28-02-2020, 17:35
After Nikol Pashinyan came to power, many had noticed how a large body of bodyguards surrounded Prime Minister Pashinyan in Armenia and abroad.

As in other government circles, we are witnessing a huge number of hate speeches and insults by many people supporting the current authorities on Facebook and other social platforms.

Interestingly, family members of persons working in different state systems are also involved in this case. There are many such examples. Let's take one example. Among such many Facebook users, we meet Sophie Ghazaryan, daughter of Lieutenant Ghazar Ghazaryan, a serviceman of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's bodyguards.

Studying Sofi Ghazaryan's Facebook page, it is thought that we are browsing through Nikol Pashinyan's, My Step Alliance and the propaganda platforms of the pro-government segments. Sofi has numerous photos with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, often posting photos of her father. Despite her young age, Sophie does not hesitate to insult former government critics and current authorities.
28-02-2020, 17:20
The second Tehran-Yerevan special flight landed at Zvartnots airport shortly before, with 80 citizens being transferred to Armenia. As with the previous flight, this time also the passenger calorimeter was calibrated.

Let us remind you that On February 26, 52 citizens were transferred from Iran to Armenia by the first special flight. None of them were hospitalized. Only personal data was recorded for subsequent two-week home surveillance and follow-up.

It should be noted that Armenia has partially closed its communication with Iran for two weeks. The restrictions do not apply only to the citizens of Armenia and Iran returning to their homeland.

It should also be noted that according to official information, there is no case of coronavirus infection in Armenia.
28-02-2020, 17:09
“The enemy opened fire on February 28 in the village of Koti in Tavush region. Koti administrative director Felix Melikyan told Armenian News-NEWS.am.

According to him, the shootings were around noon. “I can't say for sure, but about 12 sides. The active shooting lasted about half an hour and the casualty lasted about an hour. It was in the direction of both the village and the positions. One hour later the shooting stopped. "

Melikyan says there are no victims and property damage. “At the moment I have not been informed about the damage, we have no financial damage. They shoot, or it hits the wall, or elsewhere, it's a big village. "
28-02-2020, 17:04
On February 28, officers of the Criminal Police Department received operative information that as of October 10, 2019, 34-104 (attempted murder) and 235 (unlawful possession of weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices) of the RA Criminal Code. Bringing, Selling, Keeping, Transporting, or Carrying) Narek P. is wanted in one of Davtashen hotel complexes.

The detainee fired shots while in custody.

The police neutralized Narek PA and detained Kogv.

The firearm was found and confiscated.

There were no casualties during the operation.
The preliminary investigation is ongoing.
28-02-2020, 15:30
The COVID-19 virus has become unmanageable. There were cases of coronavirus in Iran, Iraq, Oman and Bahrain last week. Italy has blocked 10 cities in the north as the virus spread everywhere. According to the report, Italians in Austria and Croatia also suffered from the outbreak, while in South Korea the outbreak continued to explode dangerously, and Japan reported additional cases of illness that sailed.

The virus can spread unnoticed to many other places. Imperial College London's simulation team has come to the conclusion that about two-thirds of cases exported from China have not yet been discovered.

The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to avoid the word "epidemic" to describe today's growing crisis, citing "pandemics around the world" instead. But many scientists say that, no matter what it is called, the storage window is now almost closed.
28-02-2020, 15:20
A number of state support programs have been developed for the agricultural sector, focusing on the development of key sectors. But applications from such programs have received little response from farmers in the region, instead being active in loan interest subsidy programs. Since last year, as a new type of agricultural business, is also credited with the construction industry.

In the Shirak department of the Agricultural Advisory, Innovation, Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Economy, farmers are participating in a regular training to be accredited for state subsidized loans.

Prior to spring agricultural work, loans to the farmer are needed primarily for fieldwork and the purchase of used agricultural machinery. 5% interest rate loans from last year are also available to contractors. Twenty-five individuals already engaged in this new agricultural business have already been credited.

According to Artak Khachatryan, Head of the Agricultural Advisory, Innovation and Monitoring Department in Shirak, 2 years ago, financial institutions were constrained to finance this sector, but for two years some construction workers proved it to be a profitable business and, naturally, they were profitable banks.
28-02-2020, 15:12
The first player died of Coronavirus.

23-year-old Iranian footballer Ilham Sheikh has died of coronavirus.

The footballer died today after a 10-day fight against the virus. Ilham Sheikh became the first player in the world to die of coronavirus.
28-02-2020, 15:07
About one hour ago, shots were fired at a hotel complex in Zovuni, Kotayk Marz. The person who was shot was wanted for the attempted murder.

The shooting came at a time when riot police were operating at the hotel to apprehend him.

The police eventually managed to neutralize the young man and transferred him to the Criminal Police Department.

The above information was confirmed by the Police of the Republic of Armenia in a conversation with AS.

According to our information, the 27-year-old is Narek Petrosyan, who was shot and wanted for murder.

Recall that police attempted to neutralize him yesterday evening, but Petrosyan fled in his Hyundai car, striking and damaging a Nissan car with parked license plates and then a Mercedes, Opel and Mitsubishi.
28-02-2020, 15:00
Recently, we received information that an emergency occurred at one of the restaurants in Davtashen district.

We were told that the gunman is currently in a community restaurant and has taken hostages.

We were not informed by the police that they had such information and would release an official statement later.

Asked whether the police were taking action, the media department did not respond again, saying we would wait for the official release.
28-02-2020, 14:38
Armenian President and Prime Minister are deeply saddened to hear about Samvel Karapetyan's death.

YEREVAN, February 28 - Sputnik. Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan sent a letter of condolences to the family, relatives and colleagues of monument specialist Samvel Karapetyan. The President's press service has published the text of the telegram.

“I learned with deep sorrow about the untimely death of prominent historian, monument specialist Samvel Karapetyan. Throughout the world, our standing, demolished, and bowed historical and cultural heritage spread across the world has become a multilingual spoken testimony to the presence of Armenians and Armenians in Samvel Karapetyan's efforts. His valuable studies are a reference to the Armenian world, a textbook for today and tomorrow, ”Sargsyan said.