24-11-2020, 13:19
Azerbaijan has decided to take final revenge on 80-year-old Jonik Tosyan, who was taken prisoner in Shushi.
The "Infoteca 24" telegram channel informs that the old man, who miraculously survived the Sumgait massacre, was called "Khojalu butcher" in Azerbaijan, who allegedly was wanted under number 45 during these years. They want to convict him with a fabricated accusation, it is obvious that the old man will not endure imprisonment.
24-11-2020, 12:59
"Nikol Pashinyan must resign or commit suicide" ․ Foreign Policy News Review (Photos)
When a steady stream of trucks full of items waited in long lines after six weeks of fierce fighting to leave Nagorno-Karabakh, the hard-to-reach truck fell behind. It resembled an entire store with protruding items that did not know where it would end up, Foreign Policy News reported, referring to the post-war events in Karabakh. People who could not move their animals simply killed them by beheading chickens and horses. Hot steam was rising through the cold air. Others walked for miles with their herds on narrow mountain roads, hoping they would not be killed by exhaustion or an impending car accident. This is the tragic face of emigration, the massive migration of people from a country that literally changed its owners in one day. A few days later, RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced the cessation of the war with Azerbaijan for this small, mountainous enclave. Thousands of ethnic Armenians are forced to leave their lands, which were given to Azerbaijan.
24-11-2020, 12:49
Azeris have posted a video on the Internet, which clearly shows how they created chaos in one of the houses in Ishkhanadzor village in Kashatagh region.

Aysor.am has learned that the house belongs to NSS Lieutenant Colonel Vahagn of the NSS Border Troops and Elvira Arakelyan, an employee of the Artsakh Water Economy.
24-11-2020, 12:45
From 1990 to 2018, Armenia was full of management problems.

The Nikolans do not deceive when they say that there were serious problems, as if they were being monitored, but in reality their supporters (Armanbabajanyans, Tsrers).

They are cheating elsewhere. Nicole քայլ No steps were taken to correct those existing problems.

Nicole not only deepened the serious problems, but added new ones to it.

And no problem in Armenia until 2018 gave Azerbaijan a chance to achieve such a success.

* * *

And one more thing. Many feel that the war is over and that the children are safe. This is an absolute lie. Nothing is over and Nicole can still hand over and destroy a lot.

The risk of war with much, much greater losses is a bitter reality.

The only way to reduce that risk is #nickolsicker ...
24-11-2020, 12:38
The war of the 21st century is distinguished not only by weapons and tactics, but also by the psychological violence that can be spread on the social platform. Along with the feeling of losing and losing your home, you often have to watch the enemy destroy your house…

Azeris have posted a video on the Internet, which clearly shows how they created chaos in one of the houses in the village of Ishkhanadzor in the Kashatagh region of the Artsakh Republic.

Aysor.am was informed that the house belongs to Lieutenant Colonel Vahagn of the NSS Border Troops and Elvira Arakelyan, an employee of the Artsakh Water Economy.

"My relatives found the video earlier, but they did not want to show it to me. I did not use the Internet either. I have just returned from Artsakh, I opened my Facebook page և the first few messages were about the video… I am from Gyumri. My father is a violinist and my mother is a pianist. But life offers pleasant surprises. My father is now a lieutenant colonel of the National Security Service, and my mother works (maybe she already worked) in the water economy of Artsakh. It was because of work that my family moved from Gyumri to Artsakh, to the village of Ishkhanadzor in the Kashatagh region, ”said the family's son, Tovmas Arakelyan, whose photo also became the target of the video's" heroes ".
24-11-2020, 12:30
Watch it!
The security guard accompanying Arayik Harutyunyan was not allowed to cross the Russian border and the flight fee was 25,000 euros. Photo:
Arayik Harutyunyan's resignation can be achieved only in May 2021. details
Arayik Harutyunyan cancels his secret visit to Russia և he is currently returning to Armenia on a private flight
President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Arayik Harutyunyan held an extended working consultation in Askeran
Thanks to Russia's efforts, it was possible to stop the bloodshed in the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict zone. Arayik Harutyunyan
As it is known, the state flag of Artsakh is always waving on the presidential building of Artsakh.

Three days after the start of the war, Artsakh President-elect Arayik Harutyunyan ordered the flag to be taken down, saying he did not want it to become a target. According to him, the flag could be a "navodka" for a missile attack.
24-11-2020, 12:18
Russian President Vladimir Putin has stated that Russia is making every effort to mediate the stabilization of the situation in Nagorno Karabakh, RIA Novosti reported.

The Russian President noted that the situation in Nagorno Karabakh is generally being settled. Russian peacekeepers ensure the safety of civilians.

It should be reminded that on November 9, the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan reached an agreement on the deployment of Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno Karabakh. as well as the villages of Talish and Mataghis in the Martakert region.
24-11-2020, 12:13
Today the Armenian army was withdrawn from Karvachar. It should be reminded that the extradition of Karvachar to Azerbaijan was postponed until November 25.
24-11-2020, 12:10
"The sign announcing the entrance to Artsakh is being dismantled." Robert Hayrapetyan
Lawyer Robert Hayrapetyan wrote on his Facebook page. "Tomorrow, November 25, according to the document signed by Nikol Pashinyan, the Armenian side will hand over Karvachar to the enemy.
The sign announcing the entrance to Artsakh is being dismantled
24-11-2020, 12:00
The Russian embassy said that in a few hours our letter will be in Moscow. Relative of a missing soldier
Relatives of the missing soldiers remain in front of the Russian embassy. One of the gathered managed to talk to one of the representatives of the Russian Embassy. "We conveyed our request to the Russian embassy that Russia deal with our problem, our pain? They read our petition and said that now they will process our letter. "We were told that our letter would be in Moscow in a few hours." They will do everything they can to help us, "said a relative of the missing serviceman who met with the consul of the Russian embassy.