18-10-2021, 17:32
Vano Siradeghyan was sitting with my mother until 4 at night, constantly crying… Aram Sargsyan tells remarkable details
18-10-2021, 15:30
One of the greatest enemies of the Armenian nation died, because of which we had thousands of victims
18-10-2021, 13:19
Yesterday, the Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan announced on his Facebook page that the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, which invaded the villages of Sotk, Kut and Verin Shorzha in Gegharkunik, have increased the number of servicemen, armaments and are showing activity. On this topic, LURER ․ com contacted the leaders of Verin Shorzha և Kut community ․ Both of them mentioned that they noticed activity in the positions of the Azerbaijanis.

"We notice movement in the enemy's positions, they accumulate a large amount of wood by cars, they are probably preparing for the winter," said the head of Verin Shorzha community Artyom Yeranosyan in a conversation with us.

The latter thinks that if the Azeris came to the Armenian territory, to wait for them to leave is absurd ․ "Did you think they came to sit here and go? They planned to stay there, they have no intention to go back, they do not have everything," he said, adding that the Azeris are quite close to the population, however, the population has already adapted. to the situation ․ "At that time, when they saw the Azerbaijanis, they were surprised, now they see and learn every morning."
18-10-2021, 13:02
© Photo: Facebook / Human Rights Defender of Armenia - Human Rights Defender of Armenia:
The statement was made in response to the circulated information that Mount Pela was handed over to Azerbaijan.
YEREVAN, October 18 - Sputnik. The National Security Service of the Republic of Armenia has denied the information that Mount Pela in Kapan has been handed over to Azerbaijan.
"There was no change of position in the area called Pela Sar mountain of Syunik region. "The RA border troops continue to protect the state border in the mentioned section," reads the message spread by the NSS.
18-10-2021, 12:39
Earthquake in Azerbaijan. It was felt in Tavush and Lori
On October 18, at 14:49 local time (10:49 GMT), the seismological network of the Territorial Seismic Protection Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia registered with a latitude of 41.22 հյուս north latitude 45.67 և east longitude, Azerbaijan-Georgia border Zone: 30 km north-east of the Kazakh Cossack, at a depth of 10 km, 3.2 magnitude earthquake.

The magnitude of the earthquake in the epicenter was 4 points.

The earthquake was felt in the territory of the Republic of Armenia in the cities of Ijjan, Berd, Noyemberyan of Tavush region with a magnitude of 2, and in the village of Shnogh of Lori region with a magnitude of 2-3.
18-10-2021, 12:37
October 18, 2021 Share:
Azeris misled Artsakh on the Internet ...
The Artsakh Prosecutor's Office has issued a statement, which says ․

As reported earlier, on September 25 of this year, the National Security Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan initiated a criminal case in connection with the alleged case of high treason.

At the stage of initiating the criminal case, based on the information obtained after that, the latter was suspected of providing the Azerbaijani special services or their representatives with videos of free movement by the Azerbaijanis in the city of Stepanakert.
18-10-2021, 11:54
No one will dare to speak to Azerbaijan in the language of threats and coercion. The statement came from Azerbaijani President Ilham Ali.

"Both before and after the war, some people tried to continue threatening us. "But all their efforts were in vain," Artsakh's visit to Varanda, which came under Azerbaijani control, was reported by 24news.am.

According to Ali, "no one can break the will of Azerbaijan."
18-10-2021, 11:52
Exclusive video. MP Taguhi Tovmasyan sang with Hayko during her wedding
October 18
Starnews.am writes.

MP Taguhi Tovmasyan got married in 2017. By the way, the godfather of the wedding was the deputy of the National Assembly Sasun Mikaelyan.

During the wedding party, Taguhi Tovmasyan performed a duet with Hayko.

Together they performed the famous song "Red Flower of Spring"
18-10-2021, 11:20
On this day last year, Grandpa Hovsep transferred his 1 million drams to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. then the foundation gave it a prize to the Nicolens team
October 18
On this day last year, 89-year-old Grandpa Hovsep transferred his long-term savings of 1 million drams to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. Then the foundation transferred the money back to Nicole's team to distribute the prize ...
As of today, people withdraw their annual subscriptions to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund so that not a single penny goes to this junta. No one has ever damaged the reputation of the foundation like this. neither the "robbers" nor the former. It will not be possible to repair the damage caused by "Zhoghovurd" beloved and "patriotic" Nikol and his gang for a long time!
18-10-2021, 11:10
A few days ago, a very remarkable event took place in Moscow, to which the Armenian press did not pay attention. The NSS of Armenia has joined a statement issued in Moscow condemning the West.

In its program, the current government of Armenia claims that Armenia has a strategic dialogue, a privileged relationship with the United States and France, which it intends to deepen. But it turns out that Pashinyan's government, at the level of director of the National Security Service, agreed in Moscow a few days ago that the Western special services seek to destabilize the CIS countries, including Armenia.

This news appeared from the message spread by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. The agency headed by Sergey Naryshkin, in particular, reported that a meeting of the heads of the security and intelligence services of the CIS countries was held in Moscow recently, which was attended by delegates from all the states of the union, including Armenia. According to a statement issued by the ministry, Azerbaijan also took part in the meeting.