30-03-2021, 02:58
Regarding the well-known decision of the Constitutional Court in connection with Article 300.1 of the RA Criminal Code, almost everyone was sure that Nikol Pashinyan would not hide his anger and dissatisfaction and would definitely express it. And here, in Armavir region, he said that "we have to read the decision, see what is written in it, in order to make decisions about the future." According to many, with this statement Pashinyan admits that the March 1 case is exclusively political, it is directed by the current authorities, because, after all, what does the country's Prime Minister have to do with making decisions on any criminal case?

"The person holding the post of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia has never hidden, does not hide that after coming to power he directly makes deeds, sews deeds, does what is in his favor, ignoring both the laws and the Constitution. After coming to power, he said, "The March 1 case has been revealed to us." But even when he is openly embarrassed, he makes the same statements again without shame, which is not surprising. "He openly shows that he will not take a step back, that they will make new cases, sew in order to keep the same Robert Kocharyan, the former officials involved in the March 1 case, in" fear and horror, "in a conversation with" Fact " said political scientist Gagik Hambaryan. According to Ruben Melikyan, co-founder of the "Legal Way" NGO, the whole process around the Constitutional Court was conditioned by this case. "If they want to read, let them read.
30-03-2021, 02:17
The Dejavu telegram channel has received a version of the sketch project, according to which one of the companies owned by Khachatur Sukiasyan, together with a group of well-known Turkish hotels, plans to implement a large project in the territory of the current Mother University.

According to the project, an elite residential building with about 400 5-star hotel rooms is planned. Residents of the elite building will be able to use all the services of the hotel complex. The sale prices for 1 square meter of the apartment are in the range of $ 7500-9000. We were informed that the initial 7 apartments have already been sold. According to our source, these other projects are approved at high levels, and will be entrusted to Pashinyan's closest oligarch, Khachatur Sukiasyan (nicknamed Grzo).
30-03-2021, 00:19
Of course, the authorities can say that pre-election visits cannot be considered regional visits, but if any Nikol or pro-Nikol, if he says that Pashinyan's regional visits are not pre-election, then "the cooked chickens will even laugh" at them. In fact, Nikol Pashinyan shows that he has nothing more to say ideologically, and imitates Arakel Movsisyan (Shmays), who once promised in the pre-election period that he would build the road.

The incumbent Prime Minister of Armenia is doing the same. Of course, those visits are also interesting in one thing: they enrich the Armenian political science thought with new words. The latest innovation was the "choking", which has already given birth to anecdotes among Facebook Armenians. We will not be surprised if Pashinyan invents new "totems" for himself, and let's say "gelkheghdi" is followed by "fish", "cat" following the famous Soviet film, why not "tuzik" and so on.
29-03-2021, 23:49
I will not resign ․ Finish, Nicole went crazy
29-03-2021, 23:16
"Look at how smoothly the color revolutions work. A revolution took place in Georgia, the country disappeared. Revolutions took place in Ukraine, the country does not exist. Pashinyan came to Armenia, now it is impossible to do anything. Even the war did not wake people up, did not bring them to consciousness. As a result of these revolutions, the nation becomes a mass, a mob, a pillar for the leaders who seized power. "Then it becomes impossible to take the country out of foreign governance ... If Pashinyan wins the elections, there will be a loss of statehood." Political scientist Sergey Karnaukhov
29-03-2021, 22:51
How the hero of the famous photo Albert Hovhannisyan died ․ Comrade-in-arms tells details (Video)
29-03-2021, 22:31
Let's see someone standing at the top shouting Allah Akbar ինք we took the weapon and started firing, ․․ What do our heroes say? Be sure to listen or share
29-03-2021, 20:34
URGENT I offered Nikol Pashinyan to take those steps so that a war does not start - Aram Sargsyan opens brackets
29-03-2021, 20:21
The decision of the Constitutional Court enters into force upon its publication and is final. The 42-page text has already been published today on the official website of the RA Constitutional Court.

It should be reminded that Kocharyan's lawyers applied to the Constitutional Court asking to find out the legality of the accusations made against him.

And already after the decision of the Constitutional Court, Kocharyan's lawyers announced that the criminal case against the former president should be terminated, they demanded that the court stop his criminal prosecution.

There are opportunities for rehabilitation for Kocharyan's losses. Khudoyan

On July 26, 2018, the Special Investigation Service of Armenia charged the second president, Robert Kocharyan, with violating the constitutional order in the criminal case initiated on the dispersal of the March 1, 2008 protests.

Kocharyan considers the case fake, claims that it is a political persecution against him. Former CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachaturov, former Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan and former Chief of Staff Armen Gorgyan are also involved in the case.
29-03-2021, 20:04
The decision on the resignation of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan in April does not require an immediate conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Spokesman for the Russian President Sergei Peskov told reporters on Monday, March 29. According to him, the contacts between the leaders of the two countries are permanent.

"He (Nikol Pashinyan-ed.) Will remain acting (Prime Minister of Armenia-ed.), That is why the decision does not require immediate conversation," Peskov noted.

According to the Kremlin spokesman, the leaders of Armenia and Russia "communicated recently."

It should be reminded that during his visit to Armavir region, Nikol Pashinyan announced that he would resign in April 2021 due to the early parliamentary elections scheduled for June this year.