18-10-2021, 11:10
A few days ago, a very remarkable event took place in Moscow, to which the Armenian press did not pay attention. The NSS of Armenia has joined a statement issued in Moscow condemning the West.

In its program, the current government of Armenia claims that Armenia has a strategic dialogue, a privileged relationship with the United States and France, which it intends to deepen. But it turns out that Pashinyan's government, at the level of director of the National Security Service, agreed in Moscow a few days ago that the Western special services seek to destabilize the CIS countries, including Armenia.

This news appeared from the message spread by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. The agency headed by Sergey Naryshkin, in particular, reported that a meeting of the heads of the security and intelligence services of the CIS countries was held in Moscow recently, which was attended by delegates from all the states of the union, including Armenia. According to a statement issued by the ministry, Azerbaijan also took part in the meeting.
18-10-2021, 10:48
Mount Pela in Kapan has been under the control of the Azerbaijanis for several days. Kapan community head Gorg Parsyan informed LURER.com about this.

According to the mayor, he found out about it 2 days ago ․ "I was informed that the area called Pela Sar was completely under the control of the Azerbaijanis. "They closed the adjacent road, which served as an intermediate road for us, that is, not only the servicemen, but also the villagers crossed to enter the forest and find firewood," he said, noting that a few days ago a part of Mount Pela was occupied by Armenian servicemen. The other part was controlled by the Azerbaijanis.
18-10-2021, 10:47
Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a greeting message to the participants of the eighth Russian-Armenian interregional forum, which, in particular, reads: "A meaningful political dialogue has been established between our states, effective cooperation in various spheres.

Interregional cooperation plays a very important role in the development of Russian-Armenian relations, which enables the implementation of mutually beneficial programs in the economic, social, infrastructural, humanitarian and many other spheres. It is possible that within the framework of the forum, the representatives of the central-local authorities, non-governmental organizations, scientific, expert-business circles of our countries will be able to exchange experience, discuss a wide range of issues on the bilateral agenda, and outline ways for further joint work. " The Russian President expressed hope that the forum will be held in a creative, constructive way, and will be the beginning of new initiatives, "which will contribute to the strengthening of the effective Russian-Armenian partnership, as well as to the promotion of integration processes in the Eurasian space."

It should be reminded that today, October 18, the 8th Russian-Armenian interregional forum started its work in Yerevan, which will last for 2 days. The forum is organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Territorial Administration and the Ministry of Infrastructure. Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov and Minister of Territorial Development of Armenia Gnel Sanosyan will take part in the plenary session.

Within the framework of the forum, the business mission of the Russian Export Center will take place with the participation of about 150 Russian-Armenian entrepreneurs. Within the framework of the forum, a series of round tables will be held on the development of Russian-Armenian cooperation in the field of economy, industry, education, cultural and historical tourism. The heads of the regions of Russia, Armenia, representatives of the relevant ministries, departments, the Eurasian Economic Union, the executive legislative bodies, non-governmental organizations, business and expert communities are invited to take part in the parallel sittings. The forum participants will pay special attention to joint measures to intensify trade and investment cooperation between Russia and Armenia in order to improve the well-being of the population. In addition, it is planned to discuss solutions aimed at creating favorable conditions for doing business, accelerating the economic growth of the two countries after the fall of the coronavirus epidemic.
18-10-2021, 10:38
Ruben Aramich was also a citizen concerned with the fate of the country. Robert Kocharyan
The second president of Armenia Robert Kocharyan made a post on his Facebook page on the occasion of the death of lawyer Ruben Sahakyan.

"I learned with regret about the death of honored lawyer Ruben Sahakyan. He certainly enjoyed great respect in the legal community. Apart from being a good lawyer, Ruben Aramich was also a citizen concerned about the fate of his country.

"Ruben Sahakyan 's memory will be bright in the hearts of his relatives and acquaintances," he wrote, publishing a joint photo.

It should be reminded that Ruben Sahakyan will be laid to rest on Tuesday, October 19, at 6 pm, in St. Hovhannes Church in Kondi.
18-10-2021, 10:04
We have done a lot in Goris, why shouldn't Arush have won ․ Gaga Arushanyan
I was confident in my son's victory ․ We have done a lot in Goris, why shouldn't Arush have won? Gaga Arushanyan, the father of the newly elected mayor of Goris Arush Arushanyan, said this in a conversation with LURER.com.

