24-01-2021, 00:46
Shushi is an Azerbaijani city, right?

Shameless, because in 2017 (when you were still a rogue deputy) we left for Artsakh headed by NA Speaker Ara Babloyan, why were you sitting at the table, drinking the toast of the liberators of Shushi ...

But how tireless you came out ...

Ah, aren't you okay, what happened to you, Pashinyan or, in the same language as your brother, ne oldu Pashinyan ...

From Georg Petrosyan's Facebook page
24-01-2021, 00:44
Yesterday, on January 22, Gagik Jhangiryan, nominated by the "My Step" faction, was elected a member of the BDK by the National Assembly. The latter, referring to the question about his luxurious private house in Monument (K. Ulnetsi Street), stated in the National Assembly that "there are such houses in Monument that his house is like a" barn "compared to the others."

Pictures of Gagik Jhangiryan Monument, which does not look like a barn at all, are already available on the Internet. The latter leased it to the Republic of Iraq in Armenia.
23-01-2021, 23:38
During the wedding at the "Alexander" club in New Moscow, one of the guests fatally wounded the groom, his brother, 36-year-old Philip, and 34-year-old Radik Kordinyans.

It is stated that one of the bullets hit the groom's heart, he died on the spot.
According to РЕН ТВ, the Armenian brothers were from Moldova and had the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

According to the website, their friend Vladimir Devyatayev is suspected of killing the brothers.
23-01-2021, 23:12
"Sirusho and I were the godparents of Varduhi Vardanyan's son's wedding." L. Kocharyan's explanation about the sensational post
23-01-2021, 23:03
Exclusive details from Baku prison ․ The story of the Armenian captive. video
23-01-2021, 18:36
Unfortunately, I learned news from the visit of the Prime Minister. So he has already chosen a small house. The house of 3 billion people was bought for 2 billion 800 million rubles. Here, for example, Lavrov lives and many other multibillionaires.

Besides, I found out that the Prime Minister passed a quid test in polyclinic No. 12. Most likely, they will go to either Europe or Canada.

And one more thing. It is said that the cat is transferring countless sums of money from Moscow to the European accounts of Russian-Armenian businessmen. These are the businessmen who pretend to be against Nicole, but in reality they are another fake opposition. Ariana Hovsepyan writes about this on her Facebook page.
23-01-2021, 18:04
Azerbaijan has cursed Armenia չար They want to defeat us with magic ․ Only prayer will save us. Lyusya Hakobyan
23-01-2021, 17:50
Former member of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Orhan Miroglu, who is also a member of the party's Central Executive Committee, has put forward the bizarre theory that US President-elect Joe Biden is in fact a Kurd, ahvalnews.com reports.

Miroglu wrote on his Twitter page. "A Kurdish friend I spoke to recently said that although it is hard to believe that it is serious, it is not difficult to guess what the goal is. Someone said that Biden's real name was Chimoye Bahattin Agha. He comes from a Kurdish family that emigrated from Yerevan to the United States and is of Biruk descent. ”

The source notes that the unbelievable claims about the ethnic origin of famous people have been spread in Turkey for years. Such a discussion took place around Shakespeare, whose genealogy in Turkey was explained as Sheikh Pir.
23-01-2021, 16:34
Azerbaijan and Turkey continue to prepare for the large-scale joint military exercise "Winter 2021" (I attach some photos).

The primary target is Armenia ողջ The whole security system of the Caucasus.
23-01-2021, 16:04
A young boy was killed in Yerevan by shooting at him with machine guns. details (video)