do not forget that Robert Kocharyan is the first president of Artsakh and the second president of Armenia. He will also overcome this temptation and come out stronger. "
12-10-2019, 11:02
Today, after the official part of the conference, Nikol Pashinyan walks around the pavilions in the Sasunik community, near one of them, where a diaspora Armenian businesswoman presents her pavilion and listens to interesting and entertaining stories.
The businessman notes that the least "apologetic" chocolates are sold, and the prime minister says:

“Nothing will sell more over time. After the revolution I have probably apologized a thousand times on different occasions, which is normal. I think this word is a success of the revolution because when we were blocking and apologizing, the atmosphere was changing, it would always be nice to have citizens in their bags when it was difficult for them to get out of the Caucasus. ”

And the businessman emphasizes that Armenians are very pessimistic and tell their story.
"In 2007, when we started our business, you know we are repatriated from Austria. When you came to Yerevan from Ashtarak, when you came to Yerevan, we register the business. I tell you how to do business in this environment, but I went on and got to where I came from. "
12-10-2019, 11:01
Two of the participants in the controversy in Vanadzor have already given confession.

YEREVAN, October 12 - Sputnik. The picture of the dispute that led to the deaths of several people in Vanadzor is complete. Police have identified and detained a 39-year-old man from the Armenian-Georgian border. He confessed that he fired two gunshots in the direction of the basement at Micurin 20 in Vanadzor on October 4 and fled.

The horrible murder in Vanadzor has been revealed
The RA Police reports that the same day, at 10:49 am, the man was arrested.

The incident took place on October 4 at 23:55.

An investigative-operative team who arrived at the scene discovered the bodies of two young men born in 1989 (gunshot wounds and 6 others were taken to Vanadzor Medical Center. One of them, a young man born in 1994, died on the way to hospital.

Among those killed was a "criminal boy named Andrushik" who was previously convicted of the murder in Vanadzor.

After the incident, another 46-year-old man was arrested and confessed that he had intentionally shot himself with a Makarov pistol in the direction of those present.

The Makarov pistol, whose factory number was erased, was discovered by police after the incident.

Investigations at the scene revealed traces of blood, samples taken. Also found were 5.45 mm 6 capsules, 2 bullets /, 9 mm 4 capsules and 2 bullets, 9 mm gas bullets and the same 2 bullets in a guard, knives, a dried mass resembling a cannabis plant.

It should be noted that according to the official police release, the dead are the residents of Vanadzor, 30-year-old Andranik Ohanyan, 30-year-old Gor Grigoryan and 25-year-old David Ohanyan, 26-year-old Gevorg Gevorgyan, 29-year-old Levon Zhamharyan, 25- Levon Khachatryan, 21, and Andranik Tadevosyan, 21.