2-09-2020, 10:10
In the yard of "Proshyan Brandy Factory", where the explosion took place, rivers of apricot puree are flowing. There are pieces of half-burnt wood on all four sides, broken glass. The blast killed two people.

A roof for wine reservoirs has been under construction since the beginning of summer in the branch of "Proshyan Brandy Factory" in Armavir village, Armavir region. The explosion took place in that very place. In a conversation with Sputnik Armenia, the head of the factory's laboratory Hovhannes Gharibyan presented details from today's tragic incident at the factory.

To reach the reservoirs we have to overcome several "rivers" of apricot puree. At the scene, there are broken windows on the ground, half-burned pieces of wood. That's where we talk to Hovhannes Gharibyan.

"Since the reservoirs are outside, a roof was built to protect it from rain and snow. Every day two or three employees came. "Our employees were on the spot to control it," Gharibyan said.

Gharibyan spoke with difficulty about the incident, he had communicated with one of the victims of the explosion, the director of the branch, Leon Aleksanyan, hours ago. As usual, a branch meeting was held in the morning. Today's topic was the preparations for the procurement season. After the meeting, the director went to inspect the construction works, ող the tragic incident took place.
2-09-2020, 09:52
Today, on September 2, during a briefing, RA Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Anna Naghdalyan, speaking about the problem of Armenian citizens wishing to return to Russia, noted that in addition to Russian citizens, Russian family members, guardians, trustees can visit Russia with valid identity documents. in case of submission of a document proving the degree of kinship.

Russian citizens who do it for medical treatment can also visit Russia. In this case, I need proof of identity. The invitation of the medical institution where the given citizen should receive the treatment is also needed.

Foreign citizens with permanent residence status in that country can also go to Russia.
2-09-2020, 09:37
We have already had the opportunity to refer to the active activity of the wife of the Prime Minister of Armenia Anna Hakobyan in the political life of Armenia.

In our previous publications, we mentioned that no matter how much the "fake factory" tries to imitate the positive background around it with propaganda tricks, for example, within the framework of "Angela Merkel admires Anna Hakobyan" level, there is a negative attitude in the society towards that activity, which has Many reasons and quite good reasons.

Despite all this, it can be stated that Anna Hakobyan does not intend to leave active politics. Moreover, judging by his attitude and actions, it can be said that he behaves as a completely independent figure, even separated from the ruling political majority, with his unique line, influence and unique, quite noticeable and ambitious ambitions.
2-09-2020, 09:19
There is a masquerade in Armenia, the health officials do not understand what sphere they lead. In the future, after the change of power, criminal cases should be initiated to find out what corruption risks the mandatory wearing of masks entails. Media expert Tigran Kocharyan said this during ArmNews TV Angela Tovmasyan 's program "In front of the Mirror".

According to the media expert, there is a "complication" in the field of healthcare. "If any of the people in charge present thinks that they will just enjoy the deaths and all this will pass, they are sorely mistaken."

Tigran Kocharyan reminds how the authorities used to say that we are at war, the coronavirus has declared war on us. "They say it is a war, but the Minister of Health goes on a 20-day vacation during the war and publishes a picture with a smile from the slope of Aragats. "Mr. Minister, you will be one of the first to be held accountable."
2-09-2020, 09:11
Singer Sona Rubenyan is in the USA.

Against the background of the rumors of Armenian celebrities deciding to emigrate and having territories with Garik Papoyan, he left the country.

The singer is already publishing from the USA and showing her rest and entertainment.
2-09-2020, 08:51
R. Kocharyan's interview to #RBK (complete)
The second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan gave an interview to the Russian RBC TV channel.
2-09-2020, 08:41
The investigation of the case of David Sanasaryan hitting a 9-year-old child will be resumed

The investigation of the criminal case on running over the child by the suspended head of the SSS Davit Sanasaryan will be resumed. Lawyer Tigran Atanesyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"A little while ago, Judge A. Matjosyan satisfied my complaint, D. Sanasaryan against the investigator's decision to dismiss the criminal case on running over the child.

"The investigation of the case will resume," he wrote.

It should be reminded that a criminal case was initiated on the fact of running over a 9-year-old child by Davit Sanasaryan under Article 242, Part 1 of the RA Criminal Code (violation of traffic safety requirements or violation of traffic or vehicle operation rules).
2-09-2020, 08:28
Is this a deputy?
I mourn for us ...

I can imagine how surprised I would be when I slept at home and woke up in the rainforests of the east coast of Australia ...
Now this mandated holder is in the same confusion ...
Can you imagine sleeping and waking up in the National Assembly after performing the role of a homosexual hard and "with honor" ...
He says, "I do not understand Gagik Tsarukyan" ...
Of course, you will not understand ...
How can a fan of a small community understand a person who is respected and accepted by a large community?
2-09-2020, 08:22
After five months of coronavirus in Armenia, the authorities finally put into circulation a comprehensive legislative package, which will operate instead of the RA Law on the Legal Regime of the State of Emergency. More precisely, they propose certain changes and additions to the existing laws, which will allow the government to take comprehensive steps to protect the health and life of the population in the conditions of the epidemic. Something that the oppositionists have been talking about for five months, reminding that the RA legislation does not allow prolonging the state of emergency, abusing that regime, it does not benefit any state at all, it is not ruled out that other countries keep closed borders with Armenia. They are also for this reason. Therefore, it is necessary to take a little trouble, to complete the legislation, to synchronize the existing regulations with the challenges of the epidemic. As they say, it's better late than never. The changes are proposed, the package will be discussed at the special sitting of the National Assembly appointed on September 4.
2-09-2020, 08:16
4 new cases of alcohol poisoning have been registered. This is stated in the message spread by the Ministry of Justice.