28-02-2020, 14:02
Turkish soldiers have died in unobstructed positions in Idlib during a terrorist attack. Russian President's spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated this.

Peskov noted that the tragic incident took place during an attack by terrorist groups. Among those groups are a large number of foreign mercenaries, including those from the former USSR countries.

Putin's spokesman said that Ankara had not provided Moscow with any information about Turkish troops in the area, despite numerous requests from the Russian side.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement explaining how Syria had hit Turkish servicemen, noting that they were among the terrorists.
28-02-2020, 13:32
RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's daughter Shushan Pashinyan has sued Narek Samsonyan, head of Civic Awareness NGO.

Pashinyan demands to publicly deny the information considered slander and to pay compensation.

The lawsuit was filed on February 26 and signed by Yerevan City Court Judge Zaruhi Nakhshkaryan.

Pashinyan's representative Gevorg Gyozalyan told Haykakan Zhamanak that the reason for the lawsuit was Samsonyan's posting on his Facebook page on January 26. He wrote that the Prime Minister's middle-aged daughter ate 1 kg of black Ukrainian for $ 3,000.

"We demand to publicly deny this false information on its Facebook page or through the press with 1,000 copies, as well as compensate Shushan Pashinyan with 2 million drams, as stipulated by the RA Civil Code," Gyozalyan said.

Since Shushan Pashinyan is a minor, we inquired from the lawyer whether she could file a lawsuit. “There is no absolute problem. We have legislation on the rights of the child, as well as international treaties that the RA has ratified. In addition, legal representatives under the Civil Code are authorized to take action against a person who violates a child's dignity. The dignity of an individual is indivisible. I have not had such a case so far that the juvenile is my client, but the court has no other option than to take the case, as otherwise there would be a gross violation of human rights. ”

It should be noted that in that note Samsonyan also wrote that the Prime Minister's bodyguard went to the same restaurant to buy Ukrainian again, but offered to transfer the money. The restaurant informed them that in that case the kilo would cost $ 5,000 instead of $ 3,000. The Prime Minister got angry and sent tax inspectors to the restaurant.

It should also be noted that a criminal case was initiated at the Special Investigation Service (SIS) for the post, in which Narek Samsonyan was charged with false betrayal.
28-02-2020, 12:24
Turkish forces in Idlib destroy Russian "Buk", "Panzer", 23 tanks and five helicopters.

As a result of a massive attack on Syrian troops in Idlib, the Turkish army destroyed the Buk and Panzer complexes, 23 tanks, and five helicopters. The statement came from Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar.

According to Hulusi Akari, the attacks were carried out by artillery and unmanned aerial vehicles in response to a February 27 attack by a Turkish air force on Idlib, killing 33 Turkish servicemen and wounding 32 more.
28-02-2020, 12:22
Facebook user Lala Manukyan wrote on her page:

“I am sure that Armenia is not ready for this virus.

There is seriousness in all spheres, but especially the Minister of Health care is my pride.

I am confident that we will face the fact, not you.

How can we be prepared if a patient with the usual flu cannot afford a mask and be treated under normal conditions?

What are we prepared to do if most hospitals in the country are in poor sanitation?

It's a common flu epidemic, even in kindergarten - we didn't close schools, and now there is no room in hospitals to find out who owns the virus or who has the virus…

It is easier to say contradictory texts that it is a safe virus, or that you need a mask or that it does not save the mask, it can be infected through the eyes, as it is airborne.

We listen to discourses, instead of taking very serious measures beforehand.

This seriousness scares me more than the coronavirus itself.

PS There is no quarantine in Armenia, they come across the border by car or plane, and the secret area can last 20 days.

There is no need to think quickly. Let those monument chalets quickly turn into hospitals, keep people in quarantine, and then leave a new home. "
28-02-2020, 12:19
During a meeting on corruption prevention, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made an extraordinary statement, saying: “At the very top of the law enforcement system there have been traitors in the literal sense who have been guided by other calculations and other assignments under the guise of anti-corruption. But my question is: Can we guarantee that the law enforcement system is fully and fully operational today, starting with investigative activities, continuing with operative-intelligence activities, in the fight against corruption? Unfortunately, I cannot say for sure. " According to Pashinyan, the slowness of the law enforcement system makes it possible for some corruption survivors to flee from Armenia, while for the rest it opens a window to hide and conceal criminals and evidence. There are more egregious situations where companies involved in corruption transactions or assets acquired through corruption obviously belong to one or more former or current senior officials, but law enforcement agencies do not find evidence to corroborate these.
28-02-2020, 12:15
Based on the information received from the RA Prosecutor General's Office, materials prepared by the Criminal Police Department's Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Department provide factual data that in 2001 officials of the Kentron Territorial Subdivision of the State Committee of the Real Estate Cadastre fraudulently owned 3 state property. The address building was registered as the property of a non-governmental organization, after which the head of the board of that NGO was registered At the same time, being a high-ranking official of the Ministry of Culture, ignoring the fact that this building is included in the list of historical and cultural monuments and that he carries out his official duty of preservation of historical and cultural monuments, he used his official position contrary to the interests of the service.

If it is officially known that the land of the monument is included in the list of non-citizens and legal entities, he has sent a letter to the Yerevan Municipality to privatize and alienate the land. The appropriate municipality official, in response to the letter, provided apparently false information on the grounds that the plots were illegally registered as private property.
28-02-2020, 12:10
Russians in Azerbaijan infected with coronavirus
A Russian citizen, who entered Iran from Azerbaijan, has been diagnosed with a coronavirus, reports the headquarters of the Azerbaijani government.
     “He was transferred to a special infection department. Coronavirus has been confirmed by a test, and the patient is currently in stable condition. Necessary measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus, including work to detect people in contact with the patient, ”the headquarters said.
28-02-2020, 12:07
Moscow extends condolences to Ankara over death of Turkish servicemen in Syria. As reported by RIA Novosti, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated.

"We extend our condolences and, once again, do our utmost to ensure the security of the Turkish military, which ensures de-escalation in Idlib. And our military is ready to continue that work, "Lavrov said at a news conference.
28-02-2020, 11:37
Tragic car accident in Ararat region. BMW and "06" collided, the driver of "06" who died on the spot
28-02-2020, 11:27
75 specialists of the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention of the RA Ministry of Health have applied for dismissal. Employees do not want to join the Nork Infectious Disease Clinic and become the bearer of undesirable consequences as a result of its implementation.

They posted a collective resignation application on the center's Facebook page, along with signatures of staff.

The statement said that the decision was made based on the events surrounding the center, being ignored as specialists, ignoring the pressure exerted by the MOH, the acting director appointed by them and other individuals sent by the MOJ.

They thus reiterated their disagreement to join the center at Nork Infectious Disease Clinical Hospital.

"We, the undersigned staff of the Republican Center for AIDS Prevention SNCO, are filing a resignation petition leaving all responsibility for the situation to the Ministry of Health."

It should be noted that the company employs 108 people. Speaking to reporters today, head of the center's epidemiological control department Arshak Papoyan noted that 75 is not a final number yet, it may increase.

Recall, recently, by the order of the Minister of Health Arsen Torosyan, the director of the center was fired for not fulfilling the instructions - combining the two services and providing the documents.

Later, the staff of this center held a protest in front of the Government of the Republic of Armenia. They said that if the two centers were merged, we would have an unmanageable infection, a large number of patients, and an unprepared system.