According to the latter, the people could not have forgotten everything that Arush Arushanyan did for the "residents" of the city. "Our people know very well who to elect, who will behave, who will take and swallow," said Gaga Arushanyan, adding that they were confident in their victory, but both parties, the CP and the ANC. We considered it a competitor.

Referring to the election violations, Gaga Arushanyan said that he did not know who did what, but they were fair ․ "I do not know who distributed how much money, who did what, but we just told the people that we will continue in the same way as we worked before, we will implement the same programs." "The people also went and chose," our interlocutor emphasized.
18-10-2021, 08:40
Shooting in Abovyan ․ The 43-year-old citizen shot the ex-wife in the leg
On October 16, shots were heard in 44 buildings of the 3rd micro-district of Abovyan, Kotayk region, shamshyan.com writes.

According to the source, on that day, at around 4:30 pm, at the entrance of the 3rd floor of the mentioned building, 43-year-old Vazgen Mikayelyan, a resident of the same micro-district, shot a 39-year-old resident of the same micro-district with a pistol during an argument over personal issues. In the direction of Lyudmila NA. The latter was injured in the thigh of his left leg. The entrance light bulb was damaged, it was broken.

The inspectors of the Department for Juvenile Affairs found Vazgen MJ with hot traces, with whom the gun was found during a personal search.

Materials on the fact of the incident are being prepared.

The source informs that Vazgen MJ և Lyudmila NA are ex-spouses և work in one of the LLCs. Vazgen MJ as the cameraman, and Lyudmila NA as the qualifier.
18-10-2021, 08:37
What to do if you bought plane tickets and ...
"Armenia" airline presents the answer to one of the frequently asked questions. The airline informs ․

Dear travelers, because these days you often ask what to do if you bought tickets, and the answer to the COVID-19 test was positive, we answer that in such cases "Armenia" airline makes a free change of the flight day.

We wish health to everyone.
18-10-2021, 07:22
The process of handing over Mount Pela in Kapan is silent ...
Two days ago, my colleague Anna Grigoryan made a post on her Facebook page, noting that the government is handing over Mount Pela in Kapan to Azerbaijan.

As far as I could find out, we control one part of the mountain and the Azerbaijanis control the other.
The political power or any structure has not denied it so far, which means that the handover process is carried out silently.

In recent days, Azerbaijan has targeted the Yeraskh settlement, I emphasize, not the Armenian military positions located in that direction, but the peaceful settlement. People are suffering material losses, an atmosphere of fear is taking root, and the government is only talking about asphalt.

The Human Rights Defender constantly warns that by positioning itself in the territories occupied by Armenia after May 12, Azerbaijan not only continues to strengthen, but also creates big problems for our compatriots in the neighboring villages. In response to this, the government continues to talk about peace and nothing about the security of our compatriots.
18-10-2021, 07:08
If Arush Arushanyan was here, he would present this victory to our boys who died in the war. Goris Deputy Mayor Menua Hovsepyan said this at "Arush Arushanyan" headquarters.

Hovsepyan announced at the headquarters about the victory of Arush Arushanyan and the bloc led by him. According to him, 6256 out of 10,400 voters voted for Arushanyan. According to preliminary data, Arush Arushanyan was twice ahead of the pro-government candidate.
18-10-2021, 06:42
The Azerbaijani Armed Forces that invaded Gegharkunik increased the number of servicemen and armaments. Human Rights Defender
Armenian Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"The Azerbaijani armed forces invaded the RA Gegharkunik region, built large shelters, accumulated a large amount of firewood, and paved the roads leading to their positions.

Their activity has recently increased sharply.
Moreover, they continue to build new roads, increase the number of servicemen and armaments in the positions. Constantly carry out active engineering work on position reinforcement.

We are talking about the illegal deployment of Azerbaijan and criminal acts in the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia.
They are physically present in the very lands that belong to the citizens of the Republic of Armenia with the rights established by legal documents